Brady’s big day puts Lions away

For three quarters, the Lions finally gave us a good early Thanksgiving game.  Then the Patriots reminded everyone why they are the highest scoring team in the league and showed why the Lions can’t close games out.

New England defeated Detroit 45-24, scoring 28 unanswered points in the final 21 minutes.  Rookie Patriot Devin McCourty picked off two passes for a defense that struggled to get off the field.   Tom Brady completed 21-of-27 passes for 341 yards and four touchdowns.  He’s thrown 13 scores with no picks in his last six games.

The Patriots dramatically changed their offensive approach this offseason away from their spread approach.  Despite no true No. 1 threat, they’ve arguably come up with the second best New England offense of the Brady era.

They averaging 30.4 points-per-game because of the brutal efficiency of their two tight end sets and the effectiveness of their ever-changing weekly game plans.  They don’t turn the ball over or take penalties.

On Thursday, Deion Branch got involved with a long score and Wes Welker continued his improved play of late with eight catches, 90 yards, and two scores.  Rob Gronkowski chipped in with five catches and 65 yards.

The Lions defensive line dominated action early, knocking Brady to the ground multiple times.  The Patriots adjusted on the fly with quick throws to slow the pass rush down, then found more time for vertical plays late in the game.

No one adjusts better than Brady and the Patriots.  With a motley crew of weapons, Brady has to be near the top of any MVP talk with 23 touchdowns and four interceptions.   More importantly, the team moved to 9-2 with Thursday’s win.

The Patriots now have 11 days to prepare for their titanic Monday Night matchup with the Jets, who play in the Thanksgiving nightcap in a few hours.

Your move, Rex.

24 responses to “Brady’s big day puts Lions away

  1. The Lions are a much improved team and Jim Schwartz has them going in the right direction. The Pats were just too much for them but these guys will be favored on Thanksgiving from now on. Very entertaining game.

  2. N. Suh decided to take more of a leadership role and led his defensive mates in a half-time group chant. Unfortunately the only one he could remember the words to went like this..

    “Ring o ring o roses,
    Pocket holds a poser,
    Aw shoot, aw shoot,
    We all FALL DOWN!”..

  3. Detroit is finally moving in right direction…plays everyone tough @ home. Needs a road win this season though.

    1 more good Millen-less draft…and they’ll be very tough.

    Don’t think NE will lose to jets…but beware of Chicago game after…short week, road game, and Bears getting better.

  4. It was always fun to hear stories about the greats that my dad and grandpa got to see play.

    I believe Tom Brady is one of those greats that we will be telling our grandkids about.

  5. hobartbaker says:
    Nov 25, 2010 4:25 PM
    N. Suh decided to take more of a leadership role and led his defensive mates in a half-time group chant. Unfortunately the only one he could remember the words to went like this..

    “Ring o ring o roses,
    Pocket holds a poser,
    Aw shoot, aw shoot,
    We all FALL DOWN!”..
    Man, I hope you’re only 6 years old!!

  6. The most impressive thing about the New England offense is how few possessions they have had.

    They score at a terrifyingly efficient rate.

  7. all4patriots says:
    Nov 25, 2010 4:43 PM
    If Brady played half his games in a dome, there would be no debate about who is the greatest QB

    Why is there a debate? He’s the best. Period.

    Most rings? Brady

    Peyton throw a pick six in the Super Bowl and cost his team a Super Bowl win.

    The debate is over.

  8. Geeez. That 2 TE set is hard to stop. As I was watching how efficient it is, I wondered if Bellicheat knew he was going to trade Moss way back when he drafted Gronk.

  9. I am so happy to see the gradual scrapping of the spread. Finesse O isn’t tough minded O and this is a much tougher minded team now.
    ALSO…TOM BRADY HAS NOT THROWN AN INT SINCE RANDY MOSS (responsible for two of Brady’s 4 ints) was on the team.

  10. @nomesayin

    Keep hatin’ hater…Pats now 48-15 since ESPN’s glorification of the non-story that was “spygate”…yea, that’s right…48 and freakin’ 15 since that day as a REBUILDING TEAM!…LOL…yea, must have been those signals that were in plain view to 70,000 people in the stadium that made them good….yea, that’s it

  11. pastabelly says:
    Nov 25, 2010 7:02 PM
    Brady needs to beat the Jets next weekend and then the MVP talk can begin. It’s too early and that game is huge.

    But Phillip Rivers – at 5 & 5 – can be talked up as an MVP right now, huh? That’s what we’re hearing lately.

  12. I’m not against Philip Rivers being talked up for MVP – he’s been superb.

    This game was a lot like the game @ Miami – Patriots came out from flat first half by scoring 35 second half points and defense stepped up.

  13. This retooled offense is far more inline with what they did on offense during their Superbowl era. This offense also has a lot more diversity inherent to it. Also, the Pats FINALLY have the talent at Tightend that they’ve been looking for for many years. Graham, Watson and the others were pretty good….but really not what they had hoped for. Now with this group with Crumpler, Gronkowski and Hernandez…wow! The Pats will be able to switch it up on the fly and constantly keep opponents guessing and back on their heels.

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