John Fox accused of “mutiny” in Carolina

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In a sense, this insane Panthers quarterback situation feels familiar.

“John Fox came up to me on Wednesday and said Vinny Testaverde did this three years ago,” sudden starter Brian St. Pierre said Thursday via the Rock Hill Herald. “I said, ‘Well, Vinny has a little better resume than I do.’ “
Even St. Pierre knows this situation is different.  He was putting diapers on his kid two weeks ago.  He’s 30, and has thrown five career passes.  Fox didn’t have much in the way of explanation of why St. Pierre got the call over rookie Tony Pike, who has been with the team since April
“It is what it is,” Fox said.
Some think it’s a mutiny.    “The decision to start St. Pierre also is remarkable in that Fox apparently can do whatever he wants whenever he wants to,” Tom Sorensen of the Charlotte Observer writes.
The decision could be Fox’s way of thumbing his nose at G.M. Matty Hurney and the front office.  By this logic, Fox may even be trying to get fired with open disrespect.
From the outside, it looks like perhaps Fox believes the veteran gives the team a better chance to win.  But the guys on the beat know the organizational dynamics far better than we ever will.
“Fox is acting like he’s got his next job in hand already.  Because otherwise, you wouldn’t so blatantly and wantonly disrespect the boss who’s paying you $6.5 million or the GM you call a friend,” Darin Gantt (from every paper in the Carolinas) wrote on Twitter.
“I’ve wracked my brain, and for the life of me, can’t find a rational reason for this move, other than pure spite,” Gantt finishes.
Fox continues to distance himself from the “personnel people” in Carolina.  By doing so, he’s helping to write an awfully ugly final chapter to his otherwise successful nine-year run with the Panthers.

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  1. The Personnel group showed no confidence in them selves by drafting both Clausen and Pike. Fox is a Dead Man Walking anyway

  2. I really don’t think that’s fair to Fox. I would think he would know better than any of the beat reporters if Pike is up to speed enough yet. The kid is a rookie on a horrible team. I’d hardly call it a mutiny if he just isn’t all that good.

  3. Fox has been lame since 2005…it doesnt matter what players that the Panthers have on the field, a good coach would at least be able to get them competitive. St. Pierre starting is most definitely a slap in the face to management, but also a slap in the face to the many fans that have wanted Foxy out of here for years now. I still blame it all on Richardson. This season has proven that all the limitations that this football team has dealt with are all a result of one Mr. Jerry Richardson. I’m ready for the offseason…..

  4. I guess Fox does not get the benefit of doubt that a veteran that has been bouncing around the league since 2003 (5th round pick, Pittsburgh) might be better handing the ball off to a running back and throwing check down passes than a rookie drafted this year. It is a lost season and maybe Pike has shown nothing that he is the future. Go figure.

    While people will grumble, a simple spell check could avoid sentences like the following- “From the outside, it looks like perhaps Fox just think the veteran gives the team a better chance to win.”

  5. As a ravens fan I hope he throws 5 career ints on Sunday but as a football fan I kinda wish he would come out and play lights out (still lose the game) just to make John fox look like a genius

  6. Fox has been lame duck for 2 years. Panthers keep losing players and they have no depth to replace them. I think management has left him out to dry so can’t blame him if he’s doing this out of spite.

  7. I called this yesterday in my post on the original article. This is unquestionably a huge middle finger to management.

    I don’t buy the argument that he needed to do this because Pike isn’t ready. He may not be, but he has more natural talent in his pinky toe than Brian St. Pierre has in his entire body.

    There is no way a 30 year old never-was who doesn’t even sound like he WANTS to play is a better option than Pike.

  8. He pulled the same crap in Oakland when he was the defensive coordinator.

    Successful nine year run? You mean when he rode the team Seifert built and then watched erode?

    Same story in Tampa as well with Gruden.

    I am the NFL………….

  9. Living in Charlotte I see this every day, and John Fox is clearly showing his backside to the people who write his check. LOVE IT! Jerry Richardson deserves whatever fate awaits, based on the terrible drafting and release of veteran players. Pike should absolutely get the start, or even run Armanti Edwards out there — by the way Carolina, YOU DRAFTED HIM (and way too high), so play the man.

    Last note — this one to Jerry Jones in Dallas. If in fact you’re not keeping Jason Garrett for 2011, John Fox is showing his true lack of judgment and character here. If he was even on your boards remotely as head coach of the Cowboys, grab the White Out! NOW!!

  10. I think Fox has earned the right to start whichever QB he thinks gives him the better chance to win

  11. I think it is funny everyone is calling out Foxy.

    The owner clearly decided to go as cheap as he could. The GM is a a former journalist and the VP of Personnel was the AD at a community college.

    WTF is Fox supposed to do? He has not had the greatest coaching results this year……but his options are a rookie QB, rookie QB form a community college in the mountains or a 30 year old loser. Not much to pick from.

    They have nobody on defense outside of a few linebackers, one quality receiver, and they keep spending current 1st and 2nd round draft picks for 4th round talent. See community college QB from the mountains and stick-man DE from Florida State.

    The owner is a joke, the GM is a loser, the VP is a douche. Richardson should give his new heart to someone more deserving.

    Fox and Panther fans deserve better. We deserve an owner that will allow people to actually stand up in the stands and cheer without getting thrown out. They deserve better fans than the Bank of America, run an economy into the ground through illegal foreclosures, wine and cheese wimps that occupy the seats now.

  12. The Panthers have not been helping Fox out and have probably already told him he wont be back.

    Why does no one else see whats going on? Do you know what famous SB winning coach lives in Carolina? Bill Cower, I guarantee the Panther’s plan the whole time was to go after Cower this year

  13. It may only be human to want to flip the bird literally or figuratively if one feels one’s management has handcuffed one…but it still isn’t wise to show how poorly one handles adversity when future employers are watching.

    In other words, he’s really only screwing himself in the eyes of the smart/good owners. I’m guessing he doesn’t care if he coaches for a good franchise next year.

  14. Isn’t it ridiculously obvious that Bill Cowher is slated to take over the Panther top spot? It has been clear to me for a year now. He will be the new Panthers HC and Director of Football Operations. I think it’s the only job he wants, because he will be near his family and have near-total control over personnel decisions. The team can be turned around rather quickly, with a few key draft picks and a free agent move here and there. Trading one of those talented RBs may also be likely at season’s end.

  15. St. Pierre has been around forever. The only shock is that he’s only got 5 career passes – he must have been backing up some healthy qb’s. I know that when he was in Pittsburgh, he was not going to see playing time, because Kordell, Maddox and Charlie Batch were there to step in if the starter went down. However, St. Pierre has got tons of time running the teams in practice – something that Tony Pike surely does not have.

  16. Carolina is the worst team in the league. The spread against Baltimore should be closer to 141/2 instead of 10. Put your money on the Ravens and give the points.

    You can thank me later.

  17. The owner and GM have done nothing to help Fox over the last few years. They’ve sat on their hands during free agency and let some of their better players get away, while not replacing them. They’ve also done a poor job drafting. John Fox is a good coach and has had his hands tied by this organization. It’s no secret that he’ll be gone by the end of the year. Let him do what he wants.

    By the way, I’d be happy to take this guy in Miami. He’s a smart coach, who’s teams are hardworking and disciplined.

  18. Fox isn’t committing ‘mutiny’, more than one person would have to do that and it’s not a vessel he’s taking command of.

    What he is doing is called being insubordinate.

  19. adamb103 says:
    Nov 19, 2010 11:02 AM
    I think Fox has earned the right to start whichever QB he thinks gives him the better chance to win

    Yes, a coach who has taken his team from 12-4 to 1-8 in a season and a half certainly has earned that right.

    If he thinks a guy who has thrown 5 passes in 8 years and wasn’t on his roster a week ago gives him the best chance to win, that is a GIANT indictment of him and his coaching staff that through mini-camps, training camp, preseason, and nine games of this season, they couldn’t get a fairly highly regarded, extremely successfull college QB, prepared enough to make an emergency start.

  20. Let’s be blunt. Jerry Richardson and Company sold John Fox down the river due to Jerry’s need to be the leader in the new CBA. That’s it. Done. John, thanks for hanging in there so others could destroy a franchise for the sake of an owner who wanted to keep his money thinking of a lockout. This should also tell us what Jerry thinks about the possibility of a lockout. Read it and weep for the NFL!

  21. andyprough – “Kordell, Maddox and Charlie Batch were there …”

    St. Pierre’s first season was 2003. Kordell’s last season with the Steelers was 2002 – he went to ‘da Bears in ’03. In 2003 Randal El had more passing attempts (3 for 4) than St. Pierre. Heck, even the punter, Josh Miller (1 of 1) had more than BSP’s zero.

    Is there a better job anywhere than being a 3rd string QB, carrying a clipboard, wearing a red vest the few times you have to practice, until… ..until Coach tells you you’re starting. Oh crap! What a career — until this Sunday.

  22. Listening to sports radio in Charlotte everyday sounds like the majority fans are ready to jump off the cliff haha

  23. Perhaps, it as simple as St. Pierre having game experience. It does matter in football though people seem to overlook it.

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