Mike Vick says he cheated the Falcons

As the redemption phase of quarterback Mike Vick’s career hits high gear, Vick reflected on his past during an exclusive interview with Bob Costas of NBC’s Football Night in America.

During the interview, which will air tonight (the show starts at 7:00 p.m. ET), Costas asks Vick whether he believes he cheated the Falcons, the organization that made Vick the first overall pick in the 2001 draft.

“In so many ways, I do,” Vick said.  “I feel like I cheated the organization.  I didn’t give them my all.  I gave them everything on the field, 100 percent but sometimes that’s not enough.”

Vick said that he now spends much more time working on his game.

“This time around, I just wanted to work harder than I ever worked before, not shortchange myself.  I didn’t put in the work and the time and the effort.  I didn’t dedicate myself the way I do now,” Vick said.

That dedication has resulted in Vick having no turnovers in his six game appearances, with five starts.  He’ll try to push the Eagles to 7-3 on Sunday night against the Giants.

31 responses to “Mike Vick says he cheated the Falcons

  1. Talk’s cheap. If he really feels that way, then give some of it back. Otherwise, who cares?

  2. I’d say he robbed them, like a bandit in the night.

    He completely crapped on the team, the fans and most importantly, Mr Blank.

  3. As a Philadelphia fan I can say this…I dislike Mike Vick….thought he was the most overrated player behind Reggie Bush….But damn he’s getting his game together!!!! Kudos to Andy Reid.

  4. Vick’s success sort of reminds me Randall Cunningham’s success with the Vikings. Same type of player.

  5. I’m not sure taking the Falcons deep into the playoffs twice is robbing the organization blind. The Falcons made a lot of money off of him, too. He might not have practiced hard but the guy won games.

    That said, Vick didn’t throw the ball half as well in Atlanta as he does now.

  6. Yeah if I didn’t have Vick as my Fantasy QB i would be all like die die die…. but I dont….

    who is a bigger scum bag, Vick or the posters here who dont know the difference between a dude trying to succeed and one not trying like vince young etc etc etc….

  7. All you folks who hate Vick need to understand this one thing: he’s not the first guy who didn’t have the light come on in the beginning of his career, and he won’t be the last.

    Guys like Peyton and Brady are rare. They understood the QB position the day they stepped on the field. Most QB go through a maturation process.

    So while you hate, it just shows your lack of football knowledge.


  8. Give Vick some credit, the man has been very honest about his past…haters will always hate

  9. Hey Eaglelover1

    Vick is not going to do it for you well he may do it for you but not the team

    You will continue to be the only team in the NFC East to never win a Super Bowl

    I wake each day waiting to hear that vick has sunk back to thugdom
    That he was found in an alley

  10. I’m glad all the Vick haters never do anything that requires someone to forgive them. It’s wonderful to be in a position to cast stones at someone else.

  11. One could safely say that Mike Vick also robbed the eagles in 2009, by not putting himself through these changes there last year, as well.

    At least he finally woke up before he was done for good.

  12. I do not think it is any big revelation that Mike Vick cheated the Falcons. By his own admission, he was the last to arrive/first to leave the Falcons facilities. I heard David Carr was the same way – just didn’t have the freakish skills that Vick had… Vick got by on his freakish talent.

    Now, am I fan of his, no. I am a dog lover and cannot even begin to understand his crimes, but yes, he has paid his debt to society, has paid an incredibly price financially and his name will always be tarnished with what he has done.

    It appears (and appearances can be deceiving) that he now puts the time in (in the film room/extra preparation) to study as well as improve himself physically. It is a story of redemption, but people will not forget what has happened.

    Did he cheat the Falcons – yes, and he has owned up to it. Again, not a big revelation, it has been said before…

  13. I’m guessing you are talking about Peyton Manning – who actually won 3 games his first year. Yes, it does take some QB’s a little longer to mature and develop a work ethic, Peyton had it all along, while Vick took him 6 years with the Falcons and 2 years in the clink. I’m not a fan of his, but he is having a hell of a year.

    Part of his growth as a QB and a person has come from his admitting to mistakes and his lack of preparation. I think Andy Reid is a heck of a coach. He has helped Vick develop as a QB and I’m sure helped him as an individual.

  14. charliewade says:
    Nov 21, 2010 5:28 PM
    Talk’s cheap. If he really feels that way, then give some of it back. Otherwise, who cares?


    He is giving some of it bacl Moe Ron!\

    Have you heard about his $18 million judgement he’s paying back?

  15. He’s right and the statement says something about where Micheal’s frame of mind is. You would have never heard anything like that when Micheal was in Atlanta. He was too busy lying to the owner of the Falcons.

  16. here is what bothers a whole lot of people

    Most of us would not go to jail for what he did and be able to walk out and into our old jobs

    Poor poor vick
    Screw him

  17. Once again, Michael Vick’s SEVEN YEARS of dogfighting are referred to as a “mistake.” It was not a mistake, it was a conscious choice to break the law and abuse animals made repeatedly over seven years.

    He also felt he didn’t belong in jail. He broke the law, repeatedly. He belonged in jail for a heck of a lot longer than he was.

    Vick still does not get it. Give him a little more time and he will be right back to the entitled jerk who thought he could get away with anything.

  18. @bigbluefan:

    No, here’s what bothers people like you:

    Vick killed dogs. You know its wrong, but in your hearts you know it’s not something that should cost someone a prison sentence and part of a career. You know there are far worse crimes in the world. But you decided a long ago that you would hate Michael Vick. Sure, he’s done his time and rededicated his life to perfecting his craft. And he’s admitted his mistakes and learned from them.

    But you don’t want to hear that. You don’t want to accept that.

    Because is Michael Vick has grown as a human being it means that he is not only vastly more talented than you are, but he’s capable of transforming himself. And you—fully committed to hating someone you don’t even know, are capable of nothing more than petty bitterness.

    That’s what’s really bothering you.

  19. I want to know what is with the Mike Vick thing? Are we supposed to be so dumb to assume that by shortening his name up that he can’t possibly be the same dog killer he was before??? How this guy was let back in the NFL is beyond me!!! I still think he should of been thrown into a ring with two Kodiak Bears and see how he likes being bait.

  20. @chidoglover:

    Come on, man. You didn’t give a sh-t about dog fighting before that story broke and you still don’t. You’re just one of many lost souls…searching for someone to hate.
    Just let it go. You’ll be better off.

  21. The Falcons allowed Vick to get by on natural ability. The coaches knew what effort Vick was putting into game preparation. They got the quarterback they deserved. Eagles coaches, and a more mature Vick, have created a better and more dedicated quarterback.

    Vick haters, don’t you get wornout hoping and praying he fails? I know it must take a crapload of energy to get that negative and that angry. I suggest you just ignore him and not watch all his highlight footage. Good luck with that.

  22. It’s true everybody so worried about da dogs now he wasn’t da first person to have dogs fighting and anyway ur not god to judge anybody. If that’s the case what about all these rapers and child molesters that’s something we as people should be worrying about not saying dogs ain’t important cause I own a pitbull myself and it was wrong but he’s not the only person in this world doing stupid stuff so why r we stuck on him.

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