No Sunday night change in Week Thirteen

For the third straight week, the NFL and NBC decided that the original Sunday Night scheduled couldn’t be improved upon.

Ravens-Steelers will remain the primetime game on Sunday, December 5th.  That’s no surprise and it will be the first part of an awesome division rivalry set of games that weekend.  Jets-Patriots will be the Monday Night Football game that week.

The one move in Week Thirteen will come in the NFC South.  Atlanta’s trip to Tampa Bay was flexed to the 4:15 et game that week.  Both teams have tough games before the divisional rematch.  Atlanta hosts Green Bay, while the Bucs head to Baltimore.

6 responses to “No Sunday night change in Week Thirteen

  1. Crud. This will be great. Aikman and Buck telecasting to a national audience in front of a stadium of 45,000 apathetic Bucs fans. Hopefully my city proves me wrong, but I doubt it. If you can’t get up for a critical divisional game, then you don’t deserve sports.

  2. So the Rams-Cards, Jack-Tenn won’t be on Sunday noght?
    to myopinionisrighterthanyours: Faikman and Buck will eb doing the Cowpoke-Colts game. You know Fiakman does at least 8 cowboy games a year!

  3. Here’s betting Philly-Dallas in Week 14 and Chargers-Bengals Week 16 get flexed from Sunday night.

    Hard to handicap which games roll into NBC because the other networks have exemptions and there is a max number of times a team can be on prime/Sunday night.

  4. Well, “myopinion……- whatever” , you do not have to go to the game to be a fan. I would love to be there myself . I also know I need to pay my light bill too. In todays economy there are more important things to do with my “surplus” income dollars. Maybe the Glazers would like to gift us fans with a little discount so we can show the Bucs a little support.
    Glad to see the NFL giving these young guys a some much deserved respect anyway. GO BUCS!!

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