Jeff Fisher could be trying to force his way out of Tennessee

Most NFL observers believe that, after the season, Titans owner Bud Adams will have to choose between quarterback Vince Young and coach Jeff Fisher.

Fisher apparently is trying to make the decision easier for Adams.

At a time when the organization has issued a statement aimed at refuting a report from Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean that Young was asked to leave the facility on Monday, Fisher tells ESPN’s Chris Mortensen that, indeed, Young has been banned.

Here’s the money quote from Mort’s story:  “Fisher made it clear that Young is currently not welcome at the facility at the present time.”

And so the bigger story here is that the team is trying to tiptoe its way around the situation, and Fisher is mincing no words.  It’s a recipe for Fisher to eventually be the former coach of the Titans.

It’s not a surprise.  Last year, someone (i.e., Fisher) leaked to Mortensen the notion that Adams’ decision to force Fisher to bench Kerry Collins for Young may have opened a “loophole” in Fisher’s contract that would have allowed Fisher to force his way out.

Said Mort at the time, “The Cowboys, the Bears.  You never know.”

Over a year later, that same sentiment applies.  Though Fisher’s six playoff appearances in 17 years and his career winning percentage of 54.6 shouldn’t move him into the presidency of the Fired Football Coaches Association, the Cowboys and Bears are the two teams that could be the most interested in Fisher.

We’d throw the Texans into the mix as well.  And the chance that Fisher would return to Houston and remain in the division could be enough to get Adams to keep Fisher around.

Then again, dumping Young could trigger the same outcome.  In a Twitter entry posted moments ago, Young provided a one-word update on his status.


49 responses to “Jeff Fisher could be trying to force his way out of Tennessee

  1. i don’t but that…….young is on IR and in all reality does not need to be there. The real fact is the Titans don’t want to pay young the 12 million+ or so he is due on his final year, nor do they want to have to pay him 80 million or so to get him to sign a contract extension.

  2. I’m not buying that Fisher is trying to force his way out of Tennessee – because he’s asserting that he’s in charge of that locker room, that Vince Young had better grow the hell up fast, and is mincing no words about it, that means he’s trying to get himself fired?

    This is not like other situations of coaches being fired, such as Wade Phillips or Brad Childress, neither of whom were strong coaches, or coaches presiding over failed seasons a la Jack Pardee, Fisher’s boss until Bud Adams fired him just over halfway through the Oilers’ disasterous 1994 season. Fisher is presiding over a team that is still 5-5 and still has a shot at winning the AFC South.

    Moreover, the Cowboys want Jason Garrett to stay – Fisher is not one to be an owner’s butt-boy and Jerry Jones is not one to give that much control to a strong character like Fisher. As for the Bears, the organization is a mess, not what Fisher would want to walk into.

  3. Who would blame him. Fisher has been one the better coaches, probably getting the max out of some pretty bad players.

    If Adams chooses young over fisher there’s no coach in the world that would be able to come in and get the locker room back. Young’s head would be so big, knowing that the head coach’s hands are tied.

  4. I’ve never particularly liked Fisher but I have always respected his coaching. And I especially like the way he is handling the latest Vince Young situation. I wish the Fish would come coach the Panthers.

  5. Jeff Fisher has every right to get out of that organization. Man you got to feel for this guy dealing with Albert Haynesworth, Chris Johnson, and now the cry baby Vince Young. But, going to Dallas now that would be a mistake to go coach a bunch more overpaid morons.

  6. i could see him taking over for Marvin Lewis in Cincinnati…somebody has to take the fall for this season, and they are going to need a take-no-prisoners approach from a new coach that will be coaching a gang of, well, former prisoners

  7. And why would Houston want an overrated nutcase as one of their QB options?

    Keep those delusional thoughts dancing in that small pea sized brain Vince

  8. Sometimes it’s just time to move on.

    Fisher will be out of work for however long it takes him to take his cell phone out of his pocket.

  9. If the owner does not have your back and will not let you decide who plays and when, you have to go.

    There is a team out there that will hand Fisher the keys and say, “Do it your way. Just get us there.”

    The essence of progress is change.

  10. I have to assume that by saying “Houston” Vince Young means he is going to the city, not saying he wants to play for them. There is no way the the Texans would take him. Maybe Arizona, but not with his current contract.

  11. The HC runs the team, not the head cases. If ownership isn’t going to back him up, he’ll be better off leaving. Hopefully a HC spot will be available in Chicago!

  12. Personally, I suspect that Rosenthal’s spelling and grammar gaffs are a way for him to force himself out of PFT.

  13. damn, everywhere Randy Moss goes the coach gets canned……interesting….very interesting

  14. There is a team out there that will hand Fisher the keys and say, “Do it your way. Just get us there.”

    When has one of Fisher’s teams ever won the superbowl? They haven’t even gotten close to one in over a decade.

  15. “frankvzappa says: i could see him taking over for Marvin Lewis in Cincinnati”

    Why would Fisher go to Cincinnati and replace Johnson and Young for Ocho and TO?

  16. I dont think Young has the intelligence nor the discipline to be a starter in the NFL. Because of the amount of money that is due, Adams has forced Fisher to play him. Fisher is being forced to start a QB he has no faith in…Fisher is playing this very well.

  17. Jeff Fisher just finished his weekly radio show here in Nashville. He addressed the ESPN account at the beginning and this is what he said.

    “On Monday I looked for Vince in the training room and could not find him. I asked one of the assistance coaches to inform Vince that he would not be allowed to attend the meeting of course because the meeting would be about Vince and what happened after the game on Sunday.”

  18. I’ve never really been impressed with Jeff Fisher. I think he should have been fired along time ago.

  19. Fisher is a good coach. Vince Young will never be an Elite QB. He is to immature. If it were up to me I would trade or cut young and try and get a new QB like Kevin Kolb. Young will always be more of a problem then a solution, while a guy like Kevin Kolb has shown he is a team player in the way he has handled himself this season.

  20. Yeah, the Bears. Right. Who’s team has been to a Super Bowl? Oh, that’s right. Lovie Smith’s Bears. Which team is over .500? Oh, that’s right. Lovie Smith’s Bears. Which team is leading their division? Oh, that’s right. Lovie Smith’s Bears.

    Stop it with the Fisher to Chicago talk. VY has a better chance going as a back up then Jiffy Jeff does.

  21. Wow! Only 6 playoffs in 17 years, and 54 percent wins? I never knew Fisher’s record was so clearly inferior to Wade Phillips’. Guess I know who Bud should hire to replace him.

  22. Vince



















  23. On a positive note, Vince Young’s Wonderlick score was higher than Mike Williams (Bucs WR) BAC of 0.64.

    I feel Fisher is definately one of the better coaches in the NFL but know he has not won or been to many playoff games. How much has Bud spent on players to help him out? Who has been the face of the frachise? Eddie George? McNair? Mason? CJ is newer so I don’t count him. VY is turning into a major joke. Fisher has done pretty good with so so talent. Peyton has dominated their division not giving the Titans much of a chance. I can’t see Fisher going to Dallas with an owner that is too involved in things. Fisher already is dealing with an owner that is only somewhat involved and seems frustrated.

  24. Fisher is a good coach, not a great coach but that does not mean he can not win a SB with the right team. There are plenty of coaches that were average for a long time (Dick Vermeil) and then won a SB.

    There has never been a doubt in Nashville that VY is talented, the Rose Bowl proved that. There have been questions about his commitment to his craft. In five years he has never been a leader that stayed after practice to work with the WRs or work in the off season to fix his short throws. It is the same thing every year in training camp, “VY needs to work on his foot work and timing.” I have been to every training camp for the last 5 years and every year I cannot count on all my digits ( I have 20) how many INTs and fumbles VY has. It is never a shock to those how have watched him train for years when he fumbles a ball, he has never shown the discipline with his ball control.

    There is a reason Fisher pointed out in this Monday Press Conf that Rusty was there at 7:00am, it is because VY never was.

  25. Vince Young is not a leader of men. It takes more than 3 hours on a grassy field to be a successful NFL quarterback. Where’s the hours of watching film, the unending rehab work that VY has blown off? You see the result: ineffectual and immature posturing.

    He just can’t cut it. Jeff Fisher knew that when he was drafted. Fish wanted Cutler or Leinert, not Wonderlic 6. Bud Adams forced VY on Fish to win a point in the perpetual personal grudge match he has with the city of Houston.

    Bud Adams, stick to your Aricept. If you lose Fish, you’ll lose the fans. We who pay for these season tickets remain unimpressed with VY’s lack of sideline and off-field team leadership, that’s why you heard the boos early in the 1st Quarter.

    Don’t blame Randy Moss, either. Moss could be this team’s leader; gawd knows there’s a vacuum for leadership.

  26. dryheaveone says:
    Nov 23, 2010 7:52 PM
    damn, everywhere Randy Moss goes the coach gets canned……interesting….very interesting

    That sure would be interesting…………if it were true.

    Unless I missed Belichick getting fired in NE……or Fisher getting fired in Nashville……..

    So one coach out of 3 teams that Moss played for this year have actually been poopcanned.

    Um…..what was your point again?

  27. sandibalz says: Nov 23, 2010 7:15 PM

    Who would blame him. Fisher has been one the better coaches, probably getting the max out of some pretty bad players.


    Still no one is able to quite tell me why this is true. Three of his five playoff wins came in that ’99 season, which all began on one of the more controversial playoff wins since the Immaculate Deception.

    In addition, I would hardly call the players he’s had in TN bad.

    He’s had some pretty good players (mcNair, George, Haynesworth, Bullock, CJ, etc). that he didn’t do squat with. He had the 3rd best QB in the AFC for years and didn’t do squat with him.

    So how’s he justified in all these bouquets being thrown his way like he’s some great coach or even a good coach for that matter?

    Anybody sticking around for nearly 20 years should have 5 or 6 good ones in there somewhere. I guess this is the classic example of saying something so much that it’s been accepted as true.

  28. Sure, he’s had only 6 playoff seasons in 17 years, but you can’t blame him when you’ve got an owner like Bud Adams. For that same reason, I doubt he’d go to Dallas.

  29. Jeff Fisher is coming across like a grumpy old grampa.
    He has a good reputation but why? His teams haven’t done well for some time now, and he seems to make poor use of his personnel.

  30. Only a fool of an owner would pay Vince Young 12.5 mil to play next year. Ladies and gentlemen…..I give you Bud Adams.

  31. “Guarantee there would be a lot more teams interested in Fisher than interested in Young……”
    You’re right!. And all those teams probably have LOSING cultures. You know what? Those other teams can have Jeff Fisher. I am so TIRED of hearing that “longest tenured head coach in the league” BS! What the HELL has Jeff Fisher done, c’mon, really?

    Let me tell you what he has done. He tied the hands of AIR McNair, still the record holder in his college division for passing yards, until he had NO CHOICE but to air it out in the Superbowl. The ONLY Superbowl appearance the team has had over his LONGEST tenured ASS. Then he does him dirty and tries to lie about it when he BANNED McNair from the facility. The same Qb that practically killed himself to play every Sunday. He gets WASHED UP receivers every three years (Thigpen, Pickens, Givens, and now Moss) so he can try to claim he has actually tried to bring top notch receivers in but JF simply REFUSES to air it out because he simply believes his defense will always win games. (You can win with the 46 anymore Jeff!!!!)

    One dimensional offense year in and year out. Destroy every great running back but make them beg for a contract equal to their value then kick them to the curb after you have dogged them out (George, Brown [Gary & Chris], to name a few) and CJ will be next!!!

    Shall I run off the list of SUPERBOWL WINNING coaches that aren’t the LONGEST TENURED COACHES that have (had) as much or LESS control than he has had in an organization? I will:

    Jimmy Johnson
    George Seifert
    Bill Belichick
    Tony Dungy
    Jon Gruden
    Mike Homgren
    Brian Billick
    Dick Vermil
    Mike Shanahan
    Bill Cowher
    Tom Coughlin
    Mike Tomlin
    Sean Payton

    PLEASE stop giving Jeff Fisher all these damn props. He is HORRIBLE!!! Only Bill Cowher was a head coach longer than Jeff Fisher. It took Cowher 10 years to get back to a superbowl but at least he got back and WON!!! (Let’s see 1999 was the last time the Titans were in the superbowl that would be more than 10 years)

    FIRED JEFF FISHER!!!! Then he can FINALLY get Matt Leinart, that miserable flop, because he is STILL pissed at Bud Adams because he didn’t let him draft that loser. He can’t go to the Texas because they are not going to fire Kubiak. The Texans content on continuing that losing tradition the city of Houston is so famous for!!!

    The Titan’s organization needs to clean house and start all over. Get a new young head coach with fresh ideas. Get rid of every player that is not producing and start a new.

  32. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again….even if you are a Titans fan who would love to see Fisher out because he “hasn’t done anything”, you’d better hope that if he does go, Young goes with him.

    I can’t see any self-respecting, experienced coach with a better record than Fisher wanting to take a job where Bud Adams is adamant that VY is still his guy — no matter what the head coach thinks, and no matter what Young does.

  33. Some of you people are absolute losers. Anyone here suggesting that Young will never be a starter or an elite QB want to own up to also saying Mike Vick will never be a starter or an elite QB?


  34. NFLJunkie, you seem to be assuming that Bud Adams will in fact overrule Fisher and force him to play Vince Young. I’m not buying that – Young has not earned cache like that, and I’ve seen no evidence that Fisher gets overruled on football decisions by ownership. People forget Young was put back into the starting role in 2009 not because Adams told Fisher to do it – he was put back in because there was no other option left that season.

  35. First off, “Houston” probably just means that he’s at home… You know, Houston? Resting, because, you know, he’s injured and expelled from the team?

    To assert that somehow VY would land on the Texans, if released, sounds like a far stretch considering Schaub’s play, if in fact that’s what you’re suggesting.

    Secondly, I’m 26 years old and I’ve been watching the NFL closely for about 15 years (Go Chargers!), and I’ve been racking my brain to recall Fisher’s greatest moment in that span, and all I can think of is the Music City Miracle, which was both a fluke and a bad call by the ref, and can hardly be attributed to Fisher’s playcalling. Maybe ’cause my Chargers haven’t lost to them since they were in “Houston” themselves though.

  36. I have been following Vince Young for a very long time… High school through college and into the pros. I also have been a Titans fan since the beginning when they were the Oilers and the Bum Phillips era so I have been a majot fan for a very long time.
    Jeff Fisher is a great coach even if he is forcing is way out of Tennesee then he is doing rightly so. Vince Young has some severe head case going on… I just hope tha Bud Adams does the right thing and gets rid of the kid with a chip on his shoulder, because Vince Young has a definite hang up and he is not in the league of professionals.

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