One secret to Green Bay’s recent success

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It took one epic flagfest to help cure the Packers of their penalty addiction.

Ranked in the “top” four in penalties the last three years, Green Bay hit bottom with 18 penalties in a Week Three loss to the Bears.  Things have dramatically changed since.

Jason Wilde of breaks it all down, noting the Packers have only four total penalties during their impressive four-game winning streak.  They’ve committed the sixth-fewest penalties in the league this season.  Only two teams have been charged with fewer penalty yards.

The Packers have evolved into the Super Bowl contenders we expected by improving their defense and pass protection as the season has worn on.  They are also playing smarter.

This Sunday’s game in Atlanta will be a great test for the Packers’ development.  The Falcons don’t blow you away with any one trait, but they are second in turnover margin (+10) and are mentally tough, especially in the fourth quarter.

The Packers are fifth in turnover margin at +8.  Their offense is more explosive than Atlanta’s, but it is the Packers’ newfound discipline that may put them over the top.

25 responses to “One secret to Green Bay’s recent success

  1. Bearfan54 says:
    Nov 23, 2010 6:55 PM
    Yeah, they are starting to look as good as the Bears.
    who are the bears?

  2. Bearfan54 says: Nov 23, 2010 6:55 PM

    Yeah, they are starting to look as good as the Bears.

  3. Man I hope they look better than that! No one believes in the Bears. The 18 penalties had more to do with the Packers losing to them than the Bears. While there defense is good, the offense is suspect. Especially with the OL. Besides, the Packers are overacheiving at this point according to a lot of people. I think wiht 11 players on I.R. and the fact that they have beaten 3 (O.K. 2, pretty good teams in a row) is a great testament to Coach Mccarthy. Forget Raheem Morris for coach of the year. This year it’s down to (2) coaches (IMHO) McCarthy and Belicheck. Hell, I may have to give it to Belicheck just for his fleecing of the Vikings…………….

  4. This one’s all on the coach…

    Hey, Vikings fans! Wanna take a trip down memory lane? Five years ago, every Vikings fan in the world was capering with glee because they “stole” the genius, the latest, greatest head coaching prospect from under our noses, and we had to settle for some never-heard-of idiot who looked like he should be working at Jiffy Lube. How’d that work out?

    Oh yeah… Idiot 8, Genius 3…

    Mike McCarthy should be coach of the year. Period.

  5. I think more of the Packers success has to do with the replacement players for all the injures finally finding their stride and settling in.

    TT built a team with amazing depth. I doubt any other team in the league could take as many injuries as the packers have and still be competitive.

    SB contenders!?? Well, maybe if we still had Finley, Grant and Burnett. Although you can’t ignore that the current starters are playing the best football all year for the Packers.

  6. That and having the refs hand you a divisional matchup, by erring by 1 TD in your favor and a 1 TD against the Vikings.

    That probably helps even more than overlooking the penalty calls.

  7. #
    Bearfan54 says: Nov 23, 2010 6:55 PM

    Yeah, they are starting to look as good as the Bears.
    LMAO Thanks for the humor. Nobody and I mean nobody has the Bears ahead of the Packers in a power rankings. For good reason.

    The Packers outplayed the Bears in every facet of the game. They killed themselves rather than by anything the Bears did to win.

  8. There’s an old guy in Cleveland who will put the toothpaste back in the tube for you. But he uses his hands, so, it’s a bit questionable whether it’s worth it or not.

  9. Ahhhh….
    This really nice.
    Now that the vikes are completely out of the picture, all of their trolling fans have scampered back to their dark, dank hovels.

    Had this post been made a few weeks ago we’d be wading through a Hundred or so posts of hate and bile.

    I’m sure the Bear fans can keep it real as we enter the home stretch of our seasons.

  10. jimmysee says:

    It is foolish to underestimate the Bears.

    drunkunclesam says:

    It is then foolish to underestimate the Seahawks

    That’s ridiculous.

    The Bears are a talented team and a legitimate contender.

    The Seahawks are a ragtag group with a failed coach and a washed-up journeyman quarterback, who have been fortunate to play in the worst division in all of football, and yet still can’t get it done against mediocre teams like the Raiders and Broncos, and the downright terrible Rams.

    …and their followers are second only to Minnesota’s in terms of here-today-gone-after-a-loss bandwagoning. It’s disgraceful.

    They’ll make the playoffs, face a humiliating first-round playoff exit, and their “fans” will be back to watching their beloved soccer within a week. Much as I hate them, the Bears (and their fans) are far better than that.

  11. hobartbaker-
    You still want to come on here and talk about refs? I’d have to say that the 28 point pounding we gave the vikings in their building tells me we would’ve found a way to win regardless.

  12. The Bears are going to need a lot more help from James Jones and the refs if they want to win @ Lambeau.

    Secret to Green Bay’s success? Drafting and developing quality players instead of trying to overpay a bunch of thug mercienaries ala Dallas, Minn.

  13. The packers will win the north. Big whoop. The packers will lose the first playoff game. They are not that good. Look who they play if you don’t believe me… Bears 2’xs, Vikes 2’Xs, Detroit… give me a break. As far as penalties, since a TD was taken away from the Vikes who would’ve won that GB game if the refs hadn’t made such a stupid call, and admited it, maybe they are all on the take? This stat is bogus.

  14. Beer Cheese Soup, chill haha. I only said that because the Seahawks beat the Bears in Chicago. This is a crazy season, anything can happen. And don’t talk about Seahawks fandom, you don’t know what you’re talking about. It’s not the biggest fanbase, but it doesn’t mean it’s full of fair weather fans.

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