Mike Singletary: 21-0 loss “on me as head coach”

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The 49ers lost 21-0 on Sunday, and coach Mike Singletary says the blame for that falls on him.

“My job is to lead, motivate and prepare to win football games,” Singletary said. “Did I lead yesterday? I think so. Did I motivate during the week? I think so. Did I prepare — did we prepare our players? Um, obviously, not as well as we should have because they did not execute as well as they could have. And that’s on us. And that’s on me as the head coach.”

Singletary delivered a brief monologue on Monday that included saying the words “on me” nine times while discussing the team’s problems.

“As you look at our team, particularly as we talk about the game yesterday, why we lost the game, that would be on me. That would be on me. That would be on me when our receivers don’t run the right route. That’s on me.

“When we have a turnover, that’s on me. Anything that happens in the game, that’s on me, because it all ultimately comes back to me. I understand . . . That’s on me. That’s on me.”

A reporter asked Singletary if he thinks he’s doing a good job this season, and Singletary said he can’t claim that.

“I’ll put it this way: You have to go through every game and say, ‘Am I doing a good job?’ Obviously, at 3-7, no,” Singletary said. “I wouldn’t even dare to say I’m doing a good job. But it’s not over, yet.”

Singletary’s career as a head coach, however, may be over in six weeks.

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  1. When a coach points out specific things players did wrong, like running wrong routes or turnovers, but then takes responsiblity at the end, that’s code for “my players are idiots”.

    If he really wanted to take responsibility, he would just say, the “loss is on me” and move on. By pointing out specific mistakes and adding the “on me” at the end, he is trying to make it sound like he is taking blame while actually throwing his players under the bus.

  2. Six weeks? Not with them coming for a visit to the Green Bay Coach Killers. The Packers will send that former Bear packing.

    You’re welcome.

  3. Wow, that was a half step in the right direction. He almost, kind of, sort of, took responsibility for something. Too late thought Mike. The whole country already realizes the 3-7 record is more your fault than anyones.

  4. This is awesome. Singletary has now expanded his every-week press conference repertoire by one stanza. To wit:

    “I’ll have to look at the films so we can correct things moving forward but that loss is on me.”

    Who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

  5. Where’s all the ppl “I think troy smith can be a great qb blah blah blah he never got a shot in Baltimore blah blah blah” well Sunday u saw why he couldn’t pass John beck on the depth chart in training camp or Todd bauman a couple years before what was he like 14-30something 149 yds yea he’s a beast guys a career backup or wildcat qb at best Seneca Wallace is better then troy smith

  6. Well least he seems to remember the score, or did he have to be shown game tapes?
    Anyone ask him what he thinks about David Carr now? Or does Singletary not know who that is? Can’t believe clowns thought this guy was a good coach.

  7. Once his fear and intimidation tactics ran their course he was exposed as just another ex-player who deosn’t understand that being a HOFer doesn’t mean the transition to coaching is a smooth one.

    I think Singletary can become a good coach at some point, but he needs to understand that not everyone was born like he was – with the innate ability to “get it”. He needs to learn how to teach and be patient, and that’s not easy for someone who naturally understands what’s going on on the field. If he loses his job he will go somewhere and learn more about his craft as a coordinator or position coach. Maybe he’ll find out that’s where he belongs.

  8. @iselldrugstoandyreidskids

    If you’ve ever watched a Mike Singletary led team, you would see you cannot evaluate any players under his “gameplans” I have watched Troy Smith for 3 games now, and I have learned when they open up the offense he has had some success. I don’t know if that would continue or not, but I know he was not given a fair shot this Sunday. I have never seen a team so out-coached as the 9ers were on Sunday!

  9. Where are the Troy Smith lovers now. The guy sucks. He is inaccurate and is not nearly as good as he thinks he is.

    Oh yes and for the last 8 games Joe Flacco is the highest rated QB in the NFL……

  10. The players should have a meeting with Mike Singletary and say “Coach, we need a winner. We can’t play with you. Can’t tackle with you. Can’t catch with you. Can’t win with you. Can’t do it”.

  11. Singletary seems to possess little more than a crazy eyed, mad dog, pulling his pants down, persona not really suited to the Xs and Os of coaching.

    Even in his playing days Singletary’s “talent” seemed better suited for a “Longest Yard” quality type team and he was lucky to have one of the all-time great defensive lines in front of him.

  12. all above is classic fan commentary. mike singletary has struggled mightly as a head coach, as many before him. maybe head coaching isn’t for him or maybe he needs to cut his teeth as a position’s coach like someone mentioned above. however, when you get into things like improper route running, penalties, and turnovers, i think you’ve got to lay some responsibility at the feet of the players. the professional football league is dog eat dog for coaches. they get blamed for everything as if it’s them playing the game. nfl players get paid too much money at that level to commit silly fouls, leave the ball on the carpet, and run the wrong routes. mike singletary is probably on his way out as is the way for nfl coaches. however, the 49ers front office needs to put some of their players on notice as well, a la jerry jones in dallas.

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