Stevie Johnson plays the joker role well

Well, this certainly beats seeing another player do the “Dougie.”

Bills wide receiver Stevie Johnson lifted up his shirt after the first of three touchdowns on Sunday to reveal the phrase, “Why so Serious?”

“[T.O. and ChadOchocinco] play the persona of Batman and Robin so I wanted to come in and have the persona of joker and have fun with it,” Johnson said.   “But I’ll get in trouble for it.”

Johnson is sure to get fined for the stunt, but he probably considers it worth the money to help make a name for himself.  His play on the field has done most of the work.  Johnson had three touchdowns on Sunday, giving him nine touchdowns and 728 yards for the season.

(Photo thanks to the guys at Yahoo!)

9 responses to “Stevie Johnson plays the joker role well

  1. This was clever and funny. I’m sure some morons will be like “HURR DURR SHOWBOATING HURR DURR” but those people are stupid. I’ll bet even TOcho appreciated the humor.

  2. This guy has a funny sense of humor. I think when they played the Pats last, he pretended to have a musket, shoot it, and fall backwards. It was pretty funny. I like the celebrations that don’t mock the opposing players on the field that they just scored on. Chad 85 is pretty damn funny too.

  3. Fitz to Stevie, wow, had me scratching my head. These guys were on the same page in the second half. Seeing Fitzpatrick play this well under a new coach, new plays, new recievers and having been named a starter after the season started….. I just don’t know what to think? linemen with the first round pick and not a QB? I keep saying he isn’t the answer but I feel like I keep getting proved wrong. OK Andrew Luck, do not come out this year, and we’ll get you next year all the while building up the rest of the team. Then we’ll snag you, you will learn under the Fitz for a season or two, the Fitz moves on and in come winning records. Not even playoffs, just winning records.

  4. I watched the whole Bills and Bengals game I missed that. I hate that I did because thats great . Its impossible to see that quote and not here Heath Ledgers voice saying it. Its so creepy when he said it in the movie about his dad giving him the scar on his face.

    Its an a extremely clever celebration and your right a great way for him to make a name for his self. I already knew who he was but didnt really think much of him but now on Im going to be looking for him any time I catch a Bills game. And probably will be thinking about that line every time he makes a big play.

  5. I have to keep reminding myself that the two wins are against the Lions and the Bengals……but I like to see that the Bills still have the fight in themselves.

    I’ve only been reading PTF for a year now… nobody will beleive me, but I’ve been saying that Stevie Johnson was the real deal for two years now. He’s looked great in the two previous preseasons…he was stuck behind Hardy, TO, & Evans…..I’d be curious to know if he is actually #1 WR material though. I’m glad we don’t have to find out just yet, but I’ll bet you this guy ends up like Peerless Price if he is traded. The Bills need to hang on to him for a while. He’s entertaining and one of the best #2 receivers this year.

  6. Same here jpmelon. Ever since I seen Stevie score his first TD, I believe it was against the 49ers, I told my brother that there was something special about him. He is not fast, doesn’t have the hip breaking moves like Roscoe Parrish or the precise route running of Lee Evans but, he gets it done. He also plays a great Joker… nice snub on T.O. and Ochocinco! I hope he has a great career with the Buffalo Bills.

  7. He should send that same shirt to the NFL when they fine him.

    “Why so serious?”

    And he is going to get fined. “Uniform Police”

    Yes, that is a real job in the NFL, uniform police. Can you imagine drawing a salary as the uniform police? They probably have one of the plastic badges left over from old drugstore Lone Ranger costumes for the Halloweens of generations past.

    Let me quit. I know that I wouldn’t mind having that job. I know it pays better than my job.

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