Austin Collie out for game with concussion

Colts receiver Austin Collie may have returned too soon after suffering a concussion two weeks ago against the Eagles.

Now Collie has suffered another concussion. Collie has been knocked out of the game against the Patriots in New England today and will not return.

In Philadelphia two weeks ago, Collie had to be taken off the field on a stretcher after a huge hit left him out cold on the field. The injury today didn’t appear to be nearly as serious, but it has to be a concern that he’s now suffered two concussions in his last two games.

At halftime in New England the Patriots lead the Colts, 21-14.

13 responses to “Austin Collie out for game with concussion

  1. 18 game seasons eh Roger? I don’t think so. This season has been proof enough that the 18 game season is about the most retarded idea in the history of NFL Commissioners.

  2. The NFL should implement what, at least in Ohio, the high school teams do. If you have 2 concussions in a single season, you’re out for the year.

  3. Of course Goodell sees nothing wrong with the Pats headhunting. Two cheapshot concussions in two games for the Pats will only result in another Defensive Player of the Week award for the Pats.

    Can you imagine if James Harrison punched Tom Brady in the face like Seymour did to Roethlisberger? There would be a lifetime ban and gajillion dollar fine for Harrison …. meaning Goodell won’t do squat to Seymour.

    No respect for a a comish who is too much of a cowardly punk to call it both ways.

  4. Good thing the league put new safety rules in place.

    Injuries are up.

    Penalties are up.

    Ridiculus over-officiating is off the charts.

    Welcome to your new NFL Florio! You and all the rest of the over-reactors are responsible for this mess.

  5. Concussion? are you sure it’s not a “neck”.

    he must not want to play as bad as Hinds Ward who would unleash hell to get back on the field if he wanted to.

  6. hey citizenstrange – he deserved it Brady (and also my big toe) has more class than Worthlessburger and wouldn’t have been running his mouth after throwing a td-

  7. I don’t think that players are getting any more concussions this season than they have in the past. They’re just more publicized now. I’m all for the 18 game season if they eliminate 2 exhibition games and cut down on the offseason OTA’s.

  8. My feelings on concussions is this. The League should mandate that even if the player pasts his concussion tests that he still must sit out that week. Give the player as much time as possible to heal up before getting back on the field. There is more to life than winning.

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