Colts scratch Collie, Sanders for Sunday night against Chargers

The Indianapolis Colts have circulated their weekly Tuesday pre-injury report.

They’ve announced that receiver Austin Collie and safety Bob Sanders will miss Sunday night’s NBC showdown against the Chargers.  Sanders continues to recover from surgery to repair a torn biceps tendon.  Collie, per the team, is being held out only as a “precautionary measure” after experiencing concussion-related symptoms against the Patriots on Sunday.  Collie suffered the concussion on November 7 against the Eagles.

The Colts say that “there was no recurrence” of a concussion.  It’s unknown whether the league’s return-from-concussion procedures apply in this specific case.

Also, running back Joseph Addai (neck) is expected to return to non-contact drills in practice.  He has not played since October 17 at Washington.  His timetable for a full return to practice isn’t known.

Finally, the Colts reported that defensive back Chip Vaughn (ankle) has been placed on injured reserve, and that defensive back Al Afalava has been signed as a free agent.

12 responses to “Colts scratch Collie, Sanders for Sunday night against Chargers

  1. yeah collie didnt have a concussion…..
    dude skimmed across his helmet and collie was back into lalalalala land… but its not a concussion….

    just lalala land. its NOT A CONCUSSION!

  2. Don’t believe the hype paulnoga. Manning has not been the same with the loss of some of his weapons on offense, most notably his safety blanket Dallas Clark. The last three weeks have been the worst. Against the Eagles, he threw two picks (including one that ended any chance of a comeback) and needed a series of penalties (a couple of them questionable) to keep scoring drives alive. This past week against the Pats he threw three picks (again, including one that destroyed any chance of winning the game). In the week between these two games, he only put up 185 yards and no TDs against the Bengals. The end result was a loss to both the Eagles and Pats (granted, both really good teams), and a lucky win against the Bengals because Palmer threw a pick six. Only Manning’s name recognition is keeping him in the MVP discussion this year. He’s certainly not getting the job done on the field.

  3. stanklepoot the manning lead colts are 6-4 with half a team left, at philly and new england and still had a chance to win. are you serious??????

  4. toolman94,
    Yes, I’m serious. The Colts weren’t without those players for the entire season. Neither was I saying that the Colts suck right now. My point is that there was a noticeable decline in Manning’s effectiveness without Clark, Collie, etc on the field. Peyton is a great QB, but he isn’t as good without his full supporting cast. Without just one of them, sure. But not like this. Are you seriously trying to tell me that he’s been playing exceptionally well the last few weeks?

    I’m neither a Manning or Colts hater. I’m simply tired of hearing people talk about him like he walks on water. In the past three games, two have been decided by a Manning interception at the end of the game. In the first game, two picks. In the third game three picks. In the second game, no picks but 185 yards and no TDs. That’s the one game they’ve won out of the last three, and that was only because the defense got a pick six off of Palmer. What have I said that is wrong?

  5. Knock us out of the playoffs?? The Colts could lose this game and probably 2 more and still win their division…they just need to beat the Jags at home on Dec 19th. Tennessee has imploded and Houston is the same team theyve always been…theres nothin to worry about

    And if they do end up in the playoffs, most of the injured guys will be back, so LOOK OUT!!

  6. Stank… I hear what you’re saying, but I don’t know if you’re actually watching the games. Yea he had a bad game against the bengals, mostly because they had a big lead from the beginning and were just trying to get through the game. They kept handing the ball off on 1st and 2nd downs, which resulted in the typical 2nd and 9 and 3rd and 8 scenario’s. Although he didn’t have a great game, he really didn’t need to. Fact is, he and the beat up Colts nearly beat 2 of the hottest teams in football right now on the road. Losing to the Eagles and Patriots on the road by 3 points considering not only their offensive injuries, but defensive injuries as well… those aren’t horrible losses. Brady has averaged about 195 yards per game since Moss left, but his team is winning and he’s in the MVP hunt as well… thats just the way it goes…

  7. kom2k10,
    I watched the games where the Colts played the Eagles and Colts (I’m an Eagles fan, and the Colts-Pats game was a national game). Admittedly I didn’t see anything but the highlights of their game against the Bengals. When you see those kind of passing stats out of the Colts, however, you tend to think it’s the end of the season and the backups are in. Again, I’m not saying the Colts aren’t still a very good team, nor am I saying losing on the road to the Eagles or Pats is something to be embarrassed about. For one thing, I’d be insulting my own team. For another, it’d just be dumb considering how well those teams are doing this year. I was simply making the point, which you also seem to be making, that the Colts performance on offense has been negatively affected by the injuries. I simply have a problem with so many writers and talking heads on tv feeling the need to continue to sell the idea of an invincible Peyton Manning to the point that they’re pretending like those injuries haven’t hurt his play. It clearly has. His lack of connection with the new receivers has led to an increase in INTs. That’s not to imply that it’s all the receivers or all Peyton’s fault. It’s simply a lack of connection. I do have a problem with people attacking Garcon and blaming him for that one pick against the Pats however. In that case, Garcon actually made the better read on the defense (I know, it surprised me too). The Pats showed cover two, but while Peyton was going through the play action motions and had his back turned, the defense shifted to a cover four defense. Garcon saw the change and cut off the route, giving Manning an open target just past the first down marker. Manning didn’t see it until it was too late, and through to where he thought Garcon would be. The result was an easy interception for the defense. Now, maybe if Manning hadn’t had his back turned during the initial switch, or if he and Garcon had a better feel for each other, this wouldn’t have happened. I think some of the responses you get by posting a comment like the one I did (I’ve done it other places too) kind of shows how the coverage has gone too far. The media is creating a legend that simply can’t exist. No QB is perfect, and no QB can do everything by himself.

  8. I’m not sure why the Colts don’t draft better players..Its supposed to be their M.O. isn’t it? Since 2004 thier offense has gradually gotten more and more predictable. Its still effective, but against certain teams at certain times of the game the play calling fails.

    Austin Collie’s is a solid player, good route runner…Can’t Polian find players like these? Its not like he’s a specimen. And what about the offensive line, Saturday isn’t getting any younger, times running out on a replacement. Polian better find one soon, because the way it looks after every starter this year the backup is someone off the practice squad.

    I think there is a big reason why Manning doesn’t want to talk about contracts until after the season…I think there is several reasons in fact. I think money has little to do with it, because regaurdless he’ll be highest paid where ever he goes.

    So people use your heads. This team is built to fail not to win. You can’t rely on one player and have no backup plan, maybe a good back up plan for this team is a great coach calling some plays once in awhile….

  9. The Chargers have always been Peyton’s kryponite. I still remember that 6-pick game. Cromartie was wearing angels wings that night, got 3 picks on manning.

    Cromartie took a vacation out to new jersey I’ve heard, but this kid Cason looks hungry for some of Peyton’s humble pie

    Mark this game, the end of the Colts divisional run as well the start of a Chargers one.

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