Jaguars punter talks about cancer diagnosis

Jaguars punter Adam Podlesh has a scar that begins in front of his ear and goes 3 inches down his neck.  If not for that mark, many of his Jaguars teammates may not even know about the cancer battle he had during the offseason.

Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union writes that Podlesh was diagnosed with salivary gland cancer in March.  Physicians weren’t sure if he’d  need chemotherapy or radiation treatments, but a surgery to remove a growth from his face solved the problem.

“He’s been a lot stronger than I would’ve been, I’ll tell you that,” Jaguars kicker Josh Scobee said. “He handled it better than most people would have in his situation. He fought extremely hard to recover from anything that he was struggling with and is having a great season.”

Podlesh has to get an MRI every four months to make sure the cancer hasn’t return.  He says the scare almost took pressure off his day job.

“Every now and then, I run my fingers down my scar and say, if I have a bad punt, there’s really a lot more important things in this world,” Podlesh said.

4 responses to “Jaguars punter talks about cancer diagnosis

  1. I am automatically a fan of anyone who makes it back from cancer.

    That’s why I’ll fight anyone who accuses Lance Armstrong of cheating, although deep down I wonder about it myself.

    So even though I don’t think I’ve ever “rooted” for a punter before, I am now.

    I would draft him on my fantasy team even though punters don’t get points. He can be my team mascot.

    Go Adam!

  2. That’s great to hear. Cancer is a serious issue and it’s always great to hear about someone beating it (for the time being).
    Does this mean that someone will finally remove that thing on Drew Brees’ face?

  3. This story hits home for me. One month ago tomorrow I received the news that I had testicular cancer. Two hours ago I received the call that all of my tests following my surgery were negative. So I’ll be on the close watch list but things are looking good.

    I’m sure Podlesh will agree with me:
    Guys, don’t be “tough”. If something doesn’t seem right, go to your doctor. I’m lucky mine was caught early.

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