Leslie Frazier has one big decision to make

Leslie Frazier will meet with the Vikings media for the first time as interim head coach this afternoon.  Surely one of the first questions will be: Who is your starting quarterback this week?

Frazier could delay the decision until the team reconvenes on Wednesday, but we suspect he’ll want to make his intentions clear right away.

There is one train of thought that says it’s time to put Brett Favre out of his misery and bench him.  The team needs to see what it has with Tarvaris Jackson.  Heck, maybe Favre wants to “re-evaluate” things further even though he is likely happy about Monday’s move.

There is another train of thought that says the Vikings know precisely what they have in Jackson.  He’s a free agent after the season and doesn’t seem particularly likely to be part of Minnesota’s quarterback solution, no matter who is the head coach.

“Those of you calling for Tarvaris Jackson should know that the only coach in football who believes in him got fired today,” ESPN.com’s Kevin Seifert wrote.

That’s a pretty convincing argument.   No matter what Frazier chooses, the season has gone off the rails. 

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  1. Give Favre one more game and if he throws a mind-numbing or multiple picks then bench him and play whoever you feel can manage to hand the ball to ALLDAY 30 times and won’t change the call…Hell I could hand off to AP 30 times………….

  2. “Those of you calling for Tarvaris Jackson should know that the only coach in football who believes in him got fired today,” ESPN.com’s Kevin Seifert wrote.


    I would have given his statement more credence if only he hadn’t worked for ESPN.

    There is no upside in playing Favre, none. Just play Jackson and see what happens.

    The Vikings record says it all. I am not sure that I trust their judgement in regards to talent evaluation.

  3. I dont think it really matters. Let’s just be honest, Jackson v Favre is a “lesser of two evils” scenario. That being said, I would love for them to tell Favre he’s going to start, have him show up at the stadium, then tell him he isn’t playing a minute before kickoff so his streak is ruined and he doesn’t have the opportunity to retire beforehand. Don’t let him end the streak on his terms, after this year’s performance (or lack thereof).

  4. T-Joke sucks. We don’t need any further verification of that.

    If you’re going to bench Favre, start Joe Webb.

  5. Really??? Do we even need to have this poll? Must stick with Favre because Tavaris reminds me of a high school qb who cant read defenses to save his life. Yes he can run a little bit, but no Michael Vick he is.

  6. I really think Jackson can give them a chance to win next year. Let’s not forget the Vikings went 10-6 with Jackson in 08. I would think he has matured and is better with 2 more years in the league. Maybe I’m wrong but I think Jackson can be a decent to pretty good starter, IF the Vikings would give him time to develop. Something they may not be interested in.

  7. I can’t see a new coach coming in, benching a highly-paid QB that will break what has become a historic streak, and try to break in a new QB all at once.

    Favre is deserving of being benched, but I doubt a new coach is the one to do it. It was more likely Chilly would have had the wherewithal to do it.

  8. Christmas early!! Thank you lord zyggy. This will left a giant weight of off the players shoulders. We have all worked somewhere where it was like walking on egg shells. It’s not fun and not a winning formula. I hope Frazier gets a decent shot at this, seems like a good man.

  9. Depends on who the team is behind. If they are on the Brettwagon and Frasier benches him, he may lose the locker room even more. At this point that may not matter.
    If he wants to prove to the fans that he’s trying to move forward (and he needs to) he should bench the ol’ textslinger and go with T Jack. The kicker here is that Favre WILL NOT go in as a backup if things get bad, he wont do it. he’ll have an excuse ie: ankle, elbow, shoulder…but he wont do it.

  10. I don’t buy that Childress actually believed in Jackson, because if he did, he wouldn’t have pandered to Favre for so long.

  11. Thank Goodness. Now we won’t be mired with Jimmy Smith’s weak ass takes calling Childress Col. Klink. Now, just get rid of Favre and we won’t have to read about how Jimmy loves to call him brINT. It would be great to never hear again from Childress, Favre, and Jimmy Smith.

  12. Frazier needs to watch out for all the coward players who leak anonymous comments to the media. The whole team is full of cowards and backstabbers scared to put a face with their words.

  13. T-Jax already had 3 years to prove something from 2006-2008. The Vikings passing offense stayed near the bottom in rankings during that whole time. Fans booed T-Jax incessantly for his poor play. His 2008 passer rating was 64.7, 26th in the NFL.

    That’s why they dusted off ancient Lord Favre in the first place. In his worst game, Favre has never looked worse than T-Jax.

  14. I agree with most comments about why not give Joe Webb a shot, Tavaris is not the answer and everyone should know that by now. I just hope that the Vikings don’t make a play for Uncle Rico for next year since he is on the outs with Fisher. You never know though with the way that francise has been operating as of late.

    They should have got McNabb or Vick when they were available, too bad they were worried about hurting grandpa’s feelings.

  15. ——Joe Webb———

    How come we can’t vote for him?

    We need to find our future QB and Favre and T-Jack are not them.

    So, why not play Joe Webb?

    The worst/best he can do is get us a better draft pick! Where maybe our real future QB will be!

  16. Pretty sure Jackson wouldn’t have 20+ turnovers to his credit and 70+ points off those turnovers the other way. If Favre had any other name on the back of his jersey he would’ve been benched weeks ago.

  17. I don’t like Favre but even as the season dies out you still play your best player and T-Jax isn’t Favre… but that is arguable since we haven’t seen him play this year. Maybe he has matured enough… can’t be any worse I guess.

    Playing for Newton?

  18. Coaches coach and players play.

    Basically, Wilf let the players decide who coaches. What if they don’t like Frazier either?

  19. You guys want to put a rookie with a steep learning curve in at the end of a lame-duck season? Right, that will do wonders for his confidence and development…. Let’s ask Tim Couch and David Carr how getting dumped on your ass when you weren’t running for your life worked out.

    Let Jackson start. He’s going into his FA year, let him show the team whether he should be retained or not.

  20. Start Jackson. At least they can potentially up his trade value a little bit. He sucks, but he’s still better than Favre these days.

    I am really not looking forward to seeing local hero Jake Locker in Minnesota…

  21. They won’t bench Favre you moron. If you ever paid attention to this team rather than just regurgitating crap from others, you would realize Favre will never be benched. Ugh.

    This is saying a lot, but this might be your stupidest post ever.

  22. so many rubes and Football fans think htey know all when it comes to QB’s and NFL.. Well if you truely did you would realize Brett is No good this year and should sit regaurdless. Yeah he has 20yrs in hte NFL but at some point he needs to take a seat, and now would be that time!

  23. You guys want the vikings to start Joe Webb? A QB who was a full time start for two years and had a TD to Interception ration of 18 tds to 37 interceptions in those two years? A QB who played college footbal in C-USA? Now there is no denying he has athletic ability, but so does T Jack. Starting Webb at this juncture would be the same thing as rushing T jack to the job, when he was drafted it was supposed to be 2-3 years before he was starting and he got rushed in to. The guy needs practice, mop up time and preseason before he will be ready to even compete for the job.

  24. Gotta stick with Grandpa now. Timing will get straightened out with Rice and they can win a few more games. Then he can ride off into the sunset on his tractor.

  25. kingdm8 says:

    “Keep Favre starting. Everybody loves watching a trainwreck.”

    Totally. Pulling Favre now would be like watching the first 7/8 of a Shakespearean tragedy and then leaving right when the swords are drawn. Let the old man play the rest of the season. Perhaps we’ll see a game or two where he’s shows his old greatness, perhaps we’ll see a game or two where he continues to suck. Either way, it’s better entertainment with Favre playing.

    -Like as the waves make towards the pebbl’d shore,
    so do our minutes, hasten to their end. –

  26. I am neither a Vikings, Packers nor Jets fan. Brett Farve is the most overrated quarterback in NFL history. Period.

  27. If I was Frazier I would tell Brett in no uncertain terms that he has one game left as the starter for the Minnesota Vikings. If he beats Washington, he gets another game. If he loses to Washington, Tarvaris starts against the Bills. If Brett doesn’t like it, he can retire. If he cares about his teammates, he’ll stick around. If he cares about maintaining his streak, he’ll have to play well. If he doesn’t care anymore, he should retire.

  28. Joe Webb? You guys are insane. See if Tarvaris learned anything from Favre. Aaron Rodgers sure did. He played bad at first, but now the Packers have a great QB. If you have no faith in Tarvaris, this is where you start him and make the case based on his play and not what he did 2 flipping years ago!!!

  29. Obviously we don’t believe Joe Webb is ready, but putting him in would do 2 things, add for more exciting football than watching Tarvaris and give him some training. I think he has better potential than Jackson does at this point. If you go back and watch the pregames with Joe Webb, you can’t deny that it was entertaining.

  30. Simple answer. Since I beleive that Brett does give you the best chance of winning now, keep him in until we are mathmatically eliminated. At that point, play Webb since Jackson has no future with the team.

  31. If Frazier wants the respect of the locker room and the fans, he will do what he believes is in the best interest of his team winning next week.

    Benching Favre would go a long way toward accomplishing that.

  32. There is no upside to Tavaris Jackson starting. They already know “what they’ve got” with him. That’s why they traded for Rosenfels in the first place. It’s why they jumped at the chance to get Favre. Jackson’s only value now is as late-round trade-goods for next year. Showcasing him for the rest of the season will only further decrease that value.

    It’s a variation on the observation “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt.” Better to keep Jackson on the bench and let other teams think about those handful of career wins than to send him out there with a shaky offense and prove that he can’t get it done.

    As far as the idea of starting Joe (who?), let’s put it this way: if he was good enough to Start, he would have already been #2 on the roster. He isn’t. Sending a rookie with no practice out there to get killed does no one any good. It’s not even a good move from an evaluation standpoint; he can’t show you anything if he’s running for his life.

    This. Is. Not. A. Good. Team.
    Plugging in a new quarterback won’t fix it.
    Promoting Frasier won’t fix it, at least not right away. Anybody hoping for Jason Garret-like reversal, with Jackson standing in for John Kitna is in for a rude awakening.

    Let Favre play it out.

  33. fslmdh says:
    Nov 22, 2010 2:51 PM
    This massege is directed to the Vikings New Coach…

    If you really want to make History… your primary challenge is to “re-shape your offensive front line” in a water tight half a circle formation to give Favre a longer breathing space and leave the rest to him…. Once you master this challenge… you will come to know that what you have between your hands is the best quarterback ever in the NFL History….

  34. Frazier needs to impress the owners and the fans if he wants to continue to be the head coach after this season is over. My recommendation is to start T-Jack or whoever the 3rd stringer is. Start preparing for the future.

  35. Folks… Jackson did NOT get the Vikings to a 10-6 Record in 2007. Your memory of just how much he sucks is poor.

    Gus Ferotte was 7-3, Jackson was 3-3 in the regular season and 0-1 in the playoffs.

    In the Playoff game he was 15 of 35 for 165 yards, NO TDS, and 1 INT and a Rating of 45.4.

    PLEASE do NOT start clamoring for this clown.

    He has shown us what he can do.. NOTHING.

    He will be an abject failure behind that line.

    You’re all on drugs if you think Frazier will bench Favre for him. FAVRE is NOT the problem. The O-line is.

    The only SANE approach is Favre until you are officially eliminated and Joe Webb after that.

  36. Well said fslmdh.

    Couldn’t agree more. Try max protect, and/or no huddle, whatever to get the ball out quick and stop this STUPID, predictable “Adrian Peterson off-tackle” on 50% of the running plays.

    Let Favre run the No huddle until the offense is too tired to keep going.

  37. The choice is made….Favre will keep starting and Frazier is 100% behind him..they are “allies” according to the star trib…..Man as a fan it feels good to hear your head coach and your QB are allies and not bickering or throwing each other under the bus..This is a good day..Cold though…..

  38. epping16 says:
    Nov 22, 2010 1:59 PM
    I really think Jackson can give them a chance to win next year. Let’s not forget the Vikings went 10-6 with Jackson in 08. I would think he has matured and is better with 2 more years in the league. Maybe I’m wrong but I think Jackson can be a decent to pretty good starter, IF the Vikings would give him time to develop. Something they may not be interested in.
    It was Gus Frerotte, and not Tarvaris Jackson, who won those games in 2008. Jackson played in only 7 games in 2008, and one of those games he had one pass. Can’t really credit him for that one.


  39. Brett Favre will decide who plays, just like he has the last two years. If Leslie Frazier wants to really take charge he will over rule Brett, but I don’t think that is going to happen. Part of the reason Chilly is gone was his failure to develop a young quarterback and now the franchise has no future quarterback waiting to play.

  40. People need to realize that Tavaris hasn’t gotten to play a full season ever. The first sign of trouble, fans and coaches jumped on him and yanked him. He has a winning record as a quarterback. He’s had to of learned something over the past two years behind Favre. Give him a chance to atleast prove himself. Favres done for, I’m tired of watching him throw the ball to the wrong team.

  41. For those that say we allready know what to expect with TJack…I say what we know is the TJack of 2 years ago….Play him and I bet you are all suprised.

  42. I think both Favre and the Vikings OC Bevell are both “relieved” to have Childress gone. Chilly wanted to micro-manage even though he never was really successful as an OC himself in Philly, Reid called all the plays. It was as if Childress felt it was a way to redeem or justify himself as an offensive guru. I think BF and Bevell will be “co-offensive coordinators” with BF having much more imput as to play selection etc. I am not predicting it but I certainly wouldn’t be surprised if the Vikings turned things around and started playing “fun” and won the rest of their games. Talent isn’t the problem with the Vikings, it was Childress and his micro-managing style plus his inability to communicate with ownership, players, media, fans etc. Don’t be surprised if the Vikings rally around Frazier and start playing much more loose. The Vikings have more talent “on paper” than any team they played this year so the problem isn’t the talent level. I also think when the Vikings turn things around for the rest of this season, Ziggy Wilf will kick himself for not making this move several weeks sooner when the Vikings still had a chance to win their division.

  43. Although I agree with my esteemed colleague manbearpig on Greg’s moronic nature, I think he actually makes a good point. The Vikings have already given T Jack a shot, and he really sucked. It was a common belief this guy was the one weak point stopping them from being able to win a superbowl. So for all the tools saying the Vikings have to start Jackson to see what the have in store for life after Favre here’s the answer… NOTHING. Ride Favre and hope he sucks so you can get a high draft pick and take a good quarterback, not some pile like T Jack.

  44. If he wants to be viewed as a bench warming interim coach, stay with Favre. If he wants to be viewed as their new coach, he needs to change things up. If that means telling Favre to get on his horse then so be it.

  45. The Decision (no, not a LeBron reference) is simple. You have to start Tavares Jackson. Favre is done after this year. There is no begging him to come back again next year. As Rachel said to Ross in the infamous “We were on a break” episode, “We are SO over.”

    The Vikings are going to need a quarterback next year. They need to know if they need to draft one in the first two rounds or if he is currently on the roster. You don’t want a Drew Brees/Phillip Rivers situation.

    Favre is done. There is nothing more he can bring to your ball club. No playoffs, which mean no Superbowl. He may be your best chance of salvaging some wins, but is he really? If he were we wouldn’t be here. You have to see if T-Jack can do it, or at least show flashes that it is in him somewhere. But next year you will definitely need a quarterback not named Favre. If T-Jack is the guy then you can spend that first or second round pick on something other than a quarterback…unless your next coach is Josh McDaniels.

  46. Frazier- “Brett Favre. No hesitation in that regard.”

    You stupid idiot Rosenthal. You don’t know anything about football and the fact that you pretend you do is “one of the more insane things of all time” to quote you, you hapless tard.

  47. Favre is currently the 32nd ranked starting QB in the league right now. I don’t know how badly y’all think T-Jack sucks, but as bad as he is I am sure he would rank higher than 32.

    It is time to take the old horse out behind the barn and shoot him. He had many a good season, but he’s long past ready for the glue factory.

  48. Its official: Leslie Frazier is not going to bench Favre, which means he’s just as stupid as Brad Childress. As a non-Vikings fan, I do not understand this obsession with someone who has played so badly this year. Chad Henne got benched with much better statistics, for instance.

  49. Favre won’t be there next year. Why not give Jackson the reps. until then.

    You need to see what you have and build for the future. Obviously the win now notion is done.

  50. What is with all the TJack bashing? His worst starts came during his first two years when he was young and inexperienced. At least he can move. His accuracy isn’t incredible, but he is surrounded by a much more talented team than he was two years ago. I do not understand why the Vikings won’t at least give him a chance to see what he can do. There’s no way he would have turned over the ball 22 times in 10 games the way Favre has.

    Brett Favre sucks and always has.

  51. “The other question is who is going to call the plays. I can’t tell if the predictability in the offense was due to Chilly or Bevell.”

    Yea I want to know who was calling the plays before. It was insane how predictable their plays were. I knew every time they were going to run the ball. Run the ball on 1st, throw the ball on 3rd. This is why they could never convert those 3rds and always threw interceptions.

  52. Never seems to fail – one thing you can always count on here is really, really stupid comments. Anyone who says to start T-Joke is either an absolute idiot, or wants the Vikings to do bad. Or hates Favre. With a decent coach, and Sidney Rice coming back (or at least a coach who won’t sabotage the receiving corps), I expect Favre to come back and play well next year. He can still do it – he went for a career high 446 yards 2 weeks ago. But the team has quit. You can’t blame Favre.

  53. #
    mediasloppy says: Nov 22, 2010 2:52 PM

    Joe Webb? You guys are insane. See if Tarvaris learned anything from Favre. Aaron Rodgers sure did. He played bad at first, but now the Packers have a great QB. If you have no faith in Tarvaris, this is where you start him and make the case based on his play and not what he did 2 flipping years ago!!!
    Hate to disagree with you, but Brett publicly said it wasn’t his job to coach A Rod. I’m sure Aaron picked up some things but to thing Favre put him under his wing is false.

    Also, when did he play bad ever? He is the first player to have 4000 passing yards in his first 2 years, how is either seaosn bad? 1 career interception in the red zone and 3rd best QB rating of all time. If you remember Favre also dug us a hole against Dallas his final year in GB and then got “knocked out.” Rodgers came in and made the game competitive and actually took the lead only to lose by less than a TD. Check your facts.

    Agreed T Jack may have improved since we last saw him however.

  54. In spot duty the past couple seasons Jackson has actually played pretty well. Everyone seems to forget he came from a 1-AA school. It was gonna take a few years for him to develop, and I think they should give him a shot.

  55. #
    monkeesfan says: Nov 22, 2010 6:26 PM

    The reality is Favre has lost his ability to win and is a locker room cancer and has been for a long time.
    freedomispopular says: Nov 22, 2010 6:40 PM

    In spot duty the past couple seasons Jackson has actually played pretty well. Everyone seems to forget he came from a 1-AA school. It was gonna take a few years for him to develop, and I think they should give him a shot.

    Well said!

  56. Bench Burt. The only thing keeping him in the lineup is his “consecutive starts” streak that apparently makes him hoiler than thou. The pregame shows yesterday had it right, no one has ever complained so much about injuries.

  57. Brett is the self proclaimed “ultimate competitor” then says he is “content with his career”……I doubt you would ever hear Peyton Manning say he is content with one ring, only difference is Favre is all about Favre….

    Bench him and give T Jack a chance…Favre DOES NOT give your team the best chance to win a game.

  58. they discussed this issue on the NFL Today, with the old Farve gives the Vikings the “BEST CHANCE TO WIN”, …to which Shannon Sharpe immediately said “AND THE OTHER TEAM”, which was funny because most of those ex-jocks are the BIGGEST EXCUSE MAKERS for the guy, along with Skip Bayless & Ed Werder. IF this Viking team has any type of talent, the “Farve gives them the best chance to win” comment is a joke, when the guy is a turnover machine. IF you don’t play your other QBs, you go into the off season with no good options, & not knowing where you stand at the QB position. Frazier needs to know the last two coaches Farve had got FIRED. COINCIDENCE?!?

  59. Remember when all kinds of people said that BF was ruining his legacy by continuing to play…

    Well that has come true no matter what happens the rest of his last year! ha ha ha

  60. monkeesfan says:

    “The reality is Favre has lost his ability to win and is a locker room cancer and has been for a long time.”

    That would explain why all his teammates were begging him to come back this year.

    Wait. What???

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