UFL player boycott possible in Omaha tonight

As of Thursday night, UFL players did not plan to boycott either of this weekend’s regular-season games.  As of Friday afternoon, the “B” word is back in play.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, players from one of the two teams scheduled to play tonight will be meeting soon to decide whether to play.

The potential boycott comes from the UFL’s refusal to allow players to join active NFL rosters after the UFL season ends, absent payment of a $150,000 transfer fee.  UFL players believe they were persuaded to play in the UFL based on its potential value to their NFL careers, especially since 43 UFL players from 2009 landed in the NFL.

Though a boycott could open the players up to civil liability for lost profits and other damages, since they’d be in blatant violation of their contracts, the action would create a P.R. disaster for a league that needs skilled players to choose the UFL over the CFL or simply staying in shape and waiting for a call from the NFL.

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  1. So – not only are they not worth $150K – which is pocket change for an NFL team – but the players don’t even want to put a last effort on tape to try impress someone.

    Better get those job applications in to Home Depot and Burger King.

  2. You see this all the time. Short-sighted business people. And politicians. They have a cash-flow problem, so they grab the first thing that offers to close that gap. Hmmm… 43 UFL players went to the NFL… 43 X $150,000 = $6,450,000. That’ll close our cash flow gap.

    Don’t bother to think what this does to the players. Dont’ bother to think about next year when players refuse to play for the UFL. Don’t bother to consider that raising the tax will lower the number of players going to the NFL because NFL teams will figure in the 150,000 in their costs and maybe go elsewhere for injury replacement.

    No no … don’t thing about anything like that. Especially, don’t think about whether this is fair. Or whether noone will trust your word anymore.

  3. Actually, Omaha has been the one team that’s been selling out their games.
    I mean, what else is there to do in Omaha besides eat steak?

  4. Why are you still pushing this rumor? The UFL Commissioner clearly stated today that the UFL would let its players join NFL rosters as soon as the season ends. There will be no boycott.

  5. It is a sellout crowd, smart guy. 24,000 people will see it.

    I love it when people who know nothing about the UFL decide to attempt smart remarks.

  6. Hahaha Florio nice “Inside sources” these are from UFL players on twitter:

    Ezra Butler of the Locos and his response was this: “I have no idea. As for the LoCos we trying to repeat as champs you we def will be playing!”

    Markee White of the Colonials: “Man I’m anxious to see where I’m headed next.. first thing first I gotta take care of bizness tomorrow..”

    Gerald Lawson of the Colonials: “My game tomorrow will b showed on the versus network 330 eastern time look for ya boy 22 for the colonials”

    “Cato June’s response: where is this coming from?”

    And Laxer there will be 24,000 packed in at Rosenblatt.

  7. The UFL needs the credibility of players moving on to the NFL a hell of a lot more than the very very few $150k payouts that any NFL team is going to pay to get a guy to fill their bottom roster spots (whom they have to turn around and pay a salary to).

    Michael Huyghue is managing this league about as piss-poorly as he managed the Jacksonville Jaguars’ salary cap in the late ’90s.

  8. Man…….this stinks!

    First, Ahman Green misses time, killing my Fantasy Team, and second, my house will be turned upside down at the thought of not hosting a UFL Championship party!

    I was gonna make pigs in a blanket and everything.

  9. People the fee in NEGOTIABLE up to 150,000 it’s not that for every player, the commish said it could be as low as 1,000.

  10. Hell, if these guys think so much of themselves then they should have worked harder to get on an NFL roster instead of having to take UFL scraps. PR disaster or not, the UFL gave these guys the chance to play and if the NFL wants them, they should have to pay them for their development costs. The players shouldn’t bitch because the UFL gave them an opportunity to play an NFL-like game and they didn’t have to go to the Arena League or go freeze their asses off in Canada and play under much different rules.

  11. these people are truly stupid on here….for one the debate rages about players leaving in the middle of the season because an nfl team wants them (that @fezaz ur a real smart guy)

    secondly, @bobo8192 ur twitter examples are from people NOT PLAYING IN THE GAME TONIGHT. yeah thats great that people who have no relation to this story will be playing.

    all you dumbasses need to read florios post before you say something.

    as lou holtz says “its better for people to think you are stupid rather than open you mouth and let people know that you are stupid”

  12. It is a sellout crowd, smart guy. 24,000 people will see it.

    I love it when people who know nothing about the UFL decide to attempt smart remarks.

    We will try to brush up on our UFL wisdom.

    It’s very hard with 6 teams that look like the 21st Century World Football League.

    The website looks like Peter from Cosby show created it.

    UFL will be gone in a few years–after the league is found out to be fixed.

  13. I love The UFL
    I dont know why more people dont watch it.
    Its on Versus which is a good channel they have the best college games on Versus too!

    These UFL teams could compete with most of the teams in the NFL besides maybe Colts,Raiders,Patriots,Eagles
    Culpepper looks real good this year too
    The dolphins could use him right now

  14. All the hoopla about a possible boycott by the minor league, then nothing about the fact the game not only is being played, but it started on time! WTG PFT Staff!

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