Jason Garrett says he’s making the Cowboys more physical

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Maybe it’s coincidence that the Dallas Cowboys played their best game of the season after Wade Phillips was fired and Jason Garrett was named the interim head coach. Or maybe Garrett really did institute a different mentality in Dallas in one week.

A Dallas Morning News story on the changes Garrett has made says the biggest change was forcing the players to wear full pads in Wednesday practices, which Garrett believes instills toughness in the players.

“I just think football is a physical sport. You can never lose that,” Garrett said. “You have to be smart going forward over the course of a season, but Wednesday is the day when you’re putting the base stuff in.”

Garrett is careful not to say that Phillips lacked toughness in his dealing with the team, but he believes that getting tough in practice has a direct impact on making them more effective on Sundays.

“A lot of it is focused on the running game and the play-action passing game, and you need to be physical in those areas,” Garrett said. “Over the course of time, if you’re not practicing that way, I think maybe you lose some of that physicality. Now there are a lot of other coaching philosophies that have been incredibly successful doing it a different way. This is just something that we believe in.”

With the Lions coming to town today, the more physical Cowboys have an excellent chance of improving to 2-0 under Garrett after going 1-7 with Phillips.

8 responses to “Jason Garrett says he’s making the Cowboys more physical

  1. For a team NOT wearing pads in practice this doesn’t mean much. Now if Tomlin or Harbaugh say that especially after being warned for training too much ….

    Go Ravens!!!

  2. poor Garrett, he really thinks he has a shot to keep the job…..no way media hound Jerry Jones sticks with him. He might be a better coach but with Bill Cower and John Gruden out there he doesn’t stand a chance………Hell, wouldn’t surprise me if jones gave Bill parcells a call……Jones is all about the publicity and Garrett ain’t gonna cut it

  3. Of course “football is a physical sport”…what kind of stupidity is this?…You mean to tell me that this organization is just figuring that out? Maybe Jerry Jones should just own a stip club.

  4. Notice the teams that have been succesful over the past decade hit hard and are very physical?
    Garrett, will make the necessary changes to the Cowboys which will benefit this team, in a playoff run next year.

  5. I hate the Cowboys & love that they have stunk this year, but just think how good they could have been if Parcels had stayed one more year. They went 13-3 with softy Wade coaching the team that Parcels had put together.

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