Canty upset with Eagles guard for “dirty” blocks

Giants defensive tackle Chris Canty hopes the NFL cares about the safety of defensive players too.

Eagles guard Todd Herremans was called for two penalties against the Giants.  In one, he dove at the back of Canty’s leg.  In the other, Canty was engaged and Herremans dove at Canty’s knees.

“Two of them. Same guy.  That kind of behavior, it’s either taught or it’s allowed,” Canty told Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger.   “Either way, it has no place in our game.”

Herremans is likely to get a fine for one or both of the plays.  They seemed to be textbook examples of unnecessarily trying to injury someone.

“In a league where we’re trying to crack down on defenseless players and things of that nature, that can’t be allowed,” Canty said. “You’re talking about defensive players taking shots on quarterbacks and wide receivers, well the league has to protect defensive players as well.”

Canty said that he told Herremans what he did was unacceptable.  He looks forward to the team’s rematch.

“We all reap what we sow,” Canty said. “We all reap what we sow.”

60 responses to “Canty upset with Eagles guard for “dirty” blocks

  1. Fascinating considering the ‘injure Mike Vick’ rhetoric that was coming out of New York leading up to the game.

  2. i can’t wait for the rematch either when the Eagles make it 6 in a row.

    who cares? are the eagles talking to the media about the one successful 17 yd run Bradshaw had that Bradley got yanked down by his helmet in the hole right in front of the Umpire(who is responsible for such calls). Or the multiple choke holds on Trent Cole that are never called? Sounds like the giants do play that way. Keep crying, Little Boy Blues, keep crying

  3. dmccarrie,

    You beat me to the proverbial punch!

    Canty must’ve got his whining prowess from his Dallas days!

  4. What a crybaby, especially after a full week of the vaGiants talking about injuring Vick. The clipping penalty was legit, but that other flag was bogus as was pointed out during the replay. As pointed out above, the Giants o-line wasn’t exactly spotless…

  5. 2010: the year where every player who takes a penalty or a questionable hit whines to the press about it…jesus take your skirt off and sack up

  6. I agree with Tip1984. Andrews was holding Trent Cole the entire game. In fact, the on holding call that WAS called, was the only one I saw and went ‘meh, I wouldn’t have called that’.

    Also, the ‘chop block’ was a glancing blow to Canty’s HIP. Herremans didn’t lunge, didn’t dive, he kind of brushed against his hip.

  7. Hahahahahaha.

    Giants are still whining? Dude was protecting his QB because YOUR team was threatening to take him out of the game, idiot. You lost. Get over it. You’ve been losing to the Eagles for the past 2 years.


  8. Herremans should be suspended. This is the type of behavior the NFL should be suspending – deliberately trying to end a guy’s season/career by going after his knees.

    He should be suspended one game this time, and two games the next time he does it, and after that he should be shut down for a season. His o-line coach should get the same punishment.

  9. I’m sorry, were flags not thrown on Herremans? It’s not like it was a no call. You can throw a flag on most plays on someone in the trenches. The Giants are lucky the Eagles WRs dropped several balls, or the score would have been even more. Shut your mouth Canty.

  10. I’m an Eagles and what Todd did was unacceptable; he should be fined. However, two plays out of an entire career does not define a guys play. AFAIK, he’s never been accused of dirty play.

  11. @gallaghed311
    “The Giants are lucky the Eagles WRs dropped several balls, or the score would have been even more.”

    Can we PLEASE stop with this “If the Eagles hadn’t dropped the ball…” nonsense. The Eagles DID drop the ball, and Eli Manning DID fumble away a first down, and Hakeem Nicks DID step out of bounds on the 1st Series (a 46 yard reception), and Kevin Boss DID get interfered with in the End Zone.

    All of those things DID happen. If ALL of those incidents had been different, the Eagles still win by 10, but the score is more like 34-24.

    Bad plays happened for both sides, bad calls went against both sides.

  12. zappaisgod says:
    Nov 24, 2010 9:29 AM
    The Giants, and their fans are almost as bad as the god damn Cowboys.

    this coming from Fans of the team who booed Santa, who cheered when a player was lying motionless on the field, who booed the choice of McNabb, wanted him fired and gone, and then gave him a standing ovation when he came back to Flithadelphia?
    Yeah great fans. Oh and when Vick the dogkiller gets taken out a 2nd time this year don’t cry when Kolb doesn’t do crap in the playoffs.

  13. Look at the film on the one call for a chop block. He wasn’t even engaged with McGlynn, he was just standing by him when Herremans hit him; it was a ticky tack call..The other penalty he definitely committed , but as gallaghed311 said, they got that call as well. What happened to how the tough Giants guys were going to knock Vick out of the game? I guess they thought the Eagles O lineman were just going to stand around and let them do that. Don’t worry about the rematch Canty, Herremans will dominate you that day too.

  14. @andy seriously? You are kidding right? How about the special teams coach for the Giants? Should he be suspended because they almost paralized Hobbs? Put his down and lunged head first into his head!! Is that what this game has come to? Whine in the papers and get people suspended! How about that cry baby head coach of yours running halfway out on the field to whine about Elli’s dumb a.. move that cost them any chance to win the game, and he was WRONG!!! Get over it, you lost.

  15. @tdurk34
    If you recall, there was no flag, no penalty on that play with Hobbs. Hobbs was the individual who ducked his head, and the angle his dipped his head at was what caused the neck injury.
    Let’s talk about Asante Samuel if you want to talk about dirty. Watch the video, it is still on youtube. At no point does Samuel lift an arm to try an even ATTEMPT a tackle. He leads with the top of his helmet (not his shoulder) and hits Hagan square in the facemask. Hagans was a “defenseless receiver” (he had the ball and had not demonstrated a “football move”). Samuel simply went for the Kill Shot.
    I remember A LOT of Eagles fans calling for a Dunta Robinson suspension/fine when he knocked DeSean Jackson out. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Selective memory.

  16. Funny, there is no quote from any Giants saying they wanted to injure Vick. They said they wanted to get hits on him, not injure him. The entire game was horribly called. On the blocked kick, obvious facemask which would have given the Giants a chance at a 45 yard field goal, no call. Pass interference in the end zone when Boss got mugged, no call. Also no call on the helmet to helmet hit Will Blackmon received.

  17. First of all people need to understand Asante Samuel doesn’t know how to tackle, period – so when someone is saying he led with his shoulder they’re not lying, that was Asante’s version of leading with his shoulder. 😉

    But as an Eagles fan I don’t know what Herremans was smoking. Those were horrible decisions and I don’t mind ANY player getting fined for multiple personal fouls in a game.

  18. @gcsuk

    and Kevin Boss DID get interfered with in the End Zone.

    if the WR made contact first and the S is standing his ground there is no penalty. thanks for playing.

    also i’m pretty sure you didn’t hear any Eagles player whining about “hey, they said they are gonna try an hurt Vick”

    Man up and play Giants! I mean they won’t and it will be 6 straight losses, but they can dream can’t they?

  19. @gcsuk again

    djack got lit up by a shoulder and Kolb’s stupidity. end of story.

    asante led with his shoulder and the helmet contact was secondary. Get over it. these are the hits you cannot get out of the game. toeleffson intentionally leading with the crown of the helmet can be taken out of the game. Hobbs got turned into toeleffson by a GUY WHO ALREADY HAD HIM WRAPPED UP. ducked. jesus there is no point arguing with you if you are that dumb

  20. You know, after comparing both hits (Samuel on Hagan, Robinson on Jackson), they are EXTREMELY similar hits. Neither defender went for a tackle or strip, both led with their helmet. The only difference as far as I can tell is that Samuel hit Hagan squarely in the facemask, whereas Robinson hit Jackson in the helmet and shoulder pad (helmet first, glanced off to pad). Which is worse? I say Samuel.

  21. Obviously Asante Samuel must have had an operation grafting his shoulder on to the top of his head. How could I not know this? Thanks for pointing it out to me.

    When the top of the helmet is the FIRST thing that makes contact with the other player, how is that “secondary”?

  22. Check the 53 second mark on this video:

    If you still want to call this helmet to helmet “secondary”, then pass me what you’re smokin’, bro.

  23. @zaggs: Talk about selective memory…. you got the call where Bradshaw fumbled and the ref said that his forearm was down after review, Andrews got away with holding all day, and they only called it once( on a play where he didn’t hold); and you got a very iffy PI call.. what else did you want?

  24. @gcsuk, so no flag no foul? Is that your excuse? ..and watch the video closer, the Giant LED with his helmet period. I was thinking, is this Tom Coughlan under an different name? Do you still have you hands on your hips, red cheeks and whineing today? Because your lame answers sound like a post game press conference. Oh, I heard Eli is over at Yankee stadium learning how to slide…….

  25. The games over Canty, you lost 27-17

    If the league deems it necessary, Todd will get fined and life goes on.

    Cant wait to hear your crying and complaining after Dec. 19th

    Teams don’t win football games when you turn the ball over 5 times, simple as that

  26. lets call a spade a spade, it was a sloppy game and it could have went either way, there were a lot of mistakes (drop by eagles) and no calls by the refs (hold in end zone on boss etc) nicks running out of bounds on this first drive, giants playing with their best wr out, giants playing with 80% of their o line out. It went both ways, and of course eli fumbling at the end on a drive. People talk as if this game was a blow out but both sides were sloppy and both teams had a lot of calls and no calls. The rematch barring guys get back on the field should be good.

  27. @themage78 Really, the santa thing again? Don’t be so lazy and try to be funny with something that happened DECADES ago!! McNabb fired? Can’t even think about how to address that. As for Vick being taken out, well the funny thing is Eli self destructs so often teams go out of their way to make sure he makes it through the game.
    And for the record how many times have you Giants fans called for Coughlan’s head to then do an about face and want to marry him? Fire Him! Kiss him! Fire him!, make up your minds!!!!

  28. Mr Tyree’s helmet, but in the end you are still whineing and crying about losing to the Eagles for the 5th staight time. Wipe them with the Empire State building for all I care, you lost and now are crying foul!! Boo-Hoo!!!

  29. Can anyone provide ANY links where any Giants player said “we want to hurt Vick”? And not, “well, I read it on such and such” or “I heard they said it”. Can anyone please point it out on a website?

    I am a Giants fan, and I would be disgusted if the team I root for SPECIFICALLY went out TRYING to injure someone.

    Provide evidence, please.

  30. That’s funny, all I heard out of Tom Coughlin’s post game press conference was that the Giants blew it with their “careless disregard for the football”. I didn’t hear him laying the blame at anyone’s feet BUT the Giants.

    No “whineing” there, just the facts. Giants lost, fair and square. Both teams made mistakes, both teams got good calls and bad calls.

  31. Hey that’s really cool, the Giants gave Super Bowl rings to all their fans? Because they were a part of the team and deserved them for all their contributions? Right…

  32. dmccarrie: Ditto.

    It’s ridiculous. Your game plan is to take our best player out, then you complain about a little “roughness”. Stupid. I can’t wait for the rematch.

    Oh, and karma’s a b*tch. Hope your game doesn’t suffer from Nicks being out. Not.

  33. Giant fans are the biggest babies in the world. The Giants should talk. They have been talking all week about hurting Vick. They try and hurt every QB they play against. They already took out 5 QBs this year with cheapshots. When they tackle QBs they drive them in the ground with the intent to injure.

  34. Wow ONE dropped TD by avant. By that logic, how about the giants don’t turn the football over giving the eagles free trips in the red zone, how about the giants don’t jump offsides otherwise the eagles would’ve punted the ball, how about Vick doesn’t juggle the snap forcing a player to leave his gap and Mccoy goes to the house, how about eli manning threw a pass more accurate to hakeem late in the 4th quarter that would’ve gone for a huge gain, how about eli doesn’t fumble, how about if there was no air, no life, no food, no wars? How about we just live in a fantasy world of peace, love, and football.

    Get over yourselves, the eagles nearly lost a game that they were dominating. That’s hilarous! The giants offense was completely a no-show and they STILL could’ve won the game. Give me a break.

  35. Come on now Eagles fans… I freely admit, Giants screwed the pooch, but Asante Samuel should have been EJECTED. Bad hit, and bad form celebrating it afterwards. Aside from that, HUGE holding no-call on the Vick TD, Along with so many others, on both sides of the ball. Also, JPP jumping, um…. he’s allowed to, as long as he gets back into his stance before the ball is snapped-which he did, with time to spare. There is no rule that says he has to reset, nor is there a rule stating he cannot enter the nuetral zone, so long as he isn’t in it when the ball is snapped.(BTW, he never even entered the NZ) That was another gimme from the refs. There should have been no call there, no rules were broken. Cost us 7. The calls were horrible all day long, but when all was said and done, it was plain to see the refs were wearing GREEN UNDIES. Having said that, Eagles deserved the win, so it’s a wash. See you in a few weeks.

  36. Again, can ANYONE provide a link where a Giants player is quoted as saying “We want to injure Michael Vick.”. I can’t find it, I’ve never seen it. PLEASE someone provide that link. I will then forward it to Roger Goodell, because I am positive there has got be be a rule against “headhunting” in the NFL.

    I would hope that, even if it was the Giants plan, they wouldn’t be dumb enough to say “We want to injure Michael Vick”. They may have said “We want to STOP Vick” or “We want to NEUTRALIZE Vick”. That is called “game-planning”.

    If ANY team wants to injure Michael Vick, they can. Wait till the play is over, and then just take a cheap shot at the knees. It ain’t that hard to do if all you want to do is injure the guy. Neutralizing the guy within the framework of the game is much more difficult to do.

    Hey, did you all see that d bag ASSante Samuel got hit for $40k? I guess somebody thought there was something a little “over-aggressive” with the “shoulder tackle” on Derek Hagan.

  37. Hey Chrisvegas, on those 5 QBs the Giants took out… were there ANY flags, penalties, fines, etc… on ANY of those hits?

    Yeah, I didn’t think so.

  38. @gcsuk, Coughlan not whineing??? Obviously you didn’t watch the game, or his sideline antics don’t show through your blue colored glasses. The tranditional, gay wrist on the hips thing, or the puffy red cheeks, or the running out to the hash marks to complain about Eli’s swan dive fumble. No he didn’t say anything in his press conference, but please do not try to say he is not a whiner.
    @neverend1 Watch NFL replay and you will easily see 2 very clear dropped TD passes. Not that we are happy about it, but Avant dropped one, Desean dropped another and DeSean was 10 yards behind defense and over thrown. You are right, your O was useless, maybe because our D shut them down. Must hurt even more that we played so bad and you still lost!!!

  39. @vickismydog
    neverend1 is, from what I can read, a Giants fan.

    And correct me if I’m wrong, but was there ever even a HINT of a cheap shot on Vick during that whole game. Can you show me where Perry Fewell said the game plan is to injure Michael Vick?

    Wow…you guys sure got attached to the big bad-ass dog killer fast.

    And no, I would never root for Vick if he was on my team, nor will I ever forget/forgive what he did. I don’t buy his humble/contrite/apologetic bs for 1 second.

    And before you ask, if Lawrence Taylor decided to lace em up again, I couldn’t root for him either. Somebody has to have some standards.

  40. “When we catch him, we catch him,” said Giants safety Deon Grant.

    He referenced the Eagles’ first game against the Redskins, when Vick suffered cracked rib cartilage in the first quarter and was lost for the game.

    “They hurt him, right?” Grant said. “Ain’t nobody Superman.”

    Keith Bulluck in the same article:
    “Once we get to the ball, we get there with a bad attitude and lay the wood.”

    There you go gcsuk, quotes from two players indicating their intentions. No, they didn’t flat out say “We’re going to hurt him” because that would be cause for fines. But anyone with even a little bit of sense can figure it out, then spell it out for guys like you.

  41. @redbeardXXV I agree that it was poorly called on both sides, but I do not see the refs wearing green or blue. I ask you to only look at Shawn Andrews and his CONSTANT strangle hold on Trent Cole as he beat him around end. You are right, there were some really bad calls against/for both teams, the refs have been extremely bad all year and I think the leauge has to own part of that with the constant, call this, don’t call that, etc……

    Yes, see you in a couple weeks in the east coast tooster they call a stadium, well if the power stays on that is.

  42. That hit by Asante was clean. Get over it. Green undies? More like “I ❤ The Manning Brothers" panties.

    “They were flying around. They were hitting people and flying around. I know [CB] Asante [Samuel] got called on one, but I have to go back and take a peak at that. It looked like it was a shoulder to me. I had my glasses checked during the bye week, but I might need to get them checked again. It looked like it was a shoulder, but I’m probably wrong.” -Andy Reid

  43. Wow….is that all the proof that you have that the game plan was to go in and INTENTIONALLY injure Michael Vick? Is that really the best you can do? “We’re going to lay the wood”? and a quote regarding the fact that Vick did, in fact, get injured in the Redskin game?

    What do you expect them to say…” We are going to come up to Mr. Vick and ask him if he wouldn’t be so kind as to lay down on the ground so we may gently touch him and therefore down him”?

    And how am I not surprised that you got such fair and balanced reporting from “”?

  44. @gcsuk I turely hope you are never in a position to have to ask for a second chance or forgiveness for a mistake you might make. I think you are short sighted in your views as you have never spoken or been present when Michael Vick has spoken. What he did was horrific, no question asked. But if we lived in a world of no second chances half of Congress and the Senete would be vacant. Most industry would be without leaders. See we live in an imperfect world and if people reform they should be given a second chance to earn our trust, not handed to them, earned. I for one feel so far he has earned some respect and trust. One reason I feel that way is I am fairly confident he has not had a recurrance of the acts he did before since I am sure there are people just waiting out there ready to expose even the slighest chance he did. another is I have heard him speak and talked with people that have been in his presence when he talks to kids. He is trying, and for that I give him a second chance, whether he is on the Eagles or not.

  45. @tdurk34
    Thanks for acknowledging that it was a pretty poorly called game (we should be used to that as fans). I’d would say that both sides got their fair share of good and bad calls, and that the final score would have been around the same if all the “ifs and woulda’s and shoulda’s and coulda’s” had actually happened.

  46. What people seem to forget is that before Vick was exposed, only small groups focused on bringing down dog fighting rings. I would go as far as to say that a lot of people probably didn’t even know they existed. As a result of Vick’s efforts, on and off the field, he is shining more and more light and awareness onto the horrible act. When I say both on and off, I mean the better he does as an athlete, the more famous he becomes, the more people are intrigued by him and listen to what he says, and the more they become aware that these rings exist. The dogs that were involved in the ring at Vick’s house are the Jesus Christs of all pit bulls, if you will. Not to justify what he did.

    I find it hilarious that the more popularity he obtains, more anti- Michael Vick people come out of nowhere to express their hatred for someone who is doing nothing but ALL THE RIGHT THINGS. These people cannot handle someone getting another chance and actually doing something good with it. Last I checked, there are far more important things going on in the world than the Eagles “outrageous” and “appalling” decision to allow Vick to be an amazing QB. The Eagles have given Vick an excellent opportunity, and in return he has also given them one. Now, it’s a little too early to say those words, but I think we all know where I am going with that one.

    So please, don’t hate Vick. Hate yourself for being jealous and a pitiful person who cannot forgive someone not because of what they did, but because they actually turned their life around and became successful. (This goes out to the general Vick haters, no one in particular).

  47. I forgot to add that the FBI currently investigates dog fighting rings, which before Vick’s public exposure, they didn’t.

  48. Eagles fans are something, acting like they won something. I didn’t realize that they started handing out the Lombardi Trophy in November.

  49. @danwahl,

    Actually, no one is acting like that at all. I believe several of us, if not all, are simply saying “a win’s a win, get over it”. Both teams didn’t play their best, but in the end we were the better team because we won, and not just by 3 points. Both teams got penalties, and both had penalties overseen. As someone said, had all the “what if” scenarios played out, the score would have been 34-24.

  50. gcsuk, either you’re playing ignorant or you’re incapable of interpreting what wasn’t being said. The source is irrelevant, you asked for quotes from players about hurting Vick, and you got them. You lose. The Giants lost. Get over it.

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