Week Eleven early quick slants

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While I wonder what would have happened if Michael Griffin had caught up with Vince Young during their postgame chase, here are your early Week 11 quick slants.

1. 16 teams will lose this week.  None will lose harder than the Titans.    A home game against the Redskins is a game they have to win considering the team’s difficult schedule.

The result is almost secondary to what happened after.  Vince Young’s post-game meltdown will reverberate for weeks and possibly years to come.   Coach Jeff Fisher seems tired of Young, who makes too much money for stuff like this.

The Titans may have to rely on Rusty Smith to keep them in playoff contention.  You just can’t survive Young imploding.  Tennessee has a playoff-caliber roster and was in position to make a run.  But Young’s difficulties have torpedoed the team and it will be tough to recover.

2. The Jaguars continue to find a way to stay right in the AFC playoff mix.  Until the final meaningful play Sunday, they were losing the turnover battle 6-0.  But Jacksonville led in the only stat that matters — 24-20.  Terrible Browns tackling on a pass to Maurice Jones-Drew led to a wild 75-yard reception with under three minutes left that was the difference in the game.

We give Jack Del Rio and his staff a lot of credit for getting this group to 6-4.  They’ve passed the Titans and could be tied for the AFC South lead by the end of the day.

3. Vikings-Packers was a relative afterthought in the NFL landscape heading into Sunday.   Green Bay’s 31-3 win showed why.  The Vikings have been a dead team walking for weeks, with only the most optimistic Vikings fans thinking they could suddenly transform from a sub-mediocre team to a championship contender again.

The Vikings actually came out strong, dominating the action for the first quarter.  But it didn’t show up on the scoreboard, and the shaky Vikings secondary fell apart once they were pushed a little.

4.  This is how it ends for Brett Favre.  17-for-38 for 208 yards, with a number of wild passes.  Maybe he’ll start a few more games,  maybe not.  They won’t ultimately matter.  Tarvaris Jackson should get get ready.   So should coaches that want the Vikings head coaching job next season.

5. The Raiders couldn’t handle success.  With a few weeks to enjoy their 5-4 record, they got waxed 35-3 in Pittsburgh.  The Raiders will be true contenders when they win a game on the road against a respectable opponent.

6. Kansas City’s 31-13 win over Arizona was expected, but badly needed for Kansas City. The Chiefs are still in a position to make the playoffs if they can win the games they should — especially at home.  They are 5-0 at Arrowhead this year.  They head to Seattle next week.

7. It doesn’t matter that much if the Jets are lucky or good.  They do need to improve overall, but it’s not a bad thing to be both.

8. We still have a real long way to go, but the Jets, Patriots, Steelers, and Ravens are all in great spots.  Second place in the AFC East and AFC North has to be considered the most likely location for the two wild card teams.

9. It will get lost in the shuffle of games that matter, but Cincinnati’s hemorrhaged 28-7 lead against Buffalo will go down as the low moment of the Marvin Lewis era.

17 responses to “Week Eleven early quick slants

  1. The playoff picture is becoming pretty well defined now and it will be (in no particular order) Jets, Pats, Colts, Steelers, Ravens, and the AFC West champ.

  2. Big trouble in Titan land and not caused by Randy Moss, hmm Moss has not had many touches while a Titan, will he be Fishers next headache?

  3. Is Brett Favre still the QB for the Minnesota Vikings?
    If so, you know what that means;
    Brad Childress is still stupid.

    Is Brad Childress still the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings?
    If so, you know what that means;
    Ziggy Wilf is STILL stupid.

  4. I wonder if Seymour will get suspended for any more games?

    What would happen if James Harrison punched Tom Brady in the face? A lifetime ban and gajillion dollar fine?

    Seriously, Goodell has to call it both ways.

  5. Jeff Fisher has never wanted Vince Young. I wouldn’t say that Fisher has conspired against Young, but he’s not done much to help his quarterback progress. He gets yanked in and out of the lineup, he’s constantly in danger of losing his job, but he wins, and wins far more often than he loses.

    Is there something not quite right with Vince? Certainly, but there’s something wrong with Jeff Fisher too. You’ve got your franchise quarterback warming up on the sideline and you don’t put him back in? No wonder Young was angry after the game. For all of his faults, he’s a competitor and he wants to play , compete, and be in the game.

    For all the praise given to Jeff Fisher over the years, he certainly hasn’t accomplished very much. He went to one Super Bowl, he’s endured a whole lot of losing seasons, and his treatment of Vince Young over the past four seasons has been head scratching to say the least.

  6. If Mike Brown has any sense at all this will not only be the low moment of the Marvin Lewis era, but the LAST moment of the Marvin Lewis era. Enough is enough.

  7. “The Raiders will be true contenders when they win a game on the road against a respectable opponent.”

    The Raiders will be true contenders when they get a true QB. Jason Campbell is a hack & Gradkowski is a back up.

  8. Bucs won their 7th game, despite Florio picking against them, despite Florio stating they wouldn’t win 7 games in 3 seasons.

    Ok, time to admit you were wrong, Florio.

    Don’t blame it on their easy schedule either, it’s the same schedule they had when you made your stupid boastful proclamation.

  9. That was the death rattle for the vikings and favre’s career. Everyone is looking at Chilly. The GM has some accountability for not bringing quality rooks. They are screwed for a few years now.

  10. sportsinhd says:
    Nov 21, 2010 6:43 PM

    For all of his faults, [Young’s] a competitor and he wants to play , compete, and be in the game.

    I don’t assume this at all, based on everything that came out leading up to, during, and after the Dolphins game last week. Or, you know, a certain game against Jacksonville two years ago. (And those aren’t the only examples.)

  11. because of their head to head win, the jaguars are in first in their division..i know its early, but they control their onw destiny now, and thats all most teams can ask for.

  12. @citizenstrange …

    Why? Why does Goodell have to be consistent? The man hasn’t been consistent at all. He wasn’t consistent in the off season when he changed the personal conduct policy in order to suspend Roethlisberger, then let Brandon Underwood and Vince Young walk without a word. He hasn’t been consistent in the application of fines or in his statements regarding which hits would be flagged or fined. Obviously, he doesn’t have to do anything. He has carte blanche to do as he damn well pleases and that is exactly what he intends to do with no thought for fairness, ethical standards, or what the fans or players think.

    The NFL owners were fools to give Goodell the kind of power he wields, but they won’t rein him in because he makes them money. One day his megalomania will finally go too far and they’ll be scrambling to put out the fire. Just hope it’s not too late to repair the damage.

  13. I am so psyched with all the good power teams and competition in the AFC this year. I am a Ravens fan so I can’t help but be a little nervous knowing that one slip up could drop ya right outta the playoffs. 11-5 could concevibly not be good enough but thats what makes it exciting. This is one of the most entertaing years in a while. Only sin is someone will lose out of the playoffs to a bad team from the AFC west and thats a shame. I wish the Nfl would set it up like the NBA so the best teams make it and not just a team that wins a bad division at 8-8 or 9-7.

  14. No one would hit Manning or Brady because they would’nt be grabbing Seymour’s shoulder talking trash. Got what he desearved. I challenge all the Steeler fans on PFT to find a post on here other than from a steeler fan who thinks otherwise.

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