Brett Favre will “re-evaluate” season after latest loss

Following Minnesota’s soul-crushing 31-3 loss to the Packers, the immediate future of the Vikings is totally up in the air.

First up: figuring out what to do at quarterback.  If the Vikings think Tarvaris Jackson could have a future with the team, they may want to see him play in the final six games of the season.

We don’t know what Brad Childress wants to do.  Heck, we don’t know if Brad Childress will even be around to make the decision.  It’s also possible Favre will make the decision for him.  Favre was asked after the game if he would possibly walk away from the team given how the season is going.

That seems like an easy question, but Favre said he would go home “re-evaluate” things rather than decide right away.  He declined to expound on the answer when asked about it again.

So the man who couldn’t decide whether he wanted to play this season now isn’t sure if he wants to continue.

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56 responses to “Brett Favre will “re-evaluate” season after latest loss

  1. I think that the only thing he could do to tarnish his legacy further is to walk away a quitter.

  2. ohh…so sad for bRett.. Hey do us all a favor and go back to your TRactor!! Great year last year!! This isn’t last year, and this year he shouldn’t have returned!! Cya Brett

  3. They’re both morons, they’ve both brought the franchise down, they’ve both made poor decisions all season (and pre-season) long, they both deserve each other and they deserve their fate. Re-examine this!

  4. What a fool. Brett has demolished his legacy. The talking heads can say that he won’t be remembered for this, but truth is, it’s ALL he will be remembered for. His 2 SB wins in GB won’t even be brought up. All they will remember when someone says Brett Favre is a washed up fool who had no business playing.

    And shame on the Viking for caring more about the publicity then the actual future of the team and ALLOWING him to come back without having played or practiced with the team once before week 1.

    This situation is totally ridiculous. Neither of the parties should have ever agreed to this disgrace of a football season.

  5. We’ll have to wait till Monday or Tuesday at the latest to find out who is in charge. The quarterback? The coach? The owner?

    One possible solution is to play Farve until the Vikings are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. Then play Jackson for the rest of the season. Brett Farve must be realizing that last season should have been his last season.

  6. How about them BUCS 21-0 Shut out of the 49ers a team Flori picked to beat the BUCS! Oh wait you’d rather print more junk about a QB having a career low season on a Crappy team, great article

  7. Just go away old man! Even Vike fans are tired of your lousy play and post-game blubbering.

    Just go away!

  8. at this point, i doubt even vikings fans would care if he went back to mississippi.

    why the pic of vince young in a vikings story? seems about 4 months premature

  9. Favre said he would go home “re-evaluate” things.

    Chilly, if he’s not back by Wednesday please send the 3 amigos on the jet to bring him back. Pretty, pretty please.

  10. As one of the first to post here, let me say that I have been a Vikings fan since as long as I can remember. My loyalty to them has never wavered, and never will. With that said, the vikings were outplayed in EVERY aspect of this game. Passing, rushing, catching, offense, defense, special teams, coaching, showing up.

    I am not one to jump to hasty conclusions, but even I see that this team has quit, and has quit weeks ago. Whatever happens from here, with all present personnel, is meaningless. There is no team right now, and absolutely…NO HEART!!!

    Brett…You have had an incredible career, and no doubt, you will end up in the HOF on first ballot, but dude, it’s time to call it a career. Go home, ride your tractor, and know that in 5 short years, you will be making a trip to Canton.

    Ziggy….Its time to pull the plug on this. Childress has lost this team, and you need to do the right thing before you lose this town!!!!

  11. Wilf,
    fire Childress (Today, please), bench favre, then sell the team to someone with brains.

  12. Why is Vince Young’s pic on this article? I don’t like Brint Favre because he is such an drama queen but I would go as far as calling him Vince Young. Thats way out of line. That being said; I don’t think that Brint will quit he has to keep up the consecutive game streak and has to keep adding to the all time interception record.

  13. Hey Brett, please allow me to “reevaluate” your season for you:

    1. You are a shallow, egomanical boob.
    2. You are a one-man turnover machine.
    3. Please end your vanity tour early so Tarvaris Jackson can step in and get some practice so that the Vikings can at least see if he’s a realistic possibility for next season.

  14. As a Bear fan this is one of the best seasons ever. Not only are the vikings crap, watching Favre fall on his face after beating on us for 20 years is like Christmas in November. Go to Mississippi and quit the rest of the team already has.

  15. Favre is showing what a HEARTLESS and GUTLESS coward he is. It is pathetic to see an NFL “legend” act this way.

  16. svenhoek86 says: Nov 21, 2010 7:47 PM

    What a fool. Brett has demolished his legacy. The talking heads can say that he won’t be remembered for this, but truth is, it’s ALL he will be remembered for. His 2 SB wins in GB won’t even be brought up. All they will remember when someone says Brett Favre is a washed up fool who had no business playing.

    Favre never had two Super Bowl wins with Green Bay.

  17. Where are the typical unrealistic vikes fans??? they ran their mouths all week and now they disappear? shocking…saw first hand today how classy your fans were in the dome…….so pathetic.

  18. I say kick Favre to the curb but keep Childress. He has a long term contract so if you fire him, it will be very costly. It seems to me that Childress deserves a chance without having Favre out there turning the ball over. Childress must stay, he will eventually be “Coach of the Year’ and quite possibly get the Vikings to the Superbowl. Childress is not fully appreciated by the Viking fans who are calling for his head. He can turn this around, we just need to give him a chance.

  19. So now he’ll call it quits during the season unless they beg him to stay? To call him a diva is an insult to divas everywhere.

  20. Do Viking fans really believe that dumping Chilly will make a difference?
    This team was lucky last year and overrated going into this one.

    They will still have no QB even after Uncle Liver Spots hits the road,
    Pat Williams is 38 years old.
    Bernard Barrian will never be a great WR and is just an overpaid crybaby.
    Percy Harvin is fragile and will not have a long career.
    On top of all that their fan base is weak and there is a good chance that they will leave town.

    Their window slammed shut after the loss to the Saints last year.

  21. I am getting sick each week of the Packers beating up on teams and all the stories that come out in the media are about the team that just lost. Maybe take a look in the other locker room, something good is actually happening. But people don’t want that story, we all want to watch the car accident that is taking place. Soon the bodies will be shipped to the morgue and you will realize it is MN and nobody cares.

  22. Re-evauate? Does that mean the NFL as fianally made a descision of the Jenn Sterger case and he is going to be suspended? I thought it was a quick decision was coming up WEEKS AGO!

  23. Choose your Brett Favre excuse:

    1. Injury: “Given the situation, I think it’s best for my family and I if I stop playing through immense pain like the warrior I am and take care of these injuries now. This isn’t how I wanted it to work out, but I seem to have no choice. It’s not my fault.”

    2. Selflessness: “With the team’s record what it is, I feel I must do the right thing for the future of the Vikings organization and step aside so they can evaluate Tavaris Jackson. It’s not my fault.”

    3. Solidarity: “Brad Childress showed a lot of faith in me, and the attitude toward him around here just isn’t right. If he goes, I go. It’s not what I want, but that’s the way it is. It’s not my fault.”

    I was going to put “Honesty” as a 4th option, but let’s face it- that’s not happening.

  24. Don’t leave, BrINT!!! You gotta stay and pad that INT stat some more and really put it out of reach. Jay Cutler is trying to give you a run for your money on that one.

  25. if i was Favre and wanted to be classy, I would just shut it down now.
    Nice games played record and bla bla bla… but right now HE’S A DAMN DISGRACE. WALK AWAY YOU A-HOLE. IT’S OVER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. No matter how dizzying the past few years’ drama has been, it’s sad to see Favre going out like so many before. It’s like Old Yeller having to be taken out back and shot.

    Had he not had this obsession to end his career like Elway and walked away after getting not just one improbably late career run in the playoffs, but a second last year, he could have gone out with one last good season under his belt instead of this painful mess we’re seeing.

  27. Terrible 3-7 team. Anybody know what the QB situation is in Carolina? Because that’s just as important as this story at this point.
    Funny Vikes fans was talking about our “depleted” defense earlier this year. How’d we look up close and personal today?

  28. Revenge is a dish best served …. on a hideous green plastic rug in a dump of a building occupied by your biggest rival.

    Packers 31
    Favres 3

  29. All that happened today is Green Bay beat a bad team with a crappy secondary.

    Green Bay actually started the day OUT of the playoffs.

    Miami and Washington were BAD losses for Packers.

  30. Favre throwing that bomb in last seconds was a joke.

    Aikman was spot-on when he suggested Green Bay blitz him on next play.

    Favre is a narcissistic douche bag.

    It is karma to see him being turned into a pinata each week.

  31. As a long time Packer fan I respect Favre, I cant root for him while he wears purple but I respect what he did for us.
    That being said, what can you expect? He missed all of training camp, and practices 2 days a week! I know he’s old and he needs more recovery time, but thats part of the job isnt it? When you’re having the problems he’s having, obviously you need more practice. If you cant do the job within the same bounds as everyone else, its time to go.
    Its too bad to see things go like this for him. (dont get me wrong, im smiling inside) You can see on his face, he wants out,and knows he couldnt have come back. Given the AMAZING year he had last year, I dont think anyone was suprised he came back. He does owe it to the fanbase to finish out the season with the team, whether he is a backup or not may not be his choice but, if he walks away…even the Favre 4Ever faithful would lose respect for him. MN needs to look at T Jack to at least see whats possible for next year.

  32. This is absolutley priceless. Favre or Chilly, do the right thing. Let GB end his streak. Some of those passes were so far off today–it is time. Back to the tractor BF, and thanx for the memories..

    Make your career worth remembering–and get Chilly fired–welll, hold up on that getting Chilly fired deal. Just leave him around.

  33. I get a great athlete not wanting to walk away from the game. (Favre) He won’t be the first, or last, to hang on a season or two too long. But if he quits because they are losing … what an astounding p***y.

  34. Everyone that is saying that Favre needs to be benched, lets take a look at the other QB’s the Vikes have.

    TJack — he played so awesomely in his career with the Vikings that they awarded him with a 1, yes ONE year contract for not much more than the league minimum. Hell, he was thankful to get that cause he knew the Vikes were the only team that would pay him, the only offense he knew (and not all that well really).

    Webb — Late round draft pick, 3rd string QB, someone the Vikings are not 100% sure will actually be a QB, could possibly be a WR when all is said and done.

    Having said that, even with Favre’s faults, TJack and Webb COMBINED are no where near the talent level that Favre is!

    As for you Triple G, if you actually had a clue, took the time to do a little research about the topics you post, I wouldn’t have had to point this out!

  35. Wow….Viking fans are jumping off the Favre ship faster than I expected. He will be asked to make a “team first” gesture of willingly stepping aside to prepare for next year…but he won’t do it. He will insist that it be someone else to make that decision, so that he someday say..” I felt like I could play three more years, but they wouldn’t let me.” He wants each and every consecutive start statistic and he cherishes the number “300”, which would come soon. This is the reason he came back….his reasons…not for the team. We warned you…..and now you have to eat it. How does it taste?

  36. I just want to say thank you Minnesota for making Ted Thompson look like a genius. You really have to feel sorry for Brett this season has really tarnished is image. He is still one of the greatest to ever play but his ego really made him look foolish

  37. Next time maybe include the part from the after-game press conference where Favre ALSO said he started the season with the team and intends to end it that way.

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