Maurice Jones-Drew runs wild as Jaguars beat Browns

The Cleveland Browns had a lead late in the fourth quarter on Sunday. But the Jacksonville Jaguars had Maurice Jones-Drew.

After a field goal put Cleveland up 20-17 with 2:46 to play, Jones-Drew went to work. He caught a short pass from David Garrard and made a sensational 75-yard winding run down the field to the 1-yard line, and he plunged in for a 1-yard touchdown two plays later, putting Jacksonville ahead 24-20. Cleveland’s final drive would fall short, and that’s the margin the Jaguars won by.

The catch was his biggest highlight, but Jones-Drew was already having a big game even before his fourth-quarter heroics. Overall, Jones-Drew had 24 carries for 132 yards, and another three catches for 87 yards.

Cleveland running back Peyton Hillis had a good receiving game of his own, with six catches for 95 yards and a touchdown, but he couldn’t get much going on the ground, with only 48 yards on 21 carries, and a long run of just six yards.

Browns quarterback Colt McCoy had another solid game, completing 17 of 28 passes for 241 yards and adding 39 yards on four rushing attempts. But his interception on a desperation pass at the end of the game sealed the Browns’ loss.

The loss drops Cleveland to 3-7 and effectively ends any hopes the Browns had of being a playoff team. Cleveland is getting better, but for the second straight week the Browns dropped a close one.

Jacksonville, however, is now 6-4 and very much in playoff contention. With the rest of the AFC South struggling, the Jaguars have a real opportunity to win their division.

10 responses to “Maurice Jones-Drew runs wild as Jaguars beat Browns

  1. The Jags were sooooo lucky today! 6 turnovers, 3 int’s for Garrard and Cleveland couldn’t turn any of those into points. And I will have to start posting this everyday on every site until it happens, Rashean Mathis needs to be demoted and at the end of the season the Jags need to cut his non defense playing ass! Despicable! No effort at all and I know Del Rio and Wayne Weaver see it. He bites on every double move, pump fake and play action then looks for one of his team mates to blame. Every time a tackle is made just look near the pile and you see #27! The Jacksonville native no longer gets a pass. Cancel his tv show and cut his sorry ass!

  2. I love it how the Cleveland fans had penciled this one as a sure “W.” Lookout folks. The Jaguars are the youngest team in the AFC by a wide margin, and they are getting better.

  3. 6 turnovers (4 int’s and 2 fumbles, 1 returned for a TD) yet the Browns couldn’t win. If Mangini does get axed, and I don’t think he should, this will be the game to look at.

  4. Colt McCoy does not have an NFL arm. The vast majority of his passes were short to mid crossing routes and screen passes, including Peyton Hillis’ big one.

    The Jags were able to keep the Browns D honest with a couple of shots down field, meanwhile the Jags were able to stack the box and bottle up the Browns running game.

    The Jags won and are definitely exceeding expectations this year. Year 2 of rebuilding and Gene Smith is doing a fantastic job of finding the right players for the right price/pick.

  5. yea after watching the Browns D actually do their job and create turnovers and the offense not put any points up i knew it was a matter of time before the Jags put the game away.

  6. @winston88

    Care to elaborate? Seriously, what is your problem with my post? Do you disagree or just feel the need to vent?


    What are you talking about? The Jags D DID do a good job today in limiting points off of turnovers and Hillis’ rushing numbers were far below his normal performance.

    The Browns should have won that game considering how many short field scoring opportunities they were given. They have marginal WRs and a weak armed QB, and an O-line that didn’t open holes and gave up 6 sacks. That is why they lost. The Jags secondary is atrocious and has been shredded regularly, but when you don’t make them cover anything deep you make their job a lot easier. Colt McCoy is a smart & athletic QB, but he doesn’t have the kind of arm you need to stretch the field and it is catching up with him. That being said, I think the Browns will be back to winning a lot sooner than some people think. Oh, and nobody has ever accused Del Rio of being a genius, but I think calling him a moron is a little overboard (he does have 1 of 32 of the most coveted jobs in football so show a little respect)

    The Jags are overachieving and everybody knows that. 7-9 or 8-8 was the hope going into the season and they’re over delivering. I hardly think I’m some sort of delusional homer.

  7. The biggest problem for the Browns is NOT Colt’s arm strength. His arm is fine. It’s the fact that with Cribbs out, none of our WR can get any separation. WR has to be a top priority in either free agency or the draft. Pretty sad that the Jags D could stack the box to stop Hillis yet the WR’s were in man coverage and still couldn’t get any separation against one of the worst pass defense in the league!

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