The Week 11 hot seat barometer

In two weeks, we’ve lost two of the hot-seat mainstays.

But there are more where those came from.

Here’s this week’s list of the guys at biggest risk of seeing their owner standing at a podium with an NFL Network microphone attached to it.

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15 responses to “The Week 11 hot seat barometer

  1. Marvin Lewis……YES!

    He’s last on the list of 6 coaches however. He’s gotten to the playoffs twice and lost both games he got them there. He has let Chad Johnson KEEP making a farce of dicipline. Time to let him go. Nice guy. Nice guys don’t get the most of their team, however.

    The biggest mistake would be Jim Schwartz getting the axe. The Lions need to stablize and keeping the same coach for this year and at least next year is going to get this team from the gel stage (almost there now) to the solid team. Being a Packer’s fan, however, I want them to keep making mistakes!

    John Fox doesn’t have a seat. Panthers are making him stand so it’s easier to get him out the door. It’s a shame, too, because they had such a great team just 2 years ago. Age, bad talent decisions, and injuries will do that to you. Ask Chilly.

    If Norv Turner gets to the playoffs and loses in 1st round, it may be time for a change as well.

  2. Oh my lord. I didn’t even watch this because I can’t stand your videos…..but if you think Jeff Fischer is on the hot seat…you are truly a fool. He could write his ticket anywhere he wanted to in this league. He wouldn’t be fired…he would be freed…free to sign anywhere else he wanted to not located in Foxboro, MA, Atlanta or Philly.

  3. How nice of this site to promote people losing their job. Anyone who has lost their job knows how wrong this is.

  4. Are you kidding? Take Jeff fisher. What coach has 15+ years to win a franchise a sb and every year only manages an average record with an inconsistent team.

  5. @vor22: The difference is that the absolute worst case scenario for these guys is a six-figure salary as either a coordinator or NCAA coach. Plus, it’s exceptional for an NFL head coach to make it a decade without getting canned, and every one of them willingly goes for the job knowing that. They’ll all be fine.

    With that in mind…

    Dead Man Walkin’ – Lewis, Fox, Singletary

    Serious trouble – Mangini, Kubiak, Turner, Garrett, Frazier

    The seat is hot – Sparano, McDaniels, Cable, Coughlin, Lovie Smith

    Not totally safe – Fisher, Schwartz

    Pretty safe – Tomlin, Caldwell, McCarthy, Spagnuolo

    Totally safe – Ryan, Belichick, Harbaugh, Haley, Shanahan, Reid, Mike Smith, Payton, Morris, Whisenhunt, Carroll

  6. vor22… You are a loser. In case you havnt noticed these guys are losing multi-million dollar a year jobs, not the 13.50/hr managing Wendy’s that you lost. Its part of the job!! You get to make millions, but your work crazy hours 100-120/wk, and you get talked about in the media like this. I think its a fair trade, don’t you?

  7. jeff fisher will be coaching the lions next year and wii have full control of operations….
    u heard it here 1st
    Mangini is not going anywhere

  8. Oh shut up about the Thanksgiving games.

    You got your fargin rotating game at night! Leave the Lions/Cowboys tradition alone.

    Funny, the people who are calling for an end to that tradition, really could care less one way or the other. You forget there are a ton of people who that game means a lot to. So shut the hell up and enjoy your rotating Thursday Night game. Yeah, Bengals/Jets should be a good one. Yeah, right. Point made, nuff said, go shut the hell up.

  9. i think broncsfan needs to take over this segment cause id agree on almost everyone you posted. As a Browns fan i dont think Mangini has done a terrible job but in order to keep his i think he needs to cut ties with Daboll cause the guy is the worst OC ive seen. After this weekend getting 6 TO’s and barely scoring points from them is just sad. If Mangini does get fired and Holmgren doesnt coach i am really leaning towards Gruden coming to town because he wants a team with a future QB and he likes McCoy the best and he was also telling Holmgren to draft him. I guess we will see after the season.

  10. Your way off about Lewis.. Mike Brown look’s at him “in the highest regards” because he’s an idiot. He’ll be back next year because he won’t want to play second fiddle as a defensive coordinator. If his contract would have expired after last year this would have been a whole different situation. However now that this team is playing horrible again he see’s a future here in Cincy. Marvin is in a situation where its Cincinnati or being demoted with a pay cut in a different city. Mike Brown will keep him around even if the team win’s 2 games a year. See Bruce Coslet. That poor guy had to quit because Mike Brown wouldn’t fire him even after the team was putting on one of the worse season’s in football history.

  11. @broncsfan

    I agree with your list too, other than I think MacD is totally safe for another year at least…

    Where do you rank Del Rio and Gailey? I noticed you left them off your list. I’d say Del Rio is dead man walking…Gailey totally safe…

  12. Hdey 8 buck beer I guess you have never been unemployed. I lost a 6 figure job a year ago and between my age, my qualifications I can’t get a job except for probably Wendy’s. I just don’t find it funny or necessary to talk about people losing their job. How would you like your family to read in the paper or on the internet that you should lose your job. I don’t think you would.

  13. vor22, really? There’s a big difference between these guys losing their job and someone working a regular 9-5 losing their job. These coaches, once they’re fired, may not be making millions any more (a HC in the NFL makes between 1.2 and 8 million a year), but they have a LOT of fallback positions from becoming a coordinator somewhere else, a HC on the college level (where salaries for some of the larger schools are as good as NFL salaries) or a broadcaster. Just by virtue of having been a HC at this level they will be sought after. The only reason they will be unemployed for more then a couple months is if they want to be unemployed. I’m sorry if I have a hard time feeling sorry for them

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