Report: Hakeem Nicks out indefinitely with leg injury


Injuries arguably have fueled the Giants’ latest late-season slide.  Last night’s loss to the Eagles resulted in another key injury.

Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger reports that receiver Hakeem Nicks is out indefinitely with a lower leg injury.  Garafolo cites two unnamed sources with knowledge of the situation in support of the report.

The specific nature of the injury and the duration of the absence are not yet know.

Already absent is receiver Steve Smith, who suffered a pectoral injury in practice earlier this month.  The 6-4 Giants host the 6-4 Jaguars on Sunday.

19 responses to “Report: Hakeem Nicks out indefinitely with leg injury

  1. ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST!! I hope he’s back in a few weeks when they rematch the Eagles. Constant excuses coming from all these giant fans.

  2. ok then,
    just might be about that time to cut bait on the little brother as a Fantasy Qb and pick up!?!?!?
    Rusty Smith or Brian St Pierre, Rusty Smitty or B Street Pierre, Rusty Smitty-manjenkins or Brian St Pierre. hhmmmm questions questions

    Yeah, I play in a tough league

  3. excuses from giants fans? yeah? Funny, because all i see are eagle fans making excuses, we would have won by more if avant didnt drop that ball etc etc etc. come off it already, if we were going the excuse route, nicks not knowing where he was on the field on the opening drive and going out of bounds on that completed bomb, pierre paul jumping offsides, boss being mugged in the end zone on the non PI call, eli fumbling, 75% of their o line out, their best wr steve smith out. But instead, all we keep hearing from eagle fans is avant’s drop. Infectorman, youre so funny.

  4. norcaleagles says: “I hope he’s back in a few weeks when they rematch the Eagles. Constant excuses coming from all these giant fans.”

    Sadly, we Giants fans can’t compete with you Eagles fans. You have been giving out excuses every January for the last 44 years. Been over four decades and I’m still waiting to take the train from one Penn Station to the other for your Super Bowl parade. I suspect even if I live to a 100, I won’t ever have to make that trip. Just as well. The way Philly has been losing it’s population over the last five decades, there probably won’t be anyone left. Can’t blame people for leaving. One only has to talk to an Eagles fan to realize the place is going straight into the toilet.

  5. Worse fantasy season ever!!
    1st…I drafted Sims-Walker
    2nd..Romo injury
    3rd..Kenny Britt injury
    now Nicks!!! c’mon fantasy gawds!!!!

  6. Hey Norcalepuke fan
    You every seen an Super bowl trophy
    How does it feel to cheer for the only team in the NFC east with out one

  7. Hey giant fans, instead of being upset with us Eagle fans, maybe you should be mad at your “power” running game that managed 39 yards on 17 carries for Bradshaw and Jacobs. 2 yards per carry aint gonna cut it vs Philly.

  8. The Giants laid out the game plan for every other NFL team to smash Vicks head in. They almost did it, but no points for almost.

    The real question is: when Vick loses in January, will Philly electrocute or drown him for it?

  9. norcaleagles says: “Hey giant fans, instead of being upset with us Eagle fans…”

    You would have to be relevant for us to be upset. Zero Super Bowls in 44 years means you’re not. As for the running game, Philly played really well against a makeshift O-line where the few starters that dressed were playing out of position. Congrats! Will that win them a Lombardi? Nope. Same old, same old. If I was you, I would be more concerned about the shots Vick took. What little chance Philly has in post season play will be evaporate the second Vick goes on IR. If Kolb was out there last night, he would have left on a stretcher.

  10. Stop living in the past, vaGiant fans. Your QB is overrated, your D-line is overrated, your running backs are overrated, and your O-line is just old. Your team has been exposed.

    Cling to past glory to make yourself feel better.

  11. @ borg30

    So at 6-4 after getting your ass kicked by 2 division foes in the last 2 weeks, you thought the season was still on?

  12. @ east96st

    I love it that you are filled with bitter, whining, sniveling, loser laments.

    Keep on doin’ what you’re good at.

  13. I was very impressed with Bradshaw: he only fumbled twice. And averaged 2.4 yds/carry.

    And, believe it or not, he outplayed the tub of lard formerly known as Brandon Jacobs.

  14. fellorio – I love the inane ramblings of Philly trailer trash. I’ll look for you here come January when your team fails AGAIN, but you’ll be nowhere to be found. Cowards never are.

    As for “clever”bob – past glory? Winning a Super Bowl two years ago is PAST glory? Well, then, I guess Philly has NO glory at all. Call us when your team wins a Lombardi. We won’t be waiting, we know the routine by heart. Once the new year rolls around, the “mighty” Eagles become a stepping stone on the way to another team winning a Lombardi. I bet watching New Orleans, a team that was absolutely horrible for decades, win it on their first shot reduced you losers to tears. It should have. The fact that they got it before Philly did should have run you assclowns off these boards for a decade. But, anyone with a brain, leaves Philly as soon as they can. So, I’m not surprised that you weren’t able to see how the whole NFC was laughing at you that NO got there first.

  15. east96st – official spokesman for the whole NFC

    Too bad you guys are so busy polishing your old trophy you haven’t gotten around to trying for another one. Face the facts, your team is pathetic, and it hurts you deeply because you lean on your sports team to feel any kind of self worth.

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