It can get worse for the Bengals

On Sunday, the Bengals made history.  As Joe Reedy of the Cincinnati Enquirer points out, they are the first team in NFL history has led by 17 or more at halftime and loss by 18 or more.

The 35-0 second half score in favor of Buffalo was the Bengals’ single worst second half result in 43 seasons.

Amazingly, this 2-8 team hasn’t hit bottom yet.  Consider what’s happening in the secondary, which was the one strength of the team.

Safety Cris Crocker looks to be out for the rest of the season with a knee injury.   Excellent starting cornerback Johnathan Joseph (knee) is “out for the foreseeable future.”  Safety Roy Williams (concussion) and Brandon Ghee (groin) also left the game early.

If the season ended today, the Bengals would have the third pick in the draft.  Their next head coach can enjoy that decision.

In the meantime, we’re stuck watching the Bengals on the nightcap to Thanksgiving’s trifecta of mismatches.  All three games feature a team 3-7 or worse facing a team 7-3 or better.

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  1. Really? Can’t get worse? They play the Jets on Thursday, so, let’s reserve judgment until Friday morning.

  2. The Bengals are in line for a surprise good game, the jets could just drop this one like they sometimes do. and then the cowboys are playing so much better, that is going to be a good game no doubt!

  3. Even with there record there plays boys will try to get there own TV time Thanksgiving Day please pass me some more ME,ME,ME from the Bungals.

  4. I don’t feel good about their chances on Thursday, even if the Jets underestimate them. The Jets unfortunately, are better than I thought, although not as good as they think they are (i.e., the Green Bay game). Sanchez is clutch.

  5. I’m glad the game wasn’t televised in the Cincinnati market yesterday.

    So, who’s warming up in the head coaching bullpen? DC Mike Zimmer?

  6. When Lewis starts winning somewhere else, it will become clear that the Bengals’ problem is an organization with a culture of nepotism and ineptitude.

  7. The Jets have won several games, including the last three in a row, due to slightly-better-than-mediocre play highlighted by sheer luck. They don’t look like a truly dominant team. And, just like the Colts habit of getting outplayed for 3 quarters and counting on a 14 point final 4 minutes, there’s no way that yields a win consistently (see: last night vs. New England, Super Bowl XLIV vs. New Orleans). I was anticipating the Jets fortune to fail them against Houston, but Houston had me convinced (foolish me) that they were a better team than last year’s imploding version. I wouldn’t expect the Bengals to win on Thanksgiving, but I wouldn’t be shocked if they did, either.

  8. Who Dey? Where are you, Bengal’s fans? Where is all the chest thumping and trash talking we heard before the season started? All the predictions of rolling through the division? If you all were man enough to talk trash then, be man enough now to show yourselves and admit how wrong you were!

  9. I said this before, TO equals poison, I said the Bengals wouldn’t make the playoffs when they signed him. I just feel he comes in and plants a seed of failure, and it sure grew in Cinny.

  10. If the season ended today, everyone would rejoice in knowing that Florio wouldn’t be able to use the phrase “if the season ended today” for another 10 months.

  11. “Who Dey? Where are you, Bengal’s fans?”

    We are currently focusing all our energy against our Mike Brown voodoo dolls.

  12. I think it can get worse, more grusome injuries, players aren’t protecting each other and looking out for themselves; I think there would have been a coaching change had it not been a short week; travel day is wednesday, what a nitemare!

  13. #
    awdlmd says: Nov 22, 2010 1:14 PM

    When Lewis starts winning somewhere else, it will become clear that the Bengals’ problem is an organization with a culture of nepotism and ineptitude.

    Bengals need to get ownership out of the decision making. Lewis will be glad to get out of there.

  14. lewis sucks too. he sure got chad in control at halftime of that playoff game that the bengals were actually winning at the time, right?

    i do like the bengals in NY this week, however. if they cant get up for this game, they need defibrillation.

  15. The Bengals should get up for this game. They owe the Jets a little something from the playoffs last year. Maybe the Bengals will have something for them? Run Cedric Benson and play defense.

    Fire Goodell.

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