Root canal delays Kevin Curtis’ comeback by a week

Veteran receiver Kevin Curtis had a plan for this week.  He hoped to pick a new team and be ready to play on Week 12.

The plan has had a wrench thrown into the gears.  Or perhaps it was a drill.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Curtis had an emergency root canal and other dental work on Monday.  It caused him to postpone additional visits (he already has worked out for the Lions, Giants, and Seahawks), and it likely will compel him to wait until Week 13 to join a new team.

The Giants had wanted Curtis to return today for a Gong Show-style receiver tryout, given the new injury to Hakeem Nicks.  Curtis, who was already was lined up for other visits before the dental issue, passed on the invitation to return.

Curtis has overcome knee injuries and testicular cancer to position himself for a return to football.  In the end, the extra week could make it easier for Curtis to spot the best option.

And perhaps the ideal option is just one more injury to a current player away.