Wade Phillips points out his similarity to Tom Landry

Nice guys aren’t always humble.  For example, former Cowboys, Bills, and Broncos coach Wade Phillips, who now has been fired from three NFL head-coaching jobs, engaged in a little back-patting during a Monday night interview on WXTG radio in Virginia Beach.

Appearing on The Bruce Smith Show, Phillips explained that getting fired from a head-coaching job makes it harder to get another head-coaching job, regardless of any success the coach has had as a head coach.

And Wade pointed out that he has had plenty of success.

“The perception is once you’re fired that you’re not a very good head coach,” Phillips said.  “It happened to me in Buffalo.  We were 29-19 in Buffalo.  Once I was fired there I couldn’t get a head-coaching job because they thought, you know, I wasn’t a good enough coach.  They didn’t look at my record, they just said, ‘Oh, gosh, he’s fired, so we gotta get somebody else.’  It took me a long time to get another head-coaching job.  You know, we went 34-22, which is pretty good.  I went out as the same winning percentage of Tom Landry, so I don’t feel bad about my head-coaching career.  I think they’re gonna look at me more as a coordinator, and that’s fine with me.  I just wanna coach.”

Phillips said he’d like to add to his 34 years in the league, and that he misses the camaraderie and “the great feeling of guys working together.”  He thinks there will be an opening for a defensive coordinator “that has a pretty good reputation.”

Phillips, a 3-4 specialist, likely will find work as a defensive coordinator.  But regardless of his carer winning percentage from September through December, Phillips’ failures in January will most likely keep him from getting a fourth shot at an NFL head-coaching gig.

34 responses to “Wade Phillips points out his similarity to Tom Landry

  1. I am no Cowboys fan, but shut the f*ck up Wade. The only similarities you have to Tom Landry is you both coached the Cowboys. After that, it’s like night and day. Or should I say, night and “living off Daddy’s reputation”.

    You suck, and your team thought you were a joke. You want to know why the Cowboys could never put it together when it mattered? Look in the mirror.

  2. I hate the Cowboys, but I’ve always had the utmost respect for Tom Landry. Phillips should get beat down for even comparing himself to Landry in any way. Landry was an all time great, Phillips…well, in another 5 years won’t even be remembered by most of the football world. The only similarities are that they both coached the Cowboys and both were fired by Jimmy Johnson.

  3. Wow…! As a Cowboys fan, I find it disgusting to hear Wade compare himself to Landry. That is pathetic. 29yr legend, 5 super bowl appearances, 20 winning seasons… gimme a break Wade. I didnt hate Wade but, this comment from him, certainly damages my opinion of him further.

    Landry is a HOF coach. Right up there with Lombardi in my book. He was the head coach of one team for 29yrs. A feat that I dont believe will ever be repeated. 5 super bowl appearances. No other coach has done this. The only guy with a chance right now is Bellycheck. Love or hate the Pats, ya gotta give that man some credit… he is a great coach too. Wade will go down in infamy as a coach who couldnt win when it mattered. Wade couldnt hold Landrys jock. Or Bellychecks, or Knolls, or Seiferts for that matter…..

  4. The only things these two have in common is 1) They both got fired from the Cowboys 2) They’re both men……. er, scratch one of those.

    Be assured that Tom Landry never compared himself to Wade Phillips.

  5. I like Wade Phillips . . . as a coordinator. Some guys are not head coach material. You need a certain gravitas, a certain alpha dog metality that Wade just lacks. There is nothing wrong with being a great coordinator, better that than a mediocre head coach.

  6. I had to register just to respond to this dumbsh!t. Really Wade? I had to re-read it 3 times to make sure you just compared yourself to one of the greatest coaches of all-time. Let me just do a quick rundown off the top of my head.

    Capt. Kangaroo: 34-22 reg season, 1-2 PO record.

    NO Super Bowls. NO NFC Championship games.

    Tom Landry: 250-162-6 reg season, 20-16 PO rec.

    5 Super Bowls, 2 wins, 11 NFC Championship games.

    Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder and Helen Keller can see that there’s no comparison.

    Dumbass. regular season wins mean nothing without winning when it truly matters. No sense being able to build the house, if you can’t afford to live there.

  7. Yeah, a lot alike. Tom had 270 career wins, including 20 in the playoffs, the most in NFL history, plus 2 Super Bowl wins. Wade has 83 career victories, including 1 win in the playoffs (a stellar 1 and 5 record in said playoffs). Landry is also credited with creating the 4-3 defense (how cool is that) as well as the “flex” defense.

    Tom Landry was a pioneer, innovator and a winner. Wade Phillips is none of those things.

  8. Wade getting another head coaching job? Hey, weirder things have happened. Like the Chargers firing Marty Shottenheimer to hire norv turner

  9. I can’t believe Wade Phillips said this. Is he out of his mind. Tom Landry is on a completely different level. Look for phillips to go to Minnesota next year.

  10. You put Rob Johnson in for the playoffs, yanking Flutie. Result: Music City Miracle.

    One of the biggest coaching blunders I can think of. Flutie would’ve won that game guaranteed. You can’t not like Wade, but he certainly isn’t a go-for-the-jugular personality.

  11. Why not compare yourself to one of the greats in Tom Landry? Landry got fired by Jones as well. Wade Phillips is a good defensive coordinator. He’ll find work sooner or later.

    Fire Goodell.

  12. Yeah, Wade, and you also sat Doug Flutie in favor of Rob Johnson – how did that work out for you and Buffalo? Not so good, as I recall. (See: Curse of Flutie)

  13. Steelers fan here … “Hey, Wade, how many Super Bowls have YOU won?”

    My high school coach has a better winning percentage than both Phillips and Landry … does that mean he should be an NFL head coach? LMAO.

  14. The only similarities are that they both coached the Cowboys and both were fired by Jimmy Johnson.


    Really? So Jerry Jones lets Jimmy Johnson make the tough decision for him?

  15. He wouldn’t fire his ST coach in Buffalo. He the sue the owner over money. He might be back in Buffalo after all

  16. As an Eagles fan I can’t stand the Cowboys, but even I know Wade comparing himself to Landry is blasphemy. Landry took an expansion team and turned them into perennial contenders and won a couple of SBs along the way. Wade took a team built by Parcells and enjoyed the fruits of Parcells’ labor and then watched as that team started to fall apart. Wade never challenged JJ to go for substance over splash or linemen over skill players.

  17. “The perception is once you’re fired that you’re not a very good head coach,”

    I think it’s actually the reverse Wade. You get fired because you’re not a very good coach, which you have proven in every HC gig you’ve had.

  18. Well let’s see…they are both white males, they both were coaches in Dallas…
    that’s about it Wade so shut your pie-hole and go find some NFL Europe team to coach.

  19. I think Wade is making a fair point simply talking from the percentage numbers. I don’t think he’s comparing himself to Landry per se. Anyone doing that would have to talk about Super Bowl wins and NFC championships. Wade was merely pointing out that he’s been branded a “loser” as a head coach, which stinks because he is a nice man.

  20. Some similarities, but a couple of shiny things missing on his finger, though. I will say that Jerrah really punked out Landry on that firing…..back in the day.

  21. Technically, and put in the proper context, Wade is correct. I’m sure he realizes he’s no Tom Landry.

  22. He’s right. He’s won nearly 60% of his games as an HC….that’s not accidental over 10+ years as an HC.

    It’s all about media perception. Phillips isn’t quotable, he’s not a rah rah guy, and he’s not like a 13 year old girl calling the ESPN guys and Peter King every 5 minutes to chat them up like those coaches we’re constantly told how “great” they are.

    For instance, one of the media darlings that we’re constantly told is so great, Jeff Fisher, is pretty mediocre himself with just 6 above .500 seasons in 16 years, and I’m sure he has way more personnel input into what the Titans do than Wade’s had at any of his stops.

  23. The only thing that Wade is good at doing is taking a playoff ready team and turning them into a pile of crap. He did it with buffalo and has now successfully done it with Dallas.

  24. Uh, Wade’s right, girls; so try not to be so emotional and think logically for once.

    Look, before you start throwing your sanitation napkins at me (since it’s obviously that time of the the month), hear me out:

    I can’t tell you how glad I am to see Wade go. As every reasonable Dallas fan knows, he should have been fired after the Eagles debacle in the 2008 finale when we lost like 128-2, or something, when all we had to do was beat Philly and we would have been in the playoffs (BTW, that may have been the first clue the players had given up on their head coach, but that’s a topic for another time).

    BUT… Supreme Commander Jerry Jones, a true football guy if there ever was one, and an inspiration to anyone who says money can’t buy happiness (or at least a lifetime GM job) wanted consistency in the coming years. And we all know how that turned out for the team, right? Yet another feather we can take OUT of Jerry’s cap (does he have any feathers left to take left or is it time for a TARP loan in feathers to get him back on his feet?). Darn it, I just remembered Dez Bryant. Jerry’s restocked in feathers for years to come and there’s no way he’ll let us forget it.

    But back to the Landry comment:

    Wade was STRICTLY referring to his vaunted (and admittedly impressive) regular season winning percentage against a Dallas Cowboys football god; nothing more, nothing less.

    So stop reading anything else into it. Wade may look (and generally act) clueless but I don’t think he’s that much of an idiot. The guy’s been coaching in the league for 33 years, and not just due to nepotism, either, so that must count for something, right?

    Take my word for it: Wade knows he’s no Tom Landry, if for no other reason than Jerry has nothing in the works regarding a statue of Wade to honor his two division titles in Jones’ new stadium, now or EVER.

    It all comes down to semantics. Wade ALWAYS said things like this to justify every single failing he and his players ever experienced during his time in Dallas. Who can ever forget the time he sincerely insinuated that having a first round bye in the 2007 playoffs meant he’d essentially won his first playoff game?

    And it looks like he’s still staying in character in whatever new place he’s calling home… which is fine with me, as long as it’s not Great Tribulation Stadium (TM :)), home of my beloved Cowboys.

    So let’s give the guy the benefit of the doubt for probably the umpteenth time. It’s not like we ever have to do it again.

  25. Wade Phillips was a decent coach in Buffalo, decent. We had a couple of good seasons with him. I do believe his comparison to Landry is far from the truth though. The guy just needs to go back to what he does best, Defense.

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