Larry Fitzgerald may not be long for Arizona

As the Cardinals slump, thanks to a quarterback succession plan that didn’t include success in the planning, their biggest star is getting frustrated.

And we think it’s only a matter of time before receiver Larry Fitzgerald tries to get out.

Though he has a knack for saying all the right things, Fitzgerald’s tact is beginning to show cracks.  Earlier this week, Fitzgerald gushed about the impact that former Cardinals offensive coordinator Todd Haley (now the head coach of the Chiefs, today’s Arizona opponent) on Fitzgerald’s career, prompting some to think that Fitzgerald already is thinking about a reunion.

Regardless of where Fitzgerald may want to play, it’s looking more and more like he won’t want to stay in Arizona.

It’s definitely difficult to deal with,” Fitzgerald said of the team’s current fate, according to Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic.  “You go home and you can’t escape it.  You turn the TV on and [it’s], ‘The Cardinals lost four in a row.'”
But hasn’t Fitzgerald already endured that during the lean years that preceded 2008?
“I had never won on this level before,” Fitzgerald said regarding the team’s not-too-distant history of losing.  “I’ve tasted the caviar now, so eating out of the garbage is not where I want to be.”
(What’s wrong with eating out of the garbage?)
Though most players not named Randy Moss can’t just talk their way out of town, Fitzgerald is in the third season of a four-year deal executed at a time when leverage from the big-money back end of his rookie deal allowed him to obtain $40 million over four years and a commitment that the Cardinals won’t use the franchise tag once the contract expires after the 2011 season.
In fact, the Cardinals would be wise to consider moving Fitzgerald in the offseason for a first-rounder-plus package that would give them something on which to build, in lieu of seeing Larry finish out his contract and walk away for no compensation.

22 responses to “Larry Fitzgerald may not be long for Arizona

  1. How bout getting rid of their clueless coach and getting some QBs (half decent vet, & a rookie) next year instead?

  2. He’s gonna go to Minnesota. Rice, Fitzgerald, Harvin and AP. Bring in Cowher and upgrade the OL and kiss the Chilly days goodbye. Sweet.

  3. Quite honestly, if I am a Cardinals fan I am rooting for them to lose every game the rest of the way. Go 3-13, get that top 3 pick, and do whatever you can to get Andrew Luck. If Luck shows great potential in his rookie year (which he will) it may be enough to get Fitz to stay. If they win 5-6 games they will only hurt their chances of getting a franchise QB in the draft.

    And if they don’t draft a QB and Fitz has to go through another year of Andersen and Max Hall, he is as good as gone.

  4. remember when Larry fitzgerald’s “brother” was complaining about Kurt Warner? Ah, the good ol’ days

  5. Worth noting that he has a “no-trade” clause in that contract too. He really controls his own destiny.

  6. Coach Whisenehunt sure isn’t looking like a genius anymore. I guess undrafted Max Hall does not have the same upside that Matt Leinhart had. At least in Leinhart they had an NFL QB on their roster. They haven’t had a competant QB all season and it shows. Fitz wanted the strongarmed Anderson at QB because he wanted the deep bombs, not the crossing routes.

    QBs like Anderson and Delhomme keep getting benched but keep getting the big bucks. Why?

  7. “In fact, the Cardinals would be wise to consider moving Fitzgerald in the offseason for a first-rounder-plus package that would give them something on which to build, in lieu of seeing Larry finish out his contract and walk away for no compensation.”
    This is why you should just “report” and not offer opinion.

    I’m not arguing his possible worth, but they won’t have leverage and will have to hope that leverage is created with multiple teams bidding…..and then Al Davis offering what you are proposing…..

  8. Can’t say I feel sorry for him. The history behind that organization is overwhelming that present circumstances are what’s normal in Arizona. He wanted the big bucks and he got what he was looking for.

  9. he was saying things about haley that players dont even say about their current coaches

    “I would love to go play for Coach Haley,” Fitzgerald said. “I will go play for him in Canada or if he was coaching high school. I would go and do whatever Coach Haley asked me to do, because that is just the respect and admiration I have for him. But I’m in contract in Arizona and have a job to do here. Until something changes that’s where I want be and that’s where my heart is.”

  10. Larry is going to want to go to a playoff team, I don’t see him joining an upstart team.

    The Patriots have the picks and the players to trade for him, don’t be surprised if he lands in NE.

  11. yeah lgwelsh1 thats why the Chiefs are in the playoffs,
    10-5 I bet you didnt think that would happen huh, Fitz has a no trade clause which he will waive when He chooses to join Haley in KC thats what gives us the upperhand He knows we have the origanal Pats coaches and GM and throw in his ex coach and mentor with an up coming team ready to make the playoffs every year done deal, you can kiss fitz goodbye.

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