Tony Romo could play on Christmas Day

The NFL’s sole offering on Christmas Day will be the Dallas Cowboys visiting the Arizona Cardinals, a game between two teams that could be mathematically eliminated from playoff contention at the time.

But in news that could make the game slightly more interesting, the Star-Telegram reports that Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo could make his return on December 25.

“He’s in early,” Cowboys coach Jason Garrett said of Romo. “He’s in that training room at 7 a.m. every morning. And he’s in our meetings. Once we go out on the practice field they have a whole regimen for him to go through some different rehab stuff. He’s very much involved. The ideas keep coming, and he’s engaged with our football team.”

We’ve previously noted a report that Romo could be back a week before Christmas, December 19 against the Redskins, but either way, the real question is whether it makes any sense for Romo to play again this year.

At 3-7, the only way the Cowboys have any conceivable chance of being in playoff contention this season is if they win every game the rest of the way. If they do keep winning, Garrett might decide to go with the hot hand in Jon Kitna. And if they don’t keep winning, why rush Romo back from his broken collarbone just so he can play a couple of meaningless games?

So even if Romo is healthy enough to play by late December, it seems unlikely that we’ll see him again this season.

11 responses to “Tony Romo could play on Christmas Day

  1. @MDS – “And if they don’t keep winning, why rush Romo back from his broken collarbone just so he can play a couple of meaningless games?”

    The answer to that is quite simple.. because Jason Garrett is auditioning for the Head Coaching job.. if he feels like Romo might give him a chance to put a few more “Ws” in the win/loss column, he’s going to do it!

  2. what if Kitna keeps playing the way he has the last two weeks? Do you really bench him for Romo, who led the team to one win before getting hurt?

  3. They’d be better off sticking with Kitna. Tony Romo is Brett Fare Jr. when it comes to making bone headed plays in the clutch.

  4. Maybe Santa will bring some talent to Dallas so they can put a decent product on the field or at the very least tickets to the superbowl so they can watch it in person in their new stadium. hohoho

  5. “Help me ” beat me to it

    Why?……do they have something against high draft picks? If we work really hard we can finish 6-10 guys!!!!!

  6. Cowboys keep winning, they get a mid first round pick, keep Garrett and next year watch them fall apart again.

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