T.O. not pleased with criticism of his effort against Colts

Maybe Bengals receiver Terrell Owens is smarter than the rest of us.  By criticizing former Eagles teammate Donovan McNabb’s performance on Monday Night Football, T.O. managed to take the steam out of the criticism of his own performance from the day before.

But enough criticism emerged to bother him, primarily since any criticism bothers him.

We pointed out a pair of particularly problematic plays from the 23-17 loss to the Colts on Monday, and Dan Dierdorf of CBS called T.O.’s half-hearted effort to get back to the line of scrimmage while the clock was ticking late in a still-winnable game “pathetic.”

Owens doesn’t want to hear it.

“People that say I have a lack of effort, they can go pound sand,” Owens said earlier this week, per Kevin Goheen of the Cincinnati Enquirer.  “There’s nothing that’s been a lack of effort on my part.  For someone to say that, then they don’t know me very well.  I take offense to it because that’s not how I play.”

That said, Owens admitted after the game that an interception by Colts safety Aaron Francisco resulted from Owens failing to come out of his break at “full speed.”

(Maybe that was actually said by T.O.’s brother.)

Regardless, the video tells the story, and the story is that T.O. at times didn’t give full effort, even though he’s giving more than full effort to conceal that reality.

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  1. T.O is a cancer and always will be. He might stack up the numbers but he is about himself and no one else. I still can’t believe that the Bengals thought they could change this guy.

  2. LOSER! faultless, blameless loser, but someone will give him a job next year if he still wants to play (and if there’s a season)…pathetic….your effort was pathetic and would have embarrassed even Fat Albert Haynesworthless….ok, maybe not him, maybe Randy Moss is more like it (at least there’s times when he wants to play, Fat Boy apparently NEVER wants to play)

  3. very easy to avoid criticism TO, it’s callled showing effort, 5 catches, 100 yards and 1TD. Your choice not to get the numbers against the Colts to avoid criticism.

  4. Terrell “Alligator Arms” Owens is a chump, and needs to leave Cincinnati ASAP. He is an embarrassment of a football player and a human being. At least C. Johnson dives for ball, and acts like he cares.

  5. Funny how he can criticize everyone else, but when the tables are turned on him, he gets mad. What a baby!

  6. @Florio – looked like he put more effort into running that route than Randy Moss on 90% of his routes the past few years. Not sure why he should lay out and take the massive hit to tip a badly overthrown ball by Palmer? Are you saying T.O. knew for sure it was going to be intercepted? I’m not seeing it.

    I think you are using a questionable video eye this year to label players. James Harrison is a “head-hunter” despite a lack of helmet-to-helmet contact. Here, T.O. is a no-effort guy, when you should be asking why Carson is badly overthrowing guys.

    From what I saw in the Steeler game, T.O. is the one guy keeping them in games to the end this year, and Carson and Ocho have checked out pretty badly.

  7. Well in no way am I a TO defender but to be fair he did say this in a SI.com piece;

    “”My fault,” Owens declared.
    “When I came out of my break, I felt there was a linebacker there. I didn’t come out of the break at full speed,” he said. “I’ve been hearing I cost the game. I’ll take that. I don’t like the fact I put Carson [Palmer] and the team in that situation.”

  8. I like how people are so quick to call TO worthless and a cancer, and everything else under the sun. Ok, guys when you’re able to make it to the NFL and at least attempt to do what he does, then you can criticize. Untill then, you really don’t know what you’re talking about. So keep staying up long hours putting toegether you “best Fantasy Team” and let him do the real thing on the field. He doesn’t join the message boards for your job, oh wait is there a message board for McDonald’s? I’m not sure.

  9. As a Bengals fan, the only thing left this year is getting T.O. his money. He is one of the few that deserve it on this team.

  10. T.O. may have his days where he plays at 99%, but normally the man plays at 110%. Give him a break, go beat up on Randy Moss.

  11. It did appear that TO gave up on the one play on the sideline. He had his eyes on the ball the entire time and didn’t even make a play on it. That being said, he surprisingly has behaved himself rather well this season, despite the fact that they aren’t winning.

  12. there’s nothing to be fair about here. he’s talking out of both sides of his mouth and wants to be the only person who criticizes him, typical megalomaniac. if it was your fault, you cant just say it and then follow it up with things like “there’s nothing thats a lack of effort on my part” really? so then how was the play your fault and how did you contribute to the “situation” your team was in?
    is he anywhere near Moss and Haynesworthless land, no? he’s far closer to Jerry Rice’s work ethic than any of those guys. however, no one referenced his career or him as an overall player. They did focus on his Alligator armed catch “attempt” (i personally think the alligator community is offended) and his half-assed attempt to get back to the line in THAT PARTICULAR GAME..and like it or not, they’re right.
    very well, but you’re on here commenting too. you’re under no obligation to read what others have to say. commenting and interaction is kinda the idea behind the site. No?
    being criticized by the fans and media is something he signed up for. he doesnt come out to temper the praise he gets, so why so outspoken when he’s criticized, especially when the criticisms are true?

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