Broncos not ready to test drive Tim Tebow, yet

As the Denver Broncos come to the realization that they won’t be winning the division or otherwise qualifying for a playoff berth in 2010, the question becomes whether rookie quarterback Tim Tebow will get a chance to show what he can do, on more than a cameo basis.

For now, coach Josh McDaniels has yet to cross that bridge.

I don’t know,” McDaniels said regarding whether Tebow will play once the Broncos are mathematically eliminated from the playoff chase, per Jeff Legwold of the Denver Post.  “Not willing to go there.  That’s not the case right now, so we’ll think about that when that happens.”
McDaniels also was asked whether Tebow will be used in end-of-game situations, after the outcome has been decided.

“We haven’t had too many situations like that, but there’s a lot that could go into it,” McDaniels said.  “I think each game is different.  I think we’ve had the one game against Kansas City where you felt like there was a situation there, but there are some other things that played into that.

“We’re not adverse to doing that, we just haven’t had many opportunities to do that this year.”

Wait a second.  The Broncos lost to the Raiders by 45 points.  They were blown out by the Chargers.  We realize that McDaniels would be inclined to point to the game in which the outcome was decided because the outcome was a victory for Denver, but the Broncos have had three clear opportunities to get Tebow some meaningful reps, and the Broncos have chosen not to do it.

So why haven’t they?  It could be that the Broncos want to give starter Kyle Orton a chance to pile up as many passing yards as possible, since breaking Dan Marino’s single-season record would be a feather in McDaniels’ cap when the time comes to decide whether he’ll come back for 2011.  (Orton currently is on pace for more than 4,800, and the record if 5,084.)

Then there’s the fact that the promise of Tebow will help McDaniels’ chances to return for another year.  If Tebow plays now and he doesn’t play well, that specific angle would be undermined.

Either way, look for McDaniels to face more and more questions about whether and to what extent the brightest spot on a franchise with dimming chances will get a chance to show what he can do at the NFL level.

26 responses to “Broncos not ready to test drive Tim Tebow, yet

  1. Mike you took the words right outta my mouth Orton does all his work for the most part in garbage time when they’re down by 17 points with 10 min left in the 4th case and point the ravens game a few weeks ago

  2. Yeah…don’t give the ball to Tebow, whatever you do. It’s all working so well!

    Why mess with success? LOL…

  3. Except that the brightest spot on the dimming franchise happens to be one depth chart spot ahead of Tebow. It would never happen, but the best thing the Broncos could do this offseason would be to trade Tebow to a team that’s utterly desperate for QB help and trust Orton to man the shop during what promises to be a two-year rebuilding project (three under the likely scenario that McDaniels hangs on another year before getting canned; four if he does so after a lockout season). Then, once the supporting cast is actually decent, go for a real franchise QB who can, you know, pass and stuff.

  4. This guy is just another Brady Quinn, Akili Smith, Joey Harrington, etc.

    Boy, the Jaguars sure were DUMB not drafting him, huh? Wasn’t that the “popular wisdom” back in April?

    Oh but think about all the jerseys they could have sold to teenagers and dweeby men! What’s that? Jersey sales are split evenly across all 32 teams?? You mean the Jags have received the same revenue from those jersey sales that they would have received if they had actually drafted the clipboard holder themseleves?

    Oh but think of all the tickets they could have sold! What’s that? The Jaguars have sold all non-premium seats for every game this year?? They’re only a few high-priced club seat sales away from a true sellout of the now right-sized stadium?

    Oh but think about how much better they would be with this proven winner at QB! What’s that?? The Jaguars are currently in first place and David Garrard is one of the highest rated passers in the league? Tyson Alualu (who??) has started every game and is a major contributor to the Jags blowing away their sacks number from 2009?

    Yes, that certainly was a DUMB move by the Jaguars, not drafting Tebow. That Gene Smith is a terrible GM, isn’t he…?

  5. It’d be a travesty for Kyle Freaking Orton broke ANY NFL record. That pisses me off just thinking about it. Thanks a lot for ruining Thanksgiving, Florio! 😛

  6. “It could be that the Broncos want to give starter Kyle Orton a chance to pile up as many passing yards as possible, since breaking Dan Marino’s single-season record would be a feather in McDaniels’ cap when the time comes to decide whether he’ll come back for 2011. (Orton currently is on pace for more than 4,800, and the record if 5,084.)”

    So Pat Bowlen’s going to say, “well Josh, we had a really tough year and went 4-12 with no real bright hopes for next year…but I see your QB put up huge yards, so go get em next year tiger!”

    …that seems about right.

  7. It’s been sad watching McDaniels bring down the Broncos, from his mediocre playcalling to his piss-poor decisions on grabbing Tebow and dumping Hillis, to the whole Cutler fiasco in the beginning.

    The problem is, everybody (outside of Denver) could see this crapshoot coming. From the day McDaniels was hired.

    You can’t polish a turd, folks.

  8. Nightmare coming true: McD realizes that, AGAIN, he has mis-judged talent and only now realizes Tebow will never make it in the NFL. But instead of revealing another blunder he is going to preserve his job by keeping Tebow’s ineptitude a secret.

    And the first comment is right about Orton–at the end of the Bolts game he was dumping passes off to Moreno for 7yd gains over and over. That’s amateur coaching right there.

    News flash: my Broncos suck.

  9. McDaniels and Childress will be competing for some of the same offensive coordinator jobs here shortly……

  10. Instead of being asked when he will play Tebow, the question Bronco beat writers should be asking, and asking over and over again until he answers it, is how in retrospect he can still defend trading up in the draft to take a player that has no shot at helping the team in the foreseeable future.

    This team has more holes than swiss cheese, and the wasting of the resources they used to get Tebow looks like a worse and worse decision by the day.

  11. Orton did the same thing last game too.

    They were being blown out and instead of Mickey Dee pulling him in case of injury, there he was, throwing short passes all over the field.

    What a joke.

    Hey Mickey Dee, nice move getting rid of Peyton Hillis for Brady Quinn, another Tim Tebow college only QB.

    Man, that Donkey crap is smelling worse all the time.

  12. Maybe McDaniels is keeping Orton in to pile up big numbers in order to solidify his Offensive Coordinator resume when he goes out looking for a job this winter.

  13. @shootermcgavin1

    That is a fairly ignorant comment. Tebow would have sold out games with your ownership having to cover up seats. Even if Tebow was mediocre he would have been a huge financial boost to an ailing franchise.

    Sure you’re getting “sell outs” now, but take off the tarps.

    As for your other point: “This guy is just another Brady Quinn, Akili Smith, Joey Harrington, etc.”

    What in Tebow’s NFL career leads you to believe that to be true? You’re allowed to have opinions but don’t speak so matter of factly about things you clearly have no idea about.

    Personally I don’t know about Tebow. I think his drive alone will propel him to be a better QB than half in the league.

    He has already proven he can score on NFL defenses with limited snaps.

    Will he be worthy of a 1st round pick? Jury is still out, but to call him a bust at this point is just childish.

  14. @broncsfan: are you blind? orton’s stat may look nice but it’s obvious he is not the answer. he folds under D pressure, if the play breaks down he doesn’t have the “it” to make something outta nothing and if we’re down you can forget about dude making something happen to get us back in the game. not to mention how he wastes eddie royal’s talent by ALWAYS locking on lloyd. the lone brightspot on offense is “barf” moreno.

  15. I have hated the Tebow draft pick since it’s inception. But here’s the deal, McDaniel’s job is already in jeopardy. You might as well play all of your cards.

    Give Tebow a shot. Worse case scenario, he sucks and your demise comes that much quicker. Your bed is already made, Josh. And if you’re worried about keeping your job, you should have thought about that BEFORE drafting Tebow and not fixing a porous defense.

  16. @milehiclown I don’t think that is the case.

    He is either grasping at straws and “shielding” Tebow or he is trying to drive Orton’s trade value.

    Quite frankly I believe Orton is wearing purple next year and McD adds yet another draft pick he won’t cash in on.

    However if we’re being fair McD hasn’t completely wiffed in the draft.

    Moreno can be a very good back. If he can stay health and get some continuity on the offensive line I think he blows up next year.

    Ayers is, when healthy, becoming elite at run stopping. He’s not the pass rusher we wanted, but with Dumervil back that might change.

    Cox will be a very good CB in this league. He was a steal in the 5th. He may never ascend to the level of Bailey but he will still be, in my mind, a top 10 CB before his career is over.

    You could also look at it as we could have had Orakpo or Cushing, but Ayers could blossom considerably so it could end up being a wash.

    Beadles and Walton will be solid starters for many years as well. They’re hitting the rookie wall right now, but look for them to come on strong next year.

    Jury is still out on Thomas and Tebow, but if both those are hits I’d say McD has had been successful in his two drafts. We’re looking at, with Tebow and Thomas, 8 starters in 2 drafts (I assume Hill is out and McBath will start.)

    I’m not sure if there is any other team in the league that can boast that.

  17. The Jews weren’t ready to test drive Jesus yet and look how that turned out.

    Looks like McDaniel will deny Tim Tebow 3 times before the rooster crows, as the prophecy is foretold. Time to put Tebow in his tomb and roll back the rock on Sunday and let him play.

    Wait, that’s a great idea. If Tebow ever gets to be a starting quarterback, instead of running out of the tunnel with the rest of team he can come out of a cave that has a giant stone rolled to the side.

  18. I must say, I respect this. He’s a frigging rookie, and yes some rookies can do very well, but give the kid a year to learn the schemes and how to play in the NFL before you throw him to the wolves.

  19. @droksid: which is it?

    “adds yet another draft pick he won’t cash in on” or “hasn’t completely wiffed in the draft”?

    I hope Orton is wearing anything but Orange next year. Somebody else said it: he folds under pressure and even when he anticipates that he has to move he is ssssslow.

    Tebow may not be a great passer but we know he can run. But McD is SO arrogant that he would rather compile a ton of yards and lose than have a balanced offense.

    It doesn’t matter. Our defense is astonishingly bad.

  20. I don’t understand why the Broncos would keep Tim Tebow sitting on the shelf all year with the record they have now…

    Tebow is the future of this Franchise. He is McDaniels only chance of keeping his position as Head Coach. So why not throw him in there? Maybe his faith in Tebow has been eliminated…

  21. Kyle Orton… Brandon Lloyd… Knowshon Moreno…

    Since when is Tim Tebow the “brightest spot” on the franchise.

    How’s that Tebow-flavored koolaid, Florio?

  22. McDaniels is a joke. His job SHOULD be in jeopardy but it’s not because Bowlen has a serious man crush on him. So I’m sure we’ll have to spend another year watching this wanna be tough guy systematically dismantle the team even further. I want Peyton Hillis back! Shoot me now.

  23. @droksid

    That was a real schizophrenic post right there. You said that we could trade Orton for a draft pick we won’t cash in on and then say that McDaniels has done a good job drafting. Which is it? Is he good or bad.

    I’ll answer that, his drafting has been atrocious. It’s epically bad.

    1. Moreno – you said it yourself, if he can stay healthy. In 2 seasons, he hasn’t played a complete season, which is startling since he’s only played 2 seasons.
    2. Ayers – he is losing his spot to Jason Hunter. And he could be good if he develops isn’t an argument, it’s an IF statement. He was benched last season and only cracked the starting lineup when DOOM went down. He then got injured and will be behind Hunter next season. Terrible pick…
    3. Cox – yes, he shows signs. However, we’ll see if his attitude can stay in check. The only player from your list worth something right now.
    4. Beadles – I don’t trust a player who is being moved from position to position and can’t formulate our run game.
    5. Walton – I don’t trust a player who can’t formulate our run game. Rookie wall is an easy excuse for a bad draft pick
    6. Demaryius Thomas – We passed on Dez Bryant, a lightning rod with some trouble for a player who can’t stay on the field. That’s not good drafting.
    7. Tim Tebow – Jury is still out. And if McDaniels gets fired, Tebow is screwed.
    8. McBath – This guy can’t stay healthy. He’s another bust.

    If these are 8 starters in 2 drafts, we’re doomed. These players are all lackluster players and have made zero impact on our team so far.

    Let’s also point out the following poor draft selections:
    1. Alphonso Smith – Not with the team anymore but doing well for Detroit. But we traded a #1 for him and he’s long gone.
    2. Set Olsen – Cut from the team.
    3. Richard Quinn – buried on the bench.

    McDaniels has been so terrible at drafting that David Kahn of the Minnesota Timberwolves is actually calling him up for advice on how to misuse picks.

  24. jagfanchokesflorio says:
    Nov 24, 2010 11:59 AM
    The Jews weren’t ready to test drive Jesus yet and look how that turned out.


  25. @lawrencettocs, Seriously? Didn’t you know that Tim Tebow is the second coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ? And all the Jews still haven’t identified Tebow as their Messiah, and are destined forever to reside in the darkest depths of hell (being a Raiders fan).

    Get with it.

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