Cowboys nearly force overtime with 59-yard field goal try


Thank you, NFL.

After years of crappy Thanksgiving football, we got the kind of game good enough to hold off the tryptophan.

And we almost got some overtime.

Cowboys kicker David Buehler narrowly missed a 59-yard field goal try that would have knotted the game at 30.

Instead, the Saints moved to 8-3 with a 30-27 victory.

Bengals, Jets.  It’s up to you to keep us all awake.

30 responses to “Cowboys nearly force overtime with 59-yard field goal try

  1. Wow, a great Thanksgiving day game. Made even better by sticking a stake in the pukes hearts. Thanks for the help in the “clutch” moment there Roy!

  2. Those who didn’t watch the game will look at stats and say Drew Brees didn’t play all that well.

    The guy was amazing today with one pin point pass after another.

    The drops skewed his numbers.

  3. This game could have been put away early if the Saints would have even tried to establish some sort of a running game.

    The statistics aren’t usually in favor of teams content on dropping back and slinging 20-yard passes on every down.

  4. I remember when Jerry said he would buy the naming rights to Paul Brown Stadium for $5 million and told Mike Brown he could double that in about five minutes.

    Well how is that deal going Jerry?
    You still haven’t sold the rights, your team is stinking up the league, fans are turning away, PSL’s are still not sold out, people will stop paying on the ones already purchased then file bankruptcy to prevent you from collecting from them.

    LIFE IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Well Cowboys fan, they haven’t quit. And they showed some pride today.

    This year, that will have to be enough.

  6. I didn’t get to watch this game, but I might load up my NFL Game Pass and watch it online… Looks like it was a phenomenal comeback with a re-comeback lol 🙂

  7. the boys might as well as had sheila e out there instead of roy e.

    roy e could have turned away from jenkins or just gone down. might have saved the game.

    but dallas did cover for me. i was expecting quitna to toss a pick six in the waning seconds.

  8. If not for the Patriots 4th quarter blow out of the Lions, both games would have been nail biters. For three quarters the Lions gave the Patsies a run for their money. Sadly they ruined all the fun for 99% of America in the 4th quarter. Guessing from the reaction in my home today, a majority of NFL fans are sick and tired of the Patriots. We had a good cross section of fans present, and it seems the Pats are a big turn off. Everyone wanted them to lose, and everyone is sick and tired of watching them.

    The Cowboys/Saints game didn’t look so good in the first half, but it got exciting in the second half. It’s been a while since a Thanksgiving game was nothing more than background noise while we drank and consumed mass quantities.

    I enjoyed my day, and I hope all you guys did as well. Happy Thanksgiving.

  9. reggie bush nearly turned an easy saints win into a loss on his own. 3 plays one in first half a swing pass to him he shortarms as he sees he is going to be hit – saw right there his mind was elsewhere. then with 14 point lead in 3rd quarter he is all alone on cowboys 8 yardline no defenders withinn 10 yards in any direction and a clear path to endzone he gets hit in hands with perfect 10 yard long pass from brees and drops it on 3rd down. saints kick fg he cost them 4 points. then next time cowboys got ball saints stop them and cowboys punt he on his own running sideways fumbles and loses ball on saints 15 then cowboys score td. then game was a blowout he put 11 points on cowboys board and put them back in the game. after his 3rd blunder payton never put that punk in again.

    graham butterfingers both on the interception and the pass he despite having a firm solid tight grip on the pass he caught coughed that one up too in the red zone.

    brilliant decision punting not kicking earlier fg when you let your kicker later try from 59 yards.

  10. It’s too bad the Cowboys don’t have a defense. The turnover to the Saints that ended in their final score happen at the Saints 15 yard line.

  11. As a member of the Who Dat Nation I have to commend the ‘Boys on a game played hard if not well.

    The Saints made their share of mistakes – Reggie – but the magnificent Drew Brees pulled it out again. Dallas just made more mistakes than N.O. did. 7 forced fumbles…come on Saints, you gotta get 4 of ’em, not just 2!

    But it was a Happy, Happy Thanksgiving in our home, I hope it was for y’all!

  12. I’m so thrilled the Saints won because they deserved to win. The refs missed a totally obvious hold on that long Miles Austin touchdown run so that should never have occured. So everything balanced out in the end.

  13. Btw, as a Saints fan, I think it’s time to consider what life would be like without Reggie Bush. I think this team was just starting to really find its groove without him. Bush had a dropped pass for a sure touchdown and a fumble that became 7 points for the other team. I think Chris Ivory is a much better downhill runner and I hope he is the future of the Saints.

  14. nothing better than seeing stuck up, snooty cowboy fans have to keep their snobby mouths shut after losing.


  15. @raiders757

    Glad to see that my boys could ruin the first game for you and your guests.

    By the way, thank Seymour for giving Big Ben a wakeup call for me. At least your team still is ready to kick ass in some way.

  16. @pigpenrapeswoman – I don’t think it’s time yet to write Bush off yet. Even with him off the field but activated they had to game plan for him and it’s always something they have to watch out for. When he’s on the field for a play but his number isn’t called the Saints still made a big gain on the play with Reggie as the decoy. This is what he can do for us. I think we have to blame Sean Payton for putting Reggie in a position to get hit on the punt return. The reason I’m blaming SP is because he SAW how rusty Reggie was on the dropped pass in the red zone. That was time to bench him. Just bad play calling.

    I still believe once he shakes off the rust he’ll help us get to the post season.


  17. Annnnnnd, wide right.

    You would’ve lost in overtime anyhow, Dallas. Lick your wounds, accept it’s an 0-5 run from here, bitches.

  18. What’s with all the crapping on the Cowboys? I didn’t see the game, but it seems to me that they played hard and almost pulled off the upset. Could you imagine them doing that if Wade was still in town?

  19. First it’s “Who’s That?” Stop talking like retards. Second, why wasn’t Dez Bryant on the field? The guy didn’t have one catch all game and had been without a doubt Kitna’s favorite target. Garrett may be dumber than Wade.

  20. At 3-8 NOW we can put to rest all those Cowboys to the Super Bowl retards. To the NFL I too love it when a plan comes together. The Cowboys had no chance of making the playoffs the NFL was not goingto allow them to have a homefield Super Bowl and risk NE, Philly, New York, and any other cold weather team to want a Super Bowl. Good Job Goddell.

  21. Shouldn’t have even been that close, nice non-call on Witten’s blatant holding during Austin’s 60-yd TD, and also nice to call a penalty on Alex Brown, while Will Smith was blatantly face-masked, which allowed the Cowboys field goal range right before the half. 10 free points from the refs. Awful officiating. Glad I don’t get fined for saying it.

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