Singletary unsure of play calls, quarterback

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49ers coach Mike Singletary seemed stunned after his team’s 21-0 loss to the Bucs.  Asked about his decision to punt the ball in the third quarter instead of kick a 50-yard field goal, Singletary couldn’t remember the sequence.

“What point in the game?” Singletary asked via Eric Branch of the Santa Press Democrat. “I’m trying to … ”

When prompted, Singletary talked about another entire sequence.  Further prompted, Singletary said he was still trying to figure out what part of the game before guessing at what his reasoning was.

“I guess we felt we wanted to pin them back, and maybe having a new kicker (Shane Andrus), the thought process was how about we just go ahead and try to put it on the defense.”

The entire sequence which reads like a “Who’s on First” takeoff, can be read here.  It’s a small moment, but one that may indicate Singletary’s lack of command with the game.  Like a player, it seems at times the emotions of losing makes it hard to see anything else.

“Head coaches always say they have to check the film, but usually it’s just to buy time to provide more palatable answers,” Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News.  “With Singletary, you guess that he really didn’t see or digest everything that just occurred right in front of him.

The 49ers got out-coached on Sunday.  Quarterback Troy Smith said they saw a lot of fronts they weren’t prepared for.  Tight end Vernon Davis said the team didn’t go deep enough.

Singletary was unsure of what happened on the field, and didn’t declare a starting quarterback for next week against Arizona. (Monday Night Football!)  It’s possible, although it seems unlikely, that he could go back to Alex Smith.

We’re not sure it really makes a difference.

18 responses to “Singletary unsure of play calls, quarterback

  1. Wow, Cards – 49ers MNF. What an awful game. Gruden won’t even have a QB that he can declare the best in the game and talk about how great he is the entire game. The viewership will include some of the players moms and the guy that lost his remote and isn’t going to get up to change the channel.

  2. Dude has been in over his head from day one. They could have had a real coach, but they wet their pants falling over eagle eyes.

    Gruden, Holmgren, Cowher, and Shanny were all available within a month of his getting the job. Not to mention that there are other candidates with more qualifications and aptitude for the job.
    Jed got his guy.

  3. not long ago a bunch of tools on here were proclaiming troy smith as the 49ers savior. I said it then and I’ll repeat it now. Troy Smith is NOT the answer.
    The playcalling is putrid ( gore up the middle) the Olines blocking is getting worse and the qb play is still pathetic.
    I’ll always be a 49er fan but I’ve given up any hope until major coaching and roster changes are made.

  4. @ cletusvandam – This was not Troy Smith’s fault, this team was not ready to play this game, you could just tell, Smith got barely a sec to throw the ball, the were holes in the OL in every play.. not even Brady could’ve done better with the horrible game plan they had. Tampa came in with 8 or 9 total sacks on the season, but against the niners, they looked like a great blitzing team.. look at Anthony Davis play.. that guy is garbage.

  5. 9er fan since the fifties. Boy jebchump and parents dearest, are the most when it come to being the biggest loser, but they still go to their carpetbagging bank w/ fans$$$.

    As a ex-30+year season ticket holder who will not go back to the stick or SC until the team has new CHAMPIONSHIP seeking ownership, instead of money grubbing ownership, who can run a team w/ responsibly, pride of ownership and with a passion (where’s Eddie?) for a championship?

    Could the cancerous family ever once again make the game day experience one you’d go back to, just ask the great NFL alumni at yesterdays game.

    Most dysfunctional and destructive ownership in the NFL, out of pure greed.

  6. JSpicoli says:
    Gruden, Holmgren, Cowher, and Shanny were all available within a month of his getting the job. Not to mention that there are other candidates with more qualifications and aptitude for the job.
    Jed got his guy.

    I will give you Holmgren, but Gruden and Shanny are overrated. It took Cowher years before he got the Steelers to the Super Bowl.

  7. The guy was a great player, but can’t coach worth beans. Its time to lose the wooden icon around his neck and for him to get fired. Then he and Chilly can laugh their butts off on a boat somewhere collecting huge jack for doing the same thing they did when they coached – zip. Maybe later in the summer they could pick up Wade. I hear he’s a crack kareoke dude. What a trio they’s make on the circuit.

  8. I agree with you tiffpats, but they are all at least 100x of Singlebary.

    He is not even HC material = shows you how out of it they are in Santa Clara

  9. I’ll be the one to say something positive about Singletary- he looks like he’s still in good shape. Not Herschel Walker shape mind you, but good enough shape to kick some ass.

  10. My take is there are numerous head coaches that never should have been given the helm. Good coaches, yes, head coaches no. Can’t handle the pressure, the mental side of the ball, delagating authority, etc. Just not cut out for head coaching positions:

    Childress, Schwartz, Singletary to name only a few at the top.

  11. Singletary should be fired. Maybe he learned all he knows about coaching from Mike Ditka.

    Seriously, he should be gone and the Niners should move on with the search for a new coach. Shut out at home 21-0 in a game that would have surprisingly put the team within one game of first place in the West was enough.

    Just, please don’t hire Chilly……PLEASE DON’T!!!!!!!!

  12. If the 49ers lose out, perhaps they are in close enough position to move up in the draft to select Andrew Luck (who will be some team’s savior). I would love to see Luck to the 49er under an offensive coach, bring back the WCO (Holmgren, Gruden, etc). It just isn’t as fun when the 49ers and Cowboys are so pathetic… perhaps the Cowboys can trade up for Luck… I would just hate to see Luck end up with a crappy franchise like Carolina (I also wouldn’t want to see him play the Bucs twice a season), Buffalo, or Cincinatti.

  13. I’ll be honest: I liked Singletary a lot when he started out. I thought he was a great motivator, had great control over the egos on his roster, and would lead the 49ers back to their glory days.

    Well, I was completely wrong. He looks completely befuddled, and is rapidly losing control over his team. Looks like he’ll be gone at the end of the year. Shows why I’m not a GM.

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