Dolphins-Bears one-liners

The Bears found a familiar recipe for success in their 16-0 drubbing of the Dolphins.  “The star of this defense,” cornerback Charles Tillman said, “is the defense.”

Julius Peppers broke out of a slump with a tipped pass that led to an interception and three sacks.

Lovie Smith likes where his team sits in the standings: “We wanted to put the pressure on that second-place team behind us,” Smith said.

Matt Forte gained over 100 yards from scrimmage as the Bears offense controlled the clock, even if they didn’t score a ton.

Miami continued their trend of being awful at home and in prime time.

Brandon Marshall’s taunting penalty helped get the Dolphins off to a bad start.

The play of Miami’s offensive line was especially disappointing.

Third-string quarterback Tyler Thigpen was erratic to put it nicely.  After the game, he blamed the loss on himself.

4 responses to “Dolphins-Bears one-liners

  1. out of 4 home games, the fins have had 3 ‘night time/prime time’ games.

    give it up…..the team is and has been average at best for 10+ years now.

    i cant wait to see Giants @ Eagles sunday night…..GO BIG BLUE!!!

  2. Can I be the dolphins next coach. What a nightmare game. Hopefully they find a good qb this year in the draft. A wr opposite to marsall. Hartline likes to cath the ball and slip lol. Running backs are gettin old too. They need some fresh feet. They still need a couple more years rebuilding because this season is over

  3. They’ve had 5 home games. I’m not going to bother looking up which ones are prime time. I know Tennessee wasn’t, I know Chicago was.

    The only home game they’ve won was against Tennessee.

  4. I cringe every time I hear the so-called experts say Bill Parcells righted the ship down here. They’re not 1-15 bad anymore, but they’re nothing special either…

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