Harbaugh says Mason-Flacco flap was nothing serious

Ravens coach John Harbaugh has acknowledged that receiver Derrick Mason and quarterback Joe Flacco had a heated exchange on Sunday, but he says it was no big deal.

“It’s been addressed,” Harbaugh said. “I talked to [Mason] about it after the game, talked to him about it in the locker room. It wasn’t anything serious that we had to work through, just make sure we’re on the same page and make sure Joe’s on the same page. Not too concerned about it.”

Mason was apparently upset with a pass that Flacco threw him, which Harbaugh said was more a sign of Mason’s competitiveness than anything else.

“Derrick over the years, he does a good job of focusing his passion because it shows up in his play,” Harbaugh said. “He plays passionately, and he plays very well. Joe’s got a passionate personality and you see it expressed in different ways. So, everybody does it in different ways.”

8 responses to “Harbaugh says Mason-Flacco flap was nothing serious

  1. I am a baltimore native and lifelong ravens fan (ok, it’s only been 15 years)…plus a mason/flacco/harbaugh fan. But, for the life of me, I cannot understand why Harbaugh has these double standards for “elite” players and puts other players (see danelle ellerbe) in his doghouse. Mason is a loudmouth and had his day in the sun…he needs to accept that he’s no longer the #1 receiver (he may not even be the #2 receiver). He does this weekly radio show in Baltimore and is very charismatic and well-spoken, but the guy has issues. It’s disappointing to consistently hear Harbaugh talk about passion and competitive / fighter….mason grabbed Flacco’s facemask!!! If I was Flacco, I’d calmly tell Mason you get a pass on that one…but the next time, I’m going to rip your head off.

  2. I don’t mind someone yelling at Flacco. He always seems like he’s on anti-depressants anyway. Does he EVER show emotions during a game?

  3. Harbaugh makes excuses for Mason. A guy like Tomlin would take Mason behind the woodshed and beat a lesson into him.

    Harbaugh is going to have to exert a higher degree of control and leadership if he wants to play deep in January and February. His qb is way too mellow of a fellow – so the coach is going to have to lay down the law

  4. Firstly, I like the fact that Flacco doesn’t have highs and lows – he’s consistent across the board… Mason has every right to be pissed off – it was a zero blitz, every receiver was open, and he folded under the pressure. At the same time, Flacco was having a great game despite that play, and Mason dropped a ‘gimme’ slant route pass, so he’s gotta pick his timing to throw a fit better.

    And may not even be a #2?? Are you high?? Mason would be #1 in half of the NFL cities – #2 easily in the rest.

  5. The Ravens handle things in house, we will never know what really transpired regarding the incident. Love Mason but a vet WR who is supposed to be a team leader should NOT be grabbing his QB’s facemask….

  6. The Ravens won the game but Flacco looked a little confused. If this had been a top tier team they well could have lost. Flacco has got to get his act together. If he is outside the tackles, throw the ball away instead of taking a sack and fumbling the ball. Flacco has got to play smarter and if that takes a little tough love from Mason then so be it.

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