Jahvid Best should play on Thanksgiving

We’re still waiting to see the return of the Jahvid Best that went bonkers in the second week of the season.

In the meantime, the Lions will make due with the version that continues to struggle with turf toe on both of his feet, yet refuses to sit out a game.  Best returned to practice on Tuesday, and MLive’s Tom Kowalski says the rookie is expected to play against the Patriots on Thanksgiving.  Defensive end Cliff Avril should also be available.

Defensive linemen Kyle Vanden Bosch (knee) Corey Williams (shoulder) are also expected to play despite not practicing.

Best hasn’t looked explosive while playing through his injuries, and coach Jim Schwartz has taken some criticism for not resting him.  It’s possible Best will play a backup role to Maurice Morris Thursday.

8 responses to “Jahvid Best should play on Thanksgiving

  1. In response to the headline, no he shouldn’t.

    The Lions should rest him on Thanksgiving and let the two healthy RBs, Aaron Brown and Maurice Morris, carry the load.

    Best has been a shadow of the player Lions fans saw in pre-season and against the Eagles. If Schwartz keeps playing him, despite his being totally ineffective, then he risks becoming as popular as that other former Lions coach, Rod Moronelli, who was also known for his stubbornness (and resulting 0-16 record).

  2. You keep waiting and I’ll hope he does not play much this weekend. No upsets please. Things are progressing very nicely, thank you.

  3. If they sit him for one game, then they have to sit him for all of the games. Even if he sits out three weeks, the injury will continue to hamper him until he has more time to rest in the offseason.

    Play him, let him see what the D’s do, let him learn to be a better blocker. In other words, he may not be effective, but he is getting more and more experience which is only better in the long term. Short term, does it really matter for the Lions this year? NO! But this will help a lot more than having him sitting and watching.

  4. Pettigrew: torn ACL last season
    DeAndre Levy: Groin, missed half of this season
    Stafford: Finished one game this year
    Best: turf toe lasting all season
    Spievey: Has barely seen the field this season

    That’s all of the 1st through 3rd round picks the last two seasons, except for Suh. And thank god for him.

    Hard to blame players for not wanting the Lions to draft them.

  5. Spieveys actually been on field a lot lately. unfortunately. when you’re backing up c.c. brown, something’s wrong.

  6. The New England Patriots don’t need Admiral Ackbar to tell them, “It’s a trap!”

    The fact that Lions RB Jahvid Best is suffering from a debilitating turf toe in both feet and is still intent on playing Thursday should tell the Pats all they need to know. The Lions are keenly focused on upsetting them on national television.

    If, for whatever reason, New England is not focused on executing their game plan, then this game is your upset special. I don’t expect the Pats to choke, but if they do, then I’ll be choking on my Thanksgiving Day dinner.

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