Jets win on another miracle finish

Each week, the Jets manage to find a new and more ridiculous way to win.  This week will be tough to top.

New York coughed up a 17-point fourth quarter lead, only to win 30-27 on a six-yard touchdown pass to Santonio Holmes with ten seconds left.  The play before, Mark Sanchez found Braylon Edwards for a 42-yard gain as the Texans secondary fell apart at the worst time imaginable.  Again.   Houston is 4-6 and buried in the AFC.

I watch the games at work on Sundays with our video producer Matt Casey, who is a lifelong Jets fan.  He  can’t decide if these insane finishes are a sign that something magical is happening or whether it’s a sign the Jets aren’t as good as their 8-2 record would indicate.

My take: Enjoy the ride.  The Jets can still improve, but they are winning along the way.  Consider the alternative: You could be a Texans fan.

25 responses to “Jets win on another miracle finish

  1. Really beginning to hate them.

    At least it puts a nail in the overhyped travesty that is the Houston Texans. Game over.

  2. Congrats to the Jets. These are the kind of games I was expecting them to lose but they have been surprisingly competent in the clutch. Sanchez is better than he was last year and should mature into a very good QB if he keeps this up.

  3. The Jets are not great. The Texans’ defensive backs are historically (yes, historically) bad.

  4. HAHA J-E-T-S, everyone who says the jets suck can suck one, everyone who says sanchez sucks can suck an even bigger one, and every one who doubted the trade for holmes….ur just an idiot because that was one of the best trades in the NFL

    Jets are the real deal, all u dolphins fans can keep crying because u were overrated at the start of the season and now ur horrible, and pats fans dont worry u can keep winning cause it doesnt matter cause u have to play the jets again and its guna end the same way it did the first time. oh and we didnt have holmes in that game, now we do and u dont have moss

    HAHAHA J-E-T-S #1 in the NFL umm i think so

  5. Miracle wins? This team are full of frauds. The defense is no way as good as it was last year. ALL of their blitzes get picked up. You can attack the jets other corners if you spread the field, successfully. They don’t get pressure on the passer with a 4 man rush as well as they did last year. Their run defense is solid, tho.

    On offense, their offensive line is nowhere near as good as it was last year. Sanchez is always running for his life. Their running game isn’t as good as it was last year as they lack any explosive plays in the run. L.T has gotten off to a hot start but has been average since. Sanchez is still an average QB, he’s only making plays because he can elude pressure and make something out of nothing, which is pretty good. But this guy is unable to recognize coverages and throw the football with timing and anticipation. Overall, he holds the ball too long and will cost the Jets in the playoffs.

    This is a mediocre football team. A damn LUCKY, mediocre football team that is. No way this team wins its divisional and a first round exit is most likely. The only dominant part of this team is their two starting corners and their run defense. Heck, I may even be wrong on that one because Cromartie can be attacked with polished route running as his long range and size limits him on his breaks.. This is an average football team that pulls off wins. As simple as that. Superbowl champions? Now that’s a joke!

  6. My take: Enjoy the ride. The Jets can still improve, but they are winning along.


    Good grammar – 1,349. Rosenthal – 0.

  7. Funny how all the so called Jet fans left when Foster scored! The studium was half empty! SOFT FANS! By the was last 3 wins were vs Det 2wins, Clve 3 wins and Houston 4 wins and needed to do it on last play?? What happens when they play Pitt and Pats??

  8. My favorite quote in NFL history is Vince Lombardi yelling from the sideline, “What the hell is going on out here?!”

    That sums up my feelings about the New York Jets after yet another last-minute, come-from-behind victory. This team is playing like they’re possessed, and it’s becoming downright scary! Hell, they’ve “come back from the dead” more times than the fictional movie characters “Michael Myers” and “Jason Voorhees” of “Halloween” and “Friday The 13th” fame, respectively.

    Memo to Jets fans: That many times is NOT luck. That’s championship football.

  9. @Gregg – “Consider the alternative: You could be a Texans fan.”


    Consider the alternative – The Steelers could have kept Santonio, and the Jets would be 5-5 and riding a 4-game losing streak.

    You got lucky Santonio decided to “wake and bake” during the offseason, Jets. Enjoy it while he’s sober…

  10. Jets have beaten 1 team over .500 this year. All sanchez can do is throw 5yd slants. He over threw 2 wide open wr this game

  11. A win is a win, but the Jets can’t be very comfortable with three straight “sqeak by” wins. They have to know this isn’t going to last, and they’ve GOT to be concerned about this “vaunted” defense blowing a 20 point fourth quarter lead.

    New England bitch-slapped the Steelers, and they’re handling the Colts very well. I don’t see the Jets performing to that level.

  12. steelers6pack says:
    Nov 21, 2010 5:12 PM
    What happens when they play Pitt and Pats??
    Well they will have a chance to sweep the Pats for the season for starters since they already beat them once. I guess that one doesn’t count though.

  13. The Jets have already beaten the Patriots. The Patriots killed the Steelers.

    The Jets will elevate their game against those two teams in the coming weeks. Jets will beat NE at least one more time this season. The Jets will beat the Steelers once and maybe twice this season.

    Dean Wormer

  14. The Jets this year have played to the level of their opponents so I figure the to be close again on Thanksgiving and against the Pats the next week.

  15. Hahahahaha, Jets fans crack me. The first to tell you how good they are, yest, half the stadium was empty when they won the game. Hahahaha.

    Being realistic, the Jets have a very good team, but if you dont think that the Jets have also been lucky, you just arent watching.

    If Stafford wasnt so fragile, the Jets likely lose that game.
    If Stucky just runs out of bounds, the Jets likely lose that game
    If the Texans pass defense wasnt so pathetic….well, you get the point.

    I admit, there are a lot of if’s in there, but Jets fans talk like the Jets have won the last 3 games by a combined 90 points. Truth is, opportunities presented themselves, and the Jets cashed in. It takes a good team, and a lot of luck to win the Super Bowl. Every SB winner has been good, and lucky, there is nothing wrong with that.

    Also, how come the Jets fans cant chant “J E T S Jets Jets Jets” anymore? It used to sound pretty good on tv, now it is terrible…..

  16. semperfi24 – the Jets have been winning the games. it isn’t about their ability to blow teams out of the water, it’s about their resilience. they’re always in the game, its just a matter of whether they can make the plays when they count or not. the jets take advantage of everything given to them and they’ve been able to make the big plays when it counts more often than not this year. the Jets are 8-2, find the ways to win the game, and even when they’ve lost, they don’t get blown out. they’ve lost by a total of 10 points this season. It’s like Rocky, where Apollo Creed is like “I won, but I didn’t beat him.” you might come out on top, but the Jets will be right there with you. better get ready to brawl.

    anybody who wants to talk trash about the Jets, they’re 8-2. whats your team’s record? there you go.

  17. @ semperfi24
    Yea ..Yea…and if worms carried .45…birds wouldnt f..k..with them….you jerk!

  18. @ neverend1…With all the negatives you think your pointing out to the sports world.. the Jets should be 2 and 8!….that means your full of something but its not facts. Maybe you should’nt drink so much on sundays …it effects you judgment.

  19. @ steelers6pack..”What happens when they play Pitt and Pats?”……Get ready to get punched in the face ….again!

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