Chilly’s Monday press conference still a go

The Vikings have announced that coach Brad Childress will conduct his usual 12:30 p.m. CT press conference on Monday.

Some are assuming, on a knee-jerk basis, that it means Chilly won’t have a date with the chopping block.

But as Albert Breer of NFL Network points out on Twitter, the Cowboys issued a similar notice two weeks ago, the same day Wade Phillips got his walking papers.

So stay tuned.  The Vikings still could put Childress out of the fans’ misery.

31 responses to “Chilly’s Monday press conference still a go

  1. blackcatnfl- Yes I would say that about covers it, last year the team won despite their coaches obvious and maddening flaws. This year, some players are having off years or just general age decline and the locker room is in shambles, thats on the coach.

  2. I think the only thing saving Chillys job is Zygi doesnt want to give the Packers the satisfaction of knocking out another head coach for the second game in a row. Especially not his.

  3. The Packers killed another one!

    “The Green Bay Coach-killers”…

    Yeah… I like that. Two weeks from now we’ll have gotten Singletary, too!

  4. I hate to see someone lose their job this close to the holidays, but the Vikings need a change. It would be poetic justice if Zygi Wilf would bring in Marcus Robinson to deliver the pink slip.

  5. I think Chilly gets to coach the Vikings next year.*

    In the uncertain NFL world, Zigy will stick with the guy who took them to consecutive division titles and almost to the Super Bowl.

    * – This is 50% rational thinking, 50% desire of a Packers fan to have this clown around for a couple more years.

  6. He lost the team weeks ago, and he never had Favre.

    I think Chilly will be able to watch plenty of soap operas tomorrow.

  7. This is proof the Vikes didn’t deserve to be in the NFC Championship let alone the Super Bowl.

    Favre sucks!

    You can have the greatest coaches in the world but if you don’t execute you have spoiled eggs and cry babies.

  8. Yes, it is the fault of the coach they stink this year and just got by last year. Packer fans would like to submit recommendation papers to keep him a little longer or at least it would be funny to see him coach the Cowgirls.

  9. blackcatnfl,

    Yes, that is true. Chilly had nothing to do with the NFC Championship run of 2009. If you paid attention at all last year, Chilly was just as despised in 2009 AND in addition everyone new that Farve was running the team last year too.

    The problem is the Vikings do not have it this year, i.e. Favre really sucks. Of course, that is not Chilly’s fault, but it is Chilly’s fault for being too incompetent to do anything about it. His team is amidst an in flight-uncontrolled nose dive and doesn’t even seem to realize it is happening.

  10. Wow! I swear this makes me believe Wilf wants the fans to turn on this team more than they already have. Brett Favre is the cause of all of this! now I know what GB had to go through for years. Retire old man and let us get a football team back! If you have him on ylur team you are at his mercy. He calls the shots and that is bad in a team game!

  11. Vikes won last year in spite of Childress, not becasue of him. Couldn’t rise above is his shortcomings as a coach this year.

  12. 45 years, thats how long ARGH!!!!!!! I have
    followed this team. We should have won it
    all last year. i now know how fans from other
    teams feel year after year when they suck
    all the time. I will now cheer for the bears
    to win division because A.Rodg #12 is
    just to arrogant hes no #4 and I’m not
    even a big fan of favre…but #12 will never
    live up to the old man even if he plays 20yrs.

  13. Man its unfortunate. Because the refs really gave that game to the Packers yesterday.

    That one call was ridiculous, and of course the NFL is against the Vikings.

    We lost, the Packer’s didn’t win

    We gave the Packers that game, that was their superbowl anyways.

    The league called us and “apologized” for more bad calls. Its weird though because I hear we are the only team they call… Odd.

    The Packers were playing dirty, they hit Favre way too much!

    Every turnover was due to missed PI calls…

    I’m sorry, but I am just filling in and making the comments of the not suprisingly absent Viking fans…. As annoying as it was last year and all of the offseason, I do kind of miss reading and laughing at the delusional, victimized fans.

  14. Once a coach has lost the team, there comes an inevitible point where reversing that is impossible.

    See: Dallas Cowboys

    I would hardly stop there though. Although Childress is an egotistical tool with limited leadership skills, he’s not throwing the interceptions. Can Chilly and bench the Aged One. Tavaris may not be the future, but he can be the present for the next few weeks before golf….

  15. The Wilfs are looking at the big picture. Keep Childress and have public distain, which could lead to no new stadium deal. Than move the team to London. I hope I’m wrong. But Goodell wants to globalize.

  16. “I hate to see someone lose their job this close to the holidays…”

    This made me laugh because if Chilly loses his job, he should still be just fine financially. It’s not like he won’t be able to buy his family Christmas presents. I suspect at this point, Chilly would probably be relieved if he were fired. He’ll get a nice buyout from the Vikings and he can put the circus that he helped create behind him. I think it’s pretty safe to say, he’ll never be a head coach again in the NFL, but if Rod Marrinelli can land a job after going 0-16, Chilly can catch on as an assistant.

  17. As a Packer fan, I hope Chilly gets to stick around. The implosion is more entertaining than the football. I’m guessing, though, that at this point, Mr. Childress and Mr. Favre both want to be put out of their misery. Don’t accuse me of pretending to know what they are thinking. This is just my theory.

    @fanofthepurple…. In response to
    “I hate to see someone lose their job this close to the holidays, but the Vikings need a change. It would be poetic justice if Zygi Wilf would bring in Marcus Robinson to deliver the pink slip.”

    If Chilly does lose his job, I won’t exactly feel pity for him because of the holidays. The man will still get paid, and can still afford to buy his family some gifts.

  18. Can you spend 5 minutes to write an article about the Vikings that isn’t Favre or Chilly related? Such as losing Anthony Herera for the season to a torn ACL. Geez, I thought the Oline was bad before, now we’ll have Chris DeGeare in place of him and he’s missed all this time due to injury.

  19. I thought he lost control of the team and they looked down trodden yesterday. Unfortunately there was no other choice to be made.
    I always thought he was a decent guy. Hopefully he can find work elsewhere and it isn’t like he has no money, he will be paid well for being fired.
    He fully knows the buck stopped with him and he would say that.
    If he would have just listened to the Jets who warned him not to get in bed with Favre, he may have kept his job.

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