Tampa’s Mike Williams arrested for DUI

Receiver Mike Williams has overcome plenty of self-imposed adversity to become one of the best rookies of the 2010 class.  He now has a little more self-imposed adversity to overcome.

A tipster has advised us — and we’ve confirmed via the website of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office — that Williams was arrested today for DUI.

According to the available information, Williams’ breath testing registered a blood-alcohol concentration of 0.065 and 0.061 percent.  Urine testing also is being conducted.  He remains in custody as of this posting.

(That said, there’s a chance, albeit remote, that it’s a different Mike Williams — who was born on the exact same day, May 18, 1987.)

Several weeks ago, Bucs tight end Jerramy Stevens was busted on marijuana charges, and he promptly was cut.  Williams likely won’t suffer the same fate, especially if the final test results remain under 0.08 percent, the legal limit.

Williams quit the Syracuse football team, but his raw talent propelled him into round four of the 2010 draft.  He has started all nine games of his rookie year, racking up 40 catches for 627 yards and five touchdowns.

UPDATE:  Williams has since been released from custody.

43 responses to “Tampa’s Mike Williams arrested for DUI

  1. 0.065 and 0.061… That is below the legal limit. That’s 2-3 beers. Why would you use the headline “Tampa’s Mike Williams arrested for DUI”…. HE’S BELOW THE LEGAL LIMIT.

  2. if the legal limit is 0.08 and he only blew a 0.065 how can he be arrested for DUI? If he was out and only had a drink or two knowing that 0.08 is legally drunk, and he quit driking to stay under the limit, how could he be arrested?

  3. What am I missing here? He was arrested for DUI even though his BAC was within legal limits?

    Congrats on crashing the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s website. I tried to go there to get more info.

    There has to be more to this story.

  4. Okay… so he was detained for possible DUI but as per your information he can not be actually charged as he wasn’t actually … you know… intoxicated.

  5. It’s pretty typical of Hillsborough County to stop and arrest black drivers if they can, even if they are under the legal limit. This happens all of the time.

  6. So why is he arrested when his levels are less then the limit?
    Acting like a douche or just an arresthappy cop?

  7. Does Florida operate under “new math” guidelines?

    How is his blood alcohol level of .065 and .061 evidence of DUI? If the LEGAL limit is .08 isn’t it apparent to anyone with a 2nd grade math education able to determine that he was LEGALLY driving?

    If he’s 20 years old any alcohol in his system would be illegal, but the man is 23.

  8. I find myself confused. I know that in most states if a suspected drunk driver blows 0.01% under the legal limit, he or she may still be arrested for DUI if the officer on the scene judges them to be sufficiently impaired. But shouldn’t concentrations of 0.065 and 0.061 have allowed Williams to avoid arrest? What am I missing?

  9. Okay, apparently I need to have another cup of coffee. I was confused as to why the article was talking down about Williams if he wasn’t actually drunk.

    Well, reading it more carefully and thinking about it for a minute I understand now that the police believe him to be under the influence of SOMETHING other than alcohol.

    Gotcha, missed the implication the first time because I’m a doofus.

  10. I just looked at the booking report. it shows he was arrested at 4:44AM and released at 8:04AM after posting bond. I thought in Florida if you were arrested for DUI it meant at least 8 hours in jail to sober up before they let you go. It even says in the booking report his BAC (blood alcohol content) was 0.065 and 0.61. I still am bewildered how he was arrested. If that’s what he blew, they just should have let him go on his way………..No?

  11. “Urine testing also is being conducted.”

    Why are they urine testing him? Why would he agree to do it?

  12. I thought the legal limit was way below .067. Is that wrong?

    anyway, this what starts happening at that level of intox. This is a list of behavior and impairments per Wikipedia

    0.06–0.10 Blunted feelings
    Depth perception
    Peripheral vision
    Glare recovery

  13. the presence of any alcohol in his system during a breathalizer test constitutes probable cause for the police to do further testing such as blood tests. He doesn’t have to agree to it. If he was impaired enough to draw the attention of the police that’s why he was breathalized and if his BAC is close to .08 you can bet he’s going in for further testing. It’s all perfectly legal and on the up and up. If his BAC comes back from the blood test below .08 and they don’t find anything illegal in his blood stream he won’t be charged. And yes, you can be arrested for suspicion of a crime such as DUI. Arrested does not equal charged with a crime.

  14. his arrest was for DUI. Not suspicion of under the influence of a controlled substance. I think he blew twice, and did the urine test because he has nothing to hide. They should have just let him go on his way. He did everything right as near as I can tell.

  15. Here are the Florida DUI laws actually, per the gov website. Looks like he shouldn’t have been arrested.

    1st Florida DUI Offense
    First Drunk Driving Conviction (Note: BAL = Blood Alcohol Level)
    •Jail – 6 Months Maximum (BAL from .08 to less than .15)

  16. Williams failed a field sobriety test. A urine test was conducted and results are pending. A urine test is done if a deputy suspects a driver is impaired by a substance other than alcohol.


  17. You’re not impaired at 0.06%, he must have been stoned. Bummer, he is a hell of a player.

  18. I noticed Florio didn’t re-set his arrest meter back to zero. He must not believe he should have been arrested either.

  19. For those concerned with fantasy impact, Braylon Edwards and Kenny Britt recieved token 1st quarter benchings after their arrests then had huge games.

  20. The urine test was probably for pot. That’s the only reason I can think of that he’d be arrested when he wasn’t over the legal limit.

  21. If he doesn’t have anything else in his system, then the cops must be hoping that more alcohol metabolized (which would raise BAC, even after you stop drinking). Enough to push him over the limit? Considering .08 is something like a beer and a half, then yeah, it might be enough. Doesn’t mean he was impaired.

  22. I found this at tampabay.com

    Two tests found his blood-alcohol level at .065 and .061, records show, below the limit of .08 set by state law.

    But Williams failed a field sobriety test, smelled of alcohol and appeared to have glassy eyes, McKinnon said. A urine test was conducted and results are pending, he said. A urine test is done if a deputy suspects a driver is impaired by a substance other than alcohol, McKinnon said.

  23. Urine testing? Unless they’ve got a full chemical lab going at 4am, I’d assume most of the urine testing done will be conducted (like most “quick” urine tests) as a POCT test (point of collection testing) as opposed to being shipped off to a lab somewhere.

    Provided that POCT was used while doing the test, they wouldn’t be able to show he was actively “on” another substance so much as one was in his system previously such as marijuana (which is detectable for 2-5 weeks depending on frequency of use) or coke (which might hang around 48-72 hours).

    It was probably just a urine alcohol test to ensure that the breathalyzer was correct.

  24. The cop apparently had some probable cause to hold Williams. With DUI being such a huge moneymaker, FL will go after it if its even remotely possible. He could’ve refused the tests but would’ve lost his license for a mandatory 1 year and possibly put through the DUI wringer anyway if the cop had evidence of probable cause (like video).

  25. You guys don’t understand. At Syracuse, this is part of the TRAINING REGIMEN. Stretch, run through tires, hit the sled, drink Four Loco, hit the sled again, Bud Light, shower.

  26. “And yes, you can be arrested for suspicion of a crime such as DUI. Arrested does not equal charged with a crime.”

    @freakish: Just what police state do you live in? You cannot be arrested without being charged with a violation of a specific statute of law. The violation is written on the ticket at the time of arrest. I just love the armchair lawyers in this forum who know as much about law as they do about…football.

  27. Was he speeding? Was he weaving? Was he in a bad neighborhood? Was is because he is black? He was arrested after 4:00am.. Nothing good happens after midnight. Where is ESPN with this story?

  28. Here is the real story from nfl.com:

    “Hillsborough County Sheriff’s spokesman Larry McKinnon said Williams was driving a black Cadillac 57 mph in a 45 mph zone and weaving between lanes.

    A pair of tests revealed Williams’ blood alcohol content at 0.065 and 0.061 percent, below Florida’s 0.08 percent legal limit.

    McKinnon stated that Williams failed a field sobriety test, had glassy eyes and smelled of alcohol. McKinnon said results are pending on a urine test that was conducted on Williams, often administered when police suspect a substance other than alcohol.”

    So, yes, there is much more to this story than Florio indicated. DUI statute in Florida may not stipulate alchohol alone – it could be driving under the influence of anything that contributes to erattic driving. .

  29. Why? Why even put yourself in this situation? C’mon, you are offered through your team a proffesional driver to take you to and from wherever you may want to go. So what is the reason for putting so many lives in danger? Too cool to have a driver, or just too stupid? I’m gonna go with stupid. Hope it was worth it… Be prepared to pay big money for your big mistake. Idiot.

  30. They can still take you in if you fail the field sobriety test, even if you’re below the legal limit. That said, he has to be a lightweight.

  31. How can he get a DUI when he’s BAC was below the legal limits? Think the cop had it out for him.

  32. You can be charged as low as .05bac. There are two charges DUI-Driving under influence(.08 above), and DWI-driving while impaired(.08-.05). To get a conviction on a .06 case you have to have some bad driving, bad field sobriety tests, and probably an admission that he had been drinking.

  33. WHO CARES!

    You know how you get a point .060 blood alchohol level? By drinking 2 beers. No one should be arrested for 2 drinks. Its not like he wrecked his car or anything.

    Leave the kid alone.

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