Bud Adams: Jeff Fisher, Vince Young Have to Get Along

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After Sunday’s Jeff Fisher-Vince Young blowup, there’s a widespread belief around the NFL that the Titans’ head coach and franchise quarterback simply can’t coexist anymore. But Titans owner Bud Adams says they don’t have a choice.

“They are going to have to work together. I haven’t given up on Vince, and I am sure Fisher hasn’t either,” Adams told Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean. “Vince was upset and said some things he regretted after doing it, but you have to get to the bottom of it, straighten it out and move on.”

Fisher and Young reportedly exchanged cross words with each other after Sunday’s loss to the Redskins, and Fisher said he wouldn’t tolerate Young’s antics, which included throwing his shoulder pads into the stands. Fisher’s post-game comments about Young made it appear that he’s ready to move on without the quarterback who has been his on-and-off starter since being selected with the third overall pick of the 2006 draft.

But Adams, who has always been a big fan of Young’s, insists that Young has a future with the franchise.

“It is one of those things that happened. It has happened, it is all over with and we want to get Vince back and playing again for us,” Adams said. “These things happen. I have been at this thing for a long time, about 51 years now. I have seen a lot of things happen and I don’t want to go jumping off the building over something happening one time.’’

Adams added, “This will all go away pretty quick.’’

Fisher, however, doesn’t seem like he’s willing to let this go away quickly, unless it means Young goes away. Which means Adams might have a difficult choice ahead of him, picking between his coach and his quarterback.

44 responses to “Bud Adams: Jeff Fisher, Vince Young Have to Get Along

  1. Sounds like ol’ Bud is railroading Fisher into saying everything is OK.

    He doesn’t have to take that. He’s Jeff F’n Fisher.

  2. Fisher is just biding his time in Nashville, waiting for Lovie Smith to fail so he can snag the HC job in Chicago.

  3. you can’t tell me there’s “a choice” between Fisher, and Young? I’m not even a Oilers, oops, i mean Titans fan, and i can tell you, vince youngster would/should be gone in a heartbeat!

  4. Hey Bud, “the bottom of it” is simple…your QB is not a professional and does not seem to have the ability to become one; it’s time to move on.

  5. If I were Coach Fisher, I’d move on.

    The owner has made his choice and a bad one in my estimation.

    Vince Young might be able to be successful with a new start, a la Michael Vick, but he’s never be successful in Tennessee where the fans despise him.

    If the owner bothered to actual spend some time in Nashville, he would understand, but he doesn’t.

    So, Coach Fisher, there will be plenty of openings this off-season.

  6. What a crazy, stubborn old man. Maybe if Vince Young and his posse ran around on Adams’ lawn he would get angry enough to get rid of him.

    Seriously though, Young is a bad egg. He’s not going to do what it takes to be a winner. He has a choice: either the player goes, or both the player and the coach go.

    If he picks Young over Fisher… well, just take a look at the Vikings if you want to see what happens when the QB is bigger than the coach. No future head coach would stand a chance as long as Young was around.

  7. Fisher or Young?

    Lifetime QB Rating of what 74? 54/54 TD/INT ratio? History of complete mental instability.

    Don’t even see how this is even a question. And if Adams does not see that than he is just a big kid too in love with his toys.

  8. Young is acting immature, but Fisher has lost his team. I’m not sying fire Jeff Fisher. I am saying that at the end of the year, maybe Fisher should be traded to Dallas.

  9. Looks like it’ll be a showdown. Fisher or Young. If Bud chooses Young over Fisher, I am sure there is a team in Texas and a team in Minnesota that would love to talk to Fisher. Choose wisely, Bud.

  10. Adams is right, they both need to act like adults and get over it. What happened on Sunday was ridiculous, but you move on. Letting it take over your season will self destruct the team.

    The truth is you’re not going to fire the head coach who has been leading your franchise since 1994, before they even were the Tennessee Titans. A coach with a winning record and five playoff wins. Especially when you’re in a tight three-way race (possibly four way race) for the AFC South.

    On the other hand you don’t fire your Quarterback when he has the fifth highest rating in the NFL, better then people like Peyton Manning and Drew Brees (in fairness he’s asked to throw less then both of those Quarterbacks, but he’s still performing at his highest level since being drafted).

    There is no upside. You chalk it up to be stupid actions in the heat of the moment during and after a devastating loss. Firing either one of these people at this point in the season will simply make a bad situation worse.

  11. OMG….I hate it when a boss says that and is too stupid to see what a cancer Young is on the team. People say grow up but he is grown up. This is who he is….period. The way he acts isn’t going to change and frankly the way he plays ain’t that great. If I had to keep him it would be on the bench.

  12. “Vince is a great quarterback, get over it…”

    Bud, you need to have a chat with Al Davis. Even he figured it out eventually. The writing is on the wall, you just refuse to read it.

  13. Fisher (who I have a lot of respect for) would be wise to move on, take a year off (after 16 years) and coach again. Bud Adms OTOH may be surprised by who isn’t mailing the resume in for the head coaching job if he insists on VY

  14. Proud to be your Bud is obviously living in a fantasy world and will have to choose between Vince and Jeff at the end of the season. And unless something drastic changes, it looks obvious what that decision will be (the wrong one).

  15. Young is a big baby. and now he’s crying to the owner (they’ve confirmed they talk on the phone) like a little kid about his coach, which explains why he’s so selfish. He knows the owner has his back so he can act like a baby and know he’s not going anywhere. I’m not a Fisher fan all of the time but in this instance I think VY has to go. In the past 5 years I knew they weren’t going to the Superbowl, VY thinks he’s still in college. Grow up man.

  16. Jeff Fisher will not tolerate this nonsense. He’ll quit before he lets Vince Young play another snap. If Tennessee is dumb enough to keep Vince Young over Fisher then that says something about the franchise. Fisher top 3 coach in the NFL

  17. I think that Bud has taken a sensible approach,letting cooler heads prevail. I think he realizes what he has with Fisher and the verdict is still out on Young. Bud will tell Fisher to play him for the rest of the season and then make a decision to bring him back next season.

  18. Hey Bud, this isn’t even questionable. Throw two fishing lines in the water, one with Jeff Fisher as bait and the other with VY and see how many teams bite. You’ll lose Fisher in a heart beat and VY will be left very lonely!

  19. VY is a winner. VY has a better W/L record than Kerry Collins during their time as Titans, but it’s clearly not because VY is more skilled. It’s because the players play better for him than anyone. VY is not perfect, but he’s a true leader of the team. He deeply cares about winning and his teammates, more than anything, and his teammates respond to it. (It doesn’t hurt that his running ability makes him multi-dimensional.) Not so sure about Fisher, who I think cares most about his own image. Fisher should focus on becoming a better coach and mentor and leader – the kind of coach who can take it to the next level – or he’ll lose this team if he hasn’t already.

  20. Damn – I’d love to have him in Cincy but Jeff’s not gonna get out from under the thumb of this tool and go to working for Mike Brown.

  21. AlanSaysYo says: Nov 22, 2010 3:49 PM

    Sounds like ol’ Bud is railroading Fisher into saying everything is OK.

    He doesn’t have to take that. He’s Jeff F’n Fisher.
    Exactly. Nobody does more with less than Jeff Fisher.

    How convenient for Bud Adams to make a statement completely void of all emotion, from his perch in the sky.

    Your HC is on the front like, Bud.

    Time to wake up, you don’t know what you have till it’s gone.

  22. Is it shoulder padsor just the jersey? You guys change it up every time you “recount” what happened.

  23. Jerrah Jones, Danny Snyder, Bud Adams…..owners who think they “know” football and football players. I think there are about 31 other teams who would love to have Fischer as their headcoach. Adams claims this is a “one time deal”……..he still hasn’t figured out that VY is a great athlete but a mental midget. Young is not an NFL QB period.

  24. Fisher would lose more respect around the league if he plays Young again. No way I’d play that punkassed b again.

  25. Which of course means that Jeff Fisher is gone after the season. Damn, there’s going to be a LOT of coaching vacancies this offseason.

  26. Jeff tested Bud and Bud lost. Vince Young is not a QB you should stick up for or reward for being immature. Jeff knows now what he must do. He’ll bide his time and look for greener pastures.

  27. I think Bud Adams and Al Davis must be twins separated at birth. They both show way to much stubborness about admitting mistakes. Al Davis came around about Russell eventually, maybe there is hope for Adams but I’m beginning to doubt it. How he can say that this is a one time thing is beyond me–Vince’s immaturity has raised its ugly head time after time. He thinks he is better than his teammates and more important than the team and Bud has done nothing to make him understand that the team comes first. I hope Rusty goes in and lights it up like Vince never has.

  28. I’d bet money Fisher or Young will be gone by next year.

    Adams pretty much said Young is staying no matter what Fisher thinks.

    Fisher is to good to stand for that. he’ll leave.

  29. Wow, somebody actually said Young is a true leader. Young couldn’t spell (literally) leadership and has no idea what it takes to be a professional. This guy is just another one of those gifted athletes who has been handed everything without ever working for it. He feels entitled to whatever he wants and believes he can act however he pleases so he is not much different than many of the other hyped up morons who are idolized by clueless dolts. The thing about Young is he is emotionally unstable and every time things do not go his way he freaks out and has a breakdown. There is no way this guy should be an NFL QB…how the owner does not see that is baffling.

  30. I don’t believe the national press on these issues. They just unquestioningly repeat whatever Fisher says. (Does the national media ever get anything right?) I believe in VY because his teammates do.

  31. Nothing has to be done at the moment. Young has been put on Injured Reserve. He’s done for the season. Things can simmer down by training camp.

    Fire Goodell

  32. dctitanfan says: Nov 22, 2010 6:41 PM

    I don’t believe the national press on these issues. They just unquestioningly repeat whatever Fisher says. (Does the national media ever get anything right?) I believe in VY because his teammates do.
    If you believe in a crybaby loser like VY, then you have some serious issues, son.

  33. Mr. Adams…wake up and smell the coffee…Vince Young should be toast. Don’t let this kid VY ruin the Titans anymore and certainly don’t keep VY and let Jeff Fisher walk. What a huge mistake that will be. Why can’t you see that? Don’t let your pride get in the way of making the Titans the best team in the NFL.

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