Whisenhunt says the Cardinals haven’t regressed


In Arizona, the 2010 season would prove whether coach Ken Whisenhunt and his staff could overcome an exodus of key players like quarterback Kurt Warner, receiver Anquan Boldin, linebacker Karlos Dansby, and safety Antrel Rolle.

Through 10 games, the answer is no.

But Whisenhunt isn’t ready to concede that his 3-7 team has regressed.

We’ve gone to a Super Bowl,” Whisenhunt said Monday, per Darren Urban of the team’s official website.  “We’ve played six playoff games and won four of them.  I’m not going to apologize for that.  I’m proud of the fact that we’ve done that.  To think that we’re going to do that every year, even though we aspire to do that, that’s tough.

“If you look around the league, you see [rough times] happen to other teams.   It’s important right now how we fight through this.  I really believe that we’re going to come out of it.  We’re going to still have our opportunities to win divisions and go to playoff games and that’s what our focus is.  Do I feel like we have eroded what we have built?  I don’t feel that way.  I don’t think you can look at our team over the last two years and what we have done in the playoffs and be ashamed about anything with that or feel like we’ve lost anything from that.  If we have to go through some tough times to get back to that point, that’s what we have to do.”
We admire his confidence, but he’s not being realistic.  Has the team eroded?  Of course.  (Thanks, Seton.)  Without a proven quarterback and absent a plan to replace the Hall of Famer who retired and whom the team made no attempt to hogtie and bring back to town, the Cardinals can’t be consistently competitive until they find a guy who can distribute the football.  And if they don’t do that soon, another key player (receiver Larry Fitzgerald) will be gone.
The good news for Whisenhunt is that he already has signed an extension, and that the extremely-careful-with-money Cardinals won’t be making any rash moves in the near term.
Still, someone in the organization has accountability for not devising a better plan to replace Warner.  Whether that’s Whisenhunt or G.M. Rod Graves or ownership remains to be seen.  And whether someone gets fired depends not on one rough year, but on two or three of them.
Though Whisenhunt believes things will turn around, he’s got a lot of work to do to make that happen.

10 responses to “Whisenhunt says the Cardinals haven’t regressed

  1. The talent drain that happens to the Cardinals any time they actually manage to put together a decent team is happening again.

    Outside of Warner, the Cardinals have never been willing to pay market price for their top players or anyone else’s.

    Whisenhunt eventuall will simply be latest victim of this approach.

  2. No coach in his right mind would answer “Yes” to the question “Has your team regressed?”, even if it’s the right answer.

  3. speaking of the hall of fame qb that retired what happened to your weekly if not daily predicition that he would unretire? could it be the mighty florio was actualy wrong about something?(again) and refuses to admit that warner kept his word when he said he was not coming back? no much easier to skip over that part and point out the obvious about the lack of a plan on whisenhunt’s part right mike?

  4. and NO he shouldn’t be concerned about the loss of good will with the team.

    He has had a 8-8 record, 2 winning seasons, 4 playoff victories and a super bowl run.

    Man I can’t believe how bad you twisted his words on the title…then to add it into the story as if that’s what he was saying…

    ….you guys should be fined by ethic code violations or CBS for piss poor reporting and misreporting.

  5. Would the cards have been better THIS YEAR with Leinart? Yes

    Would the Cards be better in the LONG RUN with Leinart as QB. NO he can’t throw long

    Is the CBA/Lockout affecting the Cards? YES For one it makes hiring GOOD COACHES difficult since a reduce wage during a lockout isn’t something any coach wants to deal with. It also affects finding a good QB since you want to wait until the CBA institutes a rookie wage scale so if Luck, Locker or Mallett (I would bet one of the three is the starting QB next year) is a bust the money lost will not kill you on the salary cap.

    I’ve looked at the records of super bowl quality coaches and with only one or two exceptions all of them have had stinkers of a season at one point in time. I can certainly put up with Whis having one.

  6. @raiderchile I second that notion. They missed him the 1st time around, time for redemption.

  7. Bzzzzz….paging Rod Graves, paging Rod Graves. You are stupid for not finding a way to keep at least some of the talent you’ve acquired over the past few years. I think all Cardinals fans know what it’s like to watch bad QB play (i.e. life before Warner), they should have planned better. Poor Whiz, great coach, not totally his fault, but he’s the one that’s gonna take the heat.

  8. Rod Graves was just smart enough to draft Larry Fitzgerald (wait, that was Denny Green) and stupid enough to sign him to a contract no team could afford.

    But the QB thing is all Whisenhunt. Clearly, he never liked or respected Leinart but waited and waited to do anything about it.

    Anderson is barely NFL-caliber and Danny White’s nephew? Maybe in 3 years. But to cut Leinart Sept 1st? All Whis. And now you lose Fitz …

  9. Max Hall is Danny Whites nephew. Leinart is not “all Whis”. Leinart is an inheritance. Keep in mind as OC @PITT Whisenhunt almost certainly evaluated Leinart as a draft choice and my guess is found him wanting. I’m a firm believer that only part of being a franchise QB is the talent of the QB. The other is the Coach Player realtionship which obviously wasn’t their for ML & KW

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