Jeff Fisher says Vince Young’s text apology won’t do any good

Titans coach Jeff Fisher didn’t have much use for Vince Young’s text message apology.

“I’m not a real big text guy. I’m not really into this new age stuff. I don’t twit or tweet, but I think face-to-face is a man thing,” Fisher said on Wednesday via

While Young was trying to do the right thing by texting Fisher, he should be old enough to know there are more appropriate avenues to apologize to your boss for openly disrespecting him.  It’s immature.  Leaking the apology to the media right after also confuses what the real motivation is here.

Communication between Fisher and Young seems to be a constant problem.  Young never told Fisher he wanted to re-enter Sunday’s game, then was upset when he didn’t get put back in.  There were also reports Young didn’t particularly push hard to start against the Dolphins the week before, so Kerry Collins just got the call.

If Young really wants to settle things down, he should find a way to meet with Fisher.   Or at least call the man — perhaps without broadcasting the news right after.   The Titans coach asked if anything good could come from the text.

“I don’t think so, no. Someone could have grabbed his phone and texted it,” Fisher said.

56 responses to “Jeff Fisher says Vince Young’s text apology won’t do any good

  1. NFL Security has been called off the Favre case to check out the cell phone used to text Vinnie’s apology.

  2. Hey.. Vince… Vince… are you there?
    BANGBANGBANG) – anyone home.
    You need to text Michael Vick and find out how much you are blessed to play in the NFL and get those Phat checks and lead a great life.
    You and Fisher can work it out… and if you don’t,
    I would keep him.
    Mr. Young. Do not get self absorbed.
    You need to look this up.

  3. Yeah to me thats like breaking up with a chick over email. But then again i think young got something like a 3 on his wonderlic so he probably has the mind if a child.

  4. V.Y. needs to send Fisher a singing Candy-gram, the way any mature, responsible adult would.

  5. One of two things are probably happening:

    Either Vince Young truly has no idea what his reality is (and is one of the biggest dumbf*ucks going) – or – he’s one of the smartest guys around and these antics stem from a long, agonizing, ploy to get himself out of Nashville, where nobody likes him anyway, and on to his next place (Houston.)

    Or maybe he’s just both.

  6. Tell Fisher that men also handle their business behind closed doors. Both these guys look to be acting like children and both need a lesson on how to Man Up.

  7. Fisher should knew how hard it is to text with a torn flexor tendon in the thumb. Young put it all on the line to send that text! -Comment of the day

    Children text an apology to your boss!
    Is Vince’s mom coming down to the office to speak to Fish about VY’s behavior also?

  8. True that. It seems as if VY has a hard time looking any aspects of his life directly in the face.

    Not the kind of guy you want leading your NFL franchise on the field.

  9. Man up Vince and apologize face to face, at least you might get traded to a decent team. No way your playing for the Titans next year.

  10. Pretty easy to read that this relationship is permanently broken. Fisher has had enough and he has slammed the door shut.

    Now he’s Bud’s problem.

  11. Sometimes I’m not sure which guy is more immature, Young or Fisher. He apologized the way people from his generation apologize. He threw a shoulder pad into the stands . Get over it. Or just watch Rusty Smith play QB for the next few weeks. After you go 0-6 and every internet rumor on Earth has Bud Adams firing your overrated ass( 6 winning seasons in 17 years, 2 playoff appearances since 2003); you’ll get over it fast.

  12. “face-to-face is a man thing”…Boom!
    What are the odds if Young and Fisher get in a fist fight?

  13. Look. This is very simple.
    Vince Young got a ridiculous amount of money in a rookie contract for an unproven player.
    That is a HUGE problem in the CBA.
    Ala Jarmarcus Russel, Young is lazy, not motivated to succeed, and cares very little about football.
    He has his money, he doesn’t care about anything else.

    He also knows Bud Adams forced Fischer to begin playing him after being drafted, and forced Fischer to insert him last season. He also hears Adams comments that appear to favor Young and undermine Fischers authority.
    All of that makes Young seem more entitled than he already feels, and encourages even more lacksadasical effort from Young.

    If I am Jeff Fischer I would make the case that Adams broke the contract giving Fischer control over roster and depth control and demand to be released from my contract at the end of the year.
    Let Bud Adams keep that loser Vince Young cause the Titans, nor Fischer will get to a Super Bowl with him as QB, and Young is a cancer to the team by being a bad influence to the younger players.

    Jeff Fischer is handling this the right way. You DO NOT let a player back talk or disrespect you as head coach or you will lose the entire team. (see Brad Childress)
    Hopefully every other team and coach takes notice and never signs Young to another contract.

  14. And before all you internet professors start critiqueing me, yes I know how I spelled Fisher’s name

  15. Vince 6 wont be Tenns problem next year. Our clueless owner will trade for him. Then say he reminds him of Ken Stabler…….

  16. “Sometimes I’m not sure which guy is more immature, Young or Fisher. He apologized the way people from his generation apologize. He threw a shoulder pad into the stands . Get over it. Or just watch Rusty Smith play QB for the next few weeks. After you go 0-6 and every internet rumor on Earth has Bud Adams firing your overrated ass( 6 winning seasons in 17 years, 2 playoff appearances since 2003); you’ll get over it fast.”

    completely agree. i dont know how fisher has lasted so long in tennessee. if not for vince young saving his job twice, then he would have been have long gone by now.

  17. Yes, Fisher is totally correct. Men talk face to face. Time for Young to realize that. And act like a man for ALMOST the first time in his life.

    I say almost because of the reports of his actions with Steve McNair’s sons. Doing father/son activities with them. That was a good, manly thing he did there. Being available for the family of a dead friend is what men do.

    Now he has to act the same professionally.

  18. how can anybody blame fisher on this?how many times does young get to throw tantrums cuss out his coach then use the old I am just a competitive guy excuse?fisher is his boss and he has to listen to him like it or not,pull these stunts in real life and see how fast you will be looking for a job. send him to the bills or bengals and see how good a qb he would be. send fisher there on the other hand and those teams may not win right away but they would not suck nearly as bad.young is and always has been overrated!

  19. Thing is, Vince is damned if he does, damned if he doesn’t. His presence is not welcome around the team, and presumably the coaches according to both Fisher and other team officials, so Vince I’m sure doesn’t feel welcome to make the personal, face to face apology.

    It’s less like breaking up via text message and more like texting in desperation to take you back after the restraining order has already been filed.

  20. very nice citizenstrange… you can be sure late night TV will have a field day with similar jokes… I’m just saddened it took til 8:53 until someone here took that tact with the humor.

  21. Why does VY have to lobby to start? That’s Fishers job not Young’s. The Titans sucked last yr & this yr due to Fisher’s inability to discipline his team. 18 yrs is too long. Jeffy needs to go not VY.

  22. #steelers6pack says: Nov 24, 2010 8:39 PM

    Time for Vinny to be a man! I am glad Fisher said that. Why do I have a feeling the Vinny will be the next Tony Dungy project!

    I called this the day that it happened! Tony Dungy’s hands will definitely be all over this one. He should start a football reality series.

  23. drbob117 says:
    Nov 24, 2010 7:26 PM
    Sometimes I’m not sure which guy is more immature, Young or Fisher. He apologized the way people from his generation apologize. He threw a shoulder pad into the stands . Get over it.

    This post is about as immature as VY himself, is that you Vince?

    No sir, there are proper ways to handle one’s business, generational quirks be damned. That is something you do face-to-face as a mature, respectable person would. Also throwing part of one’s uniform in the stands because one is miffed is HIGHLY Immature.

    If the OP is 17 or under he gets a pass due to naiveté, if not? well, hopefully he won’t breed or vote.

  24. Whatever you think of Jeff Fisher, he’s right that real men apologize face-to-face. Not through texting like some clueless teenager. I think that more than anything just confirms that Vince is completely lacking in any kind of maturity or self-awareness.

  25. nfl4ever: Dude, I’m 49, have several sheepskins on you, and simply don’t agree with you. You’ll notice that one earlier poster agreed with my point. I’ll spell it out for you. Young doesn’t handle himself very professionally, but there’s only one QB on that team who can play even a bit, and it’s VY. He couldn’t handle it face to face, because his “mature” boss told him not to come to the facility. His “mature” boss also felt that being a ‘man’ only applied to VY, since he felt that it was necessary to air all of the clubs dirty laundry throught the media, rather than “man to man” behind closed doors. If you were a member of the Titans , how sure would you be that the head coach has your back? You can bet that many players in that locker room have doubts at this point. The point of my post is really not to defend Young, he’s like a lot of pro athletes in that generation and could stand to grow up. But he’s 25. What’s Jeff Fisher’s excuse? Let’s just look at the facts: One week after the Redskins had just about 60 dropped on them by Philly, Fisher and his coaches designed a game plan good enough to total 16 points in nearly 5 quarters. Don’t you think that a “mature” coach might think to look in the mirror before he used the media to throw his player under the bus? I notice you didn’t post the part where I run down Fisher’s coaching record; I’ll bet you thought it was more impressive than that. In summary, I’ll just say that if you want to come off as a knowledgeable, mature ‘nfl4ever’ kind of guy , you may want to leave the juvenile ‘breed or vote’ stuff out of your post, and learn something about the game of football. Fisher is a slightly above average coach, and that’s about it. Same with Young as a QB. Bud Adams will figure out at the end of the season which guy he can live without. But don’t kid yourself into thinking that the blame for this circus is 100% in VY’s corner.

  26. Wow – sad and immature is an understatement. I mean, like 8th grade level emotional maturity.

    In all seriousness, this guy is self destructive in a big way. He needs some psych help quickly.

  27. as well it shouldnt. apologized via text message? shoulda gone and got bud first, gone to the team facility, and told Fisher what he really feels….all while standing directly behind bud….
    Mr. Adams,
    How bout you ditch both of these clowns? I think the only reason Fisher still has a job is because not very many people outside of Nashville really care about the Titans so Adams doesnt really feel any pressure to replace him. Not trying to knock them, but I think its sorta true. Even when they are doing well, no one really gives them much attention, save for the SB and 13-3 seasons, or when you’re RB is running like its going out of style. As others have posted, 6 winning seasons in 17 tries???? other than baseball, where is this a model of success???

    your analogy couldnt be more correct! Still absolutely immature to text an apology to YOUR BOSS (maybe a friend, but YOUR BOSS?????), but what else was he supposed to do? he wasnt allowed at the facility to apologize face to face…..i know i know, CALL!!!!!!!!!!! But even had he done that, it still wouldnt have been face to face.

  28. Dear Florio,

    What’s the fascination with Jeff Fisher being such an old school “good” coach. Only 6 winning seasons in 17 season, 1 Superbowl which he lost, consistently gets beat in the division by the Colts. its obvious he never wanted Vince from day one, but 30-17 as a starter although several issues along the way is a problem most teams would like to have. So he doesn’t like to get booed and gets upset when his coach benches him, would you rather he act like he not care and pull a McNaab? Personally I think Fisher is an overrated coach, and it’s time Titans make a change, even Tony Dungy and Bill Belicheck have been figured before (much better coaches by the way). Fisher is stubborn, has to much power, and has been acting like a child himself through the media as of late. One should admire that Vince even hurt wanted to come in. Remember he started 0-6 last year with Kerry as the starter, and somehow lasted the season even though it was the owners request to put Vince in, who may have very well saved his job. Vince may have his own issues but it doesn’t help when the person above doesn’t adapt to those around him. Also even if it was for charity I doubt you would ever see Andy Reid parading around in a Cowboys or Giants jersey for that matter.

  29. drbob117 says:
    Nov 24, 2010 11:00 PM
    nfl4ever: Dude, I’m 49, have several sheepskins on you
    Ok, whatever that means, I’m 45 and am not going to get in to a game of “Mine’s bigger than yours”, dude.

    Why are you hammering me regarding Fisher? I never said one word about him, good or bad. I only condemned Young’s behavior and the fact you thought it was OK, which really puts you in the minority within this thread.

    If young called, or asked for a face-to-face meeting with his coach and then was rejected then we might have a different story, but texting? seriously?

    I will say that Jeff Fisher probably has more respect and credibility than VY does in that locker room as well as around the league in general. This is not the first time Young has been a problem. He is immature and figures his talent will carry the day for him in lieu of working on his craft and being a leader on the team.

    Your initial comment just reminded me of how far the general expectations we have for decent behavior and appropriateness has been lowered.

  30. “While Young was trying to do the right thing by texting Fisher, he should be old enough to know there are more appropriate avenues to apologize to your boss for openly disrespecting him.”

    In other words…..Eighth Grade 101.

  31. @nfl4ever: You can’t have this discussion without exploring Fisher’s behavior.Expectations for decent behavior and appropriateness HAVE been lowered, and not just for Young. Fisher airs the Titans dirty laundry in the media . He’ll lose the locker room if that continues. Ask Brad Childress. Last year, Fisher was willing to start 0-6 to show Young who’s boss until Bud Adams made him play Young. Too late to save the season, VY still saved Fisher’s job. You would think that he would sit down with VY in the offseason and forge a mutual respect, based on mutual interest, namely to help the Titans win. Didn’t happen. You would think after scoring 15 points vs a team that had given up 60 last week, he would take the blame as the leader of the coaching staff. Didn’t happen. He’s not a leader. I’m not defending Young, in my earlier post, I said he needs to grow up. But it’s not 1965. The “my way or the highway” thing doesn’t work anymore. Don’t be surprised if Bud Adams decides he’s sick of both of these guys sooner rather than later.

  32. Honestly, I like Fisher… but if he thinks he has problems ow…. WAIT TILL MOSS EXPLODES AGAIN !
    I promise you Moss will be on the waiver wire again before the season is over.

  33. I believe that Vince Young needs to:

    1. Meet with Fisher, in private, and apologize and
    2. At a meeting with the players and all the coaches, apologize for his past actions and statements and
    3. At a press conference, apologize to all of the football world for his actions and statements.

    Only then, would I agree to CONSIDER his re-joining the team.

  34. As a die-hard Steelers fan, this is one reason I always had mad respect for Fisher. He is a true coach and leader. He runs his team, not the players. He bends over backwards to support his players, but he commands respect in return – as it should be.

    I always said Fisher would have been a great coach for the Steelers. He is the kind of guy the Rooneys would love.

  35. Fisher is the most man coach in the NFL. When any of his players goes down on the field he always go out to check on them – instead of standing on the sideline like a dolt.
    Last year during the draft when CJ was talking about the whole team was supposed to help him get 2000 instead of winning – Fisher marched right up to to the interview desk during the draft and set the record straight.
    Once you two year old QB throws his pads into the stands in front of 60,000 loyal fans and then marches down the tunnel in front of the media with a half dressed teammate begging you to come back, and then tweets that he has been asked to lave the facility – you have no choice but to address this non sense.

    The Titans have sold out every game they have ever played in Nashville – the fans there deserve to have a team they can cheer for. Hard earned ticket money should not be wasted on Vince Young.

  36. If not for Fisher vs Young who whould comment on anything – I mean ANYTHING – to do with the Titans? The best example of “A tempest in a teapot” I’ve ever seen.

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