Bengals lead Jets at halftime

On a Thanksgiving Day featuring a bad team playing against a good team in all three games, the bad teams are holding their own — and may just win one yet.

First it was the Lions jumping out to an early lead before faltering late against the Patriots. Then it was the Cowboys getting run over early but taking a fourth quarter lead, only to blow it and lose to the Saints. And now it’s the Bengals surprisingly leading the Jets at halftime.

Cincinnati leads 7-3 at the half.

The Bengals scored on a seven-yard pass from Carson Palmer to Jordan Shipley with just 54 seconds to play in the second quarter, capping what was otherwise a lousy half of play from the Bengals’ offense. Shipley’s score came one play after what would have been an amazing catch in the end zone from Chad Ochocinco; the officials on the field ruled that one of Ochocinco’s feet had just barely come down out of bounds, and the referee upheld that call on further review.

The Jets’ defense is playing well, but the offense hasn’t been able to get into the end zone, and the Bengals have a chance at being the losing team that pulls the upset this Thanksgiving.

12 responses to “Bengals lead Jets at halftime

  1. The Bengals have as much talent as anybody. They’ve given games away. The Jets are over-rated. They won a bunch of 3-point games.

  2. TD thanks to an absolutely bogus “hitting a defenseless receiver” penalty at the goal line. Don’t worry Bungles you will find a way to cough this one up too.

  3. I want PFT to write an article explaining to fans regarding the terminology of challenges. For instance, people always get infuriated when refs don’t overturn a call that probably should have been overturned (the Ochocinco catch for example). If people understood terminology it would be much more smooth. I’ll do it for PFT. If a play is confirmed, it’s obviously what was called on the field. If a play stands, it means that the play may have been incorrect on the field, but the evidence to overturn was inconclusive. And finally, of course if a play is overturned, it’s well the opposite of what was called on the field.

  4. Should have been overturned?? Come on now, everyone saw his heel hit the white. Not by much but it was there. And most half intelligent people who watch football don’t need an explanation of the rules.

    And to 4sacroc, I see you are just hoping for a split. Yes that’s right people, behind all of your Jets bashing is a victory over New England.

  5. Theisman is the worst play by play guy I’ve ever heard!! NFL Network cant find someone better than this clown? Nothing he says makes sense.

  6. Another Bengals turnover.

    This team has talent, but it’s losses are not accidental. They just don’t do the fundamentals well. Fumbling a punt is a damning mistake.

  7. Joe Thiesman needs to find a hole and dive head first into. He’s making this game damn near unwatchable. How did he see that ball hit Caldwells helmet right away when you couldn’t even see it on replays? He also acts like he never threw an interception or made a dumb play…anybody else can’t stand him?

  8. Where all the Ben Gals Banwagon fans from last year !!! They were all over the place posting on how they take the North by storm and now you see one or two post from a ben Gals fan here and there

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