Giants send Shawn Andrews to hospital with back pain

A day after practicing with the Giants on a limited basis despite a back injury, guard Shawn Andrews showed up for work and was unable to go, according to Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger.

But there’s more to the story.  According to a league source, Andrews was in so much pain that he eventually was sent to a local hospital.

It’s unknown how long he stayed or whether he was admitted as a patient.

Andrews has struggled with back problems for years.  He fought through his most recent episode, which developed during the November 14 game against the Cowboys, to play in the November 21 loss to his former team, the Eagles.

The injury-riddled Giants host the 6-4 Jaguars on Sunday.

39 responses to “Giants send Shawn Andrews to hospital with back pain

  1. It’s awful funny that he has had “back pain” for years and has hardly ever played but always collected paychecks but not one doctor has ever been able to diagnose what the problem is.

    Must be a very good actor, but give him credit, at least he is duping NFL owners and not Social Security…………yet.

  2. @thedumbest1

    Really? You do realize you have a dog MURDER on your team right? A guy that gets his rocks off killing, strangeling and brutaly torturing animals. Yeah oh my do the eagles know when to hold em and when to fold em. Dumb ass. This scum bag is your starting quarterback and you classless eagles fans are proud of this douche bag? Some say he did his time for his actions but did he? No he did not. He did his time for running an illegal dog fighting gambling ring NOT for killing these poor dogs. Just because the guys a phenominal football player doesn’t make him a good citizen or a MAN. I guess I’m wasting my breath because this comment came from an Eagles fan so I guess I should expect nothing less from you scum bags. There is a reason why there is a prison in your own stadium Losers. And yes I am a Giants fan. Am I bitter because we lost? NOPE. Do you know why? Because the Eagles will implode just like they do EVERY YEAR. How many superbowls have yall won? Having trouble counting? Oh and I realize the city of brotherly love has horrible school systems so “phenominal” is a compliment of his athletic ability.

  3. @giantsfan82

    You’re still upset that Mike Vick beat your team last week. Honestly how many NFL players have killed human beings and then still played? Don’t hear much about them…

  4. @giantsfan

    generally “classy” people dont go around calling other people classless and trash talking people. thats not classy lol. also, there’s no prison in our stadium. glad you know your facts moron

  5. I think Giantsfan82 is mad b/c the Giants lost to the Eagles. Denial is an ugly thing, loser. Just go back to hanging out in your smelly ass city while I cherish your loss.

  6. I understand that anyone with a trace of intelligence leaves Philly. The city has been losing it’s population for fifty years. Yet, I am impressed at how stupid and ignorant Eagles fans are. Andrews has a contract that is structured so he essentially doesn’t see any money unless he plays, the Giants can cut him anytime with no obligations and almost no cap hit (if and when the cap comes back), and NY retains his rights as long as they want it. Having Andrews is a win-win for the Giants even if he never plays another game. He has played extremely well up to now and if his back is finally shot, the Giants cut him without owing him millions. Sorry you guys got stuck holding the bag with him. Talk to your coach and owner. They signed him to a ridiculous contract. NY didn’t. He’s doing great in NY and if he’s finally done, they got tremendous short term value out of him and they kick him to the curb. If you want to troll on a Giants post, at least have some hint about what it is you’re talking about.

  7. hah giants fan… guy above you only stated that the eagles know when to cut their losses, and you completely spazz out? typical giants fan.

    anyways, Shawn Andrews has all-pro level talent at the guard position, hall of fame even, but due to injuries, he will never again reach that level. The Eagles recognized this. Your Giants took a low-risk, high-reward flier on Shawn, and sadly it failed. Tough luck for him.

    As for the Vick issue, you’re just a hater. He paid his debt to society for financially backing the dog ring and also killing dogs. If he was a Giant, you wouldn’t be talking all the mess you are.

    I am fine with people calling Philly classless, just not anyone who is a Giants fan. New York fans are just as bad, if not worse. Don’t get it twisted. To answer your one question, yeah… you are COMPLETELY bitter.

  8. @giantsfan82

    LMAO..ur just bitter cuz MV whooped ur ass last week..hahahah. no but seriously, get over it already.

  9. @giantsfan82

    Please check your grammar/English before you post. You can’t “murder” dogs by definition – you genius! A murder is the unlawful killing of a HUMAN BEING. By the various misspelling mistakes and grammatical errors in your post…Its ironic that you’re knocking Philly schools and you can’t spell or use words in their proper context.

    We beat you guys….and I’m loving watching you and salty ass Giants fans be all mad. I’m loving watching your secondary get exposed. I’m loving watching YOUR team implode. Thats 5 straight losses to the Eagles. No matter how many Super Bowl rings, etc…..WE’VE BEATEN YOU 5 STRAIGHT TIMES.

  10. giantsfan82…..

    1. You sound like a guy with egg on his face for falling for the Shawn Andrews “hustle” (Actually, this is the only “hustling” you’ll be seeing him do, besides to the bank with his gamecheck)

    2. Your viewpoints on Vick actually shows your either, A: still bitter about the onset of the annual G-men collapse; B: You realized that Vick has become a better passer than “Eli the invincible”; or C: A loser who makes himself feel better about his pathetic life by continually berating people for their past mistakes.

  11. Who pissed in this guy’s gravy? FYI there are holding cells in almost every major sports arena, you moron. How many Super Bowls have you won? None, same as the rest of us.

  12. @Giantsfan/east96st BAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    I recall you guys talking SO MUCH ish on how stupid the Eagles were for letting him go, how he will flourish in NY, he will be a pro bowl tackle etc etc. Your saltiness is the FUNNIEST thing Ive seen all day. Im SURE you wouldnt want Vick on YOUR “classy” team. Do you realize how stupid you look? I cant stop laughing. Yea some GREAT “value” you got for Shawn. Absolutely GREAT?!!? HHAHAH. Sorry Vick beat your “best team in the NFC” (before Eagles beat them and also dropped a few TD’s that woulda sealed game in first quarter) But please continue your embarrassing rant. Also continue taking our trash off the scrap heap and keep thinking everything will work out in your wonderful city. Enjoy your ride down to the bottom of the NFC. How bout them COWBOYS?!?! lol. This just made my day.
    BTW…everyone knows that you andeast96 are the same person. You really have us fooled. Sorry NOONE agrees with you so you have to use a 2nd account as damage control.

  13. EAGLES Fan it doesn’t matter that the EAGLES have beaten the GIANTS 5 times in a row. So what the Cowboys whipped the Eagles 3 times last year. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is SuperBowl championships and your Eagles have none. For crying out some of the worse franchises in all of NFL history have won Superbowls the Bucs and the Saints and they came into the League after the EAGLES. SO SHUT UP EAGLES FANS. EAGLE FANS CANT TALK UNTIL THEIR TEAM WINS A SUPERBOWL CHAMPIONSHIP PERIOD. THE ONLY TEAM IN THE NFC EAST THAT HASN’T WON A SUPERBOWL. OUCH. SO CHERISH THOSE REGULAR SEASON WINS.

  14. Shawn Andrews is playing extremely well in NY???
    Really?He only got on the field because of all your injuries idiot..It’s not like he signed and came in a took over a starting spot LOL

  15. I hope this is only a small problem and he can get back on the field. Even if it is with the Giants.

    But you got to give Andy Reid credit like everyone gives Bellicheck. Andy knows when its time to move on from a player. Besides Derrick Burgess every player the Eagles have moved on from has went on to do nothing after they left Philly. He never gives up on a guy to early and usually doesnt hang on to them to long.

    I think he deserves the respect as 1 of the best coaches in league for knowing when moving on from a player is in the best interest of the team.

  16. I hope Santa brings all of you Eagles fans some Kevlar for Christmas. It’ll serve 2 purposes:

    1. Keep your man-tits from sagging to the floor more than they already are

    2. Protect the chest area from getting even more bruised and battered from all the poundings it is taking.

    You guys talk so much crap about how much the Giants suck, right? Are you losers always this amped up when the Eagles beat a team that sucks? Yeah, I thought so…

    Bitter? Please…..I’m over a loss in about 30 seconds. My life doesn’t revolve around a football team. Go get some help for those anger issues, ladies. 2nd half collapse? Is that anything like a playoff collapse? I know you guys know what THAT is. You see it from your team every year.

  17. Oh, and who the hell is this Trent Cole guy I keep hearing about? There was an Eagles defender who played on Sunday who, try as he may, just couldn’t get past a certain member of the Giants O-line, and was held to just a single tackle in the game.

    Was that Trent Cole, the greatest DE in the game? The guy who slapped him down all night sure looked a hell of a lot like a former Eagle. Good thing for the Giants that Andy is so brilliant that he knew when to fold ’em, eh?

  18. To say that giantsfan only hates Vick because of the loss last week is unfair. There are people who had no vested interest in that game who also will NEVER forgive or believe Vick.

    I am a Giants fan. Yes, the Eagles have absolutely owned the Giants over the past few years. I assumed/hoped going into this year that we could split with Philly, with the win being in NY. With all the injuries, I assumed even more we would lose in Phily (and no, I am NOT playing the injury card…Giants made enough mistakes where they did not deserve to win).

    All that being said, I am glad Vick is not on my team. There are many players around the league that I am glad are not on my team. T.O.. Donte Stallworth, Braylon Edwards, and Vick just to name a few.

    Some may be excellent players who I am sure could help the Giants out, especially now. But I could not bring myself to root for these players just because I don’t like how they conduct themselves off the field.

    If Lawrence Taylor was a Giant player now, I sure couldn’t root for him.

  19. @giantsfan, the new eagles stadium DOES NOT have a holding cell in it. you need to research first before you blast someone. is vick a scumbag, yes, i agree…but off the field. on the field, the guy is a beast right now, and a hell of QB. im not inviting the guy over for dinner, so i dont care what he does off the field, he will be judged by the big man when his time comes. and no im not an eagles fan im a redskins fan. too many people blast eagles fans for being “dopes”. but ya know, they know alot more about the sports they love than most fans! p.s. eagles fans you can 5 back!!

  20. WOW! Man Giants fan I think you should go to the hospital with Sister Andrews that way you both can get treated for your bruised vagina. I promise you next game our recievers won’t drop the ball, and we’ll treat Redskins style. Then you can cry even more about what a scumbag we are. However, you should stop, you’re sounding more and more like Keith Brooking.

  21. We have Giants fans attacking Eagles fans, Eagles fans attacking Giants fans, and a Redskins fan even weighed in, but we’re forgetting the big picture here: Shawn Andrews is a no-heart waste of talent who has probably played his last game this year.

    PS: You Giants fans ripping Vick are just pissed because you have the wrong Manning under center – and you traded Philip Rivers and draft picks to get him

  22. jakethesnake57 says: Yeah because Phillip rivers has more super bowl rings than Eli. Right? Wrong. It’s all about the rings and rivers can’t get it done in the playoffs. And eli has just as many superbowl rings as Payton who has been in the league for much longer

  23. theblowedone says:
    Giantsfan/east96st BAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    “I recall you guys talking SO MUCH ish on how stupid the Eagles were for letting him go, how he will flourish in NY, he will be a pro bowl tackle etc etc.”

    Really? Find that post and I’ll gave $100,000 for your trailer. I was pissed when they signed Andrews – UNTIL I read what was in the contract. It’s a no lose contract for NY and, BTW, he shut down your “all pro” Cole the whole game. So, given what little money they spent on him, absolutely he was worth it. If you knew anything about football you would know that. Dying city, loser fans. Same old Philly. All that really needs to be said is this February another team will lift the Lombardi trophy for the 45th time. That will make 45 years in a row that it won’t be won by Philly. At least you guys have Detroit to keep you company in the 45 year Super Bowl loser club. Of course, Detroit has the excuse that they never played in one and blew it by trying to run the ball when their top WR was ripping up the opposing D and having their QB blow chunks on the field.

  24. Who cares about Andrews contract, are you paying him? My point is that he takes up a roster spot and he can’t be counted on because he doesn’t have the heart to play the game, as he’s proving now. Does it make you happy that the Giants are saving some cash but your O-line is decimated and Andrews has played his last game? As for him shutting down Trent Cole, Andrews 2 holding penalties and the half dozen that weren’t called had something to do with that.
    Plus: are you seriously going to tell me that Eli is a better QB than Rivers? You must be joking.

  25. Physically, I don’t think that Rivers is a better QB than Rivers. Especially not this year. But most Giants fans are supporters of Eli’s because he is BETTER SUITED to NY.

    Early in his career, Rivers was just WAY too immature to handle NY. He simply would have been crucified. Hell, he could barely deal with the San Diego media! How tough can they be?

    As a Giant fan, I like Eli. I like a player that has charachter and can be counted on as a respected citizen OUTSIDE of football.

    Yeah, I know…what a stupid concept that is for a football fan… respect a guy with charachter. To me, some things are just as important as wins and losses. I don’t think I have to worry about Eli getting busted for running a dogfighting ring, driving drunk and killing someone, or beating the crap out of his wife.

  26. Sorry, I should have said “Physically,I don’t think Manning is a better QB than Rivers.” My bad.

  27. Eli is a joke. Super Bowl MVP my ass. Giants fans and all other fans alike all know that the Giants D-Line won that game. Yeah, I’m a Philly fan but I was rooting for the Giants all the way. They earned it. And the Giants D-Line was the sole reason for that win.

  28. Eagles fan here & long time New Yorker.

    Trust me, once you suffer a serious back injury, it’s never the same. 25 years after doing just that playing college football, I am able to do endurance sports competitively but every time i move a piece of furniture, the next day i can barely walk, and it takes about a week to recover. It’s no wonder that the first start he made in however many years caused a serious flare up.

    S.A. is a tremendously talented athlete who unfortunately suffered an effectively career ending injury 3 years ago.

    I’m sure all of you tough guys questions his “heart” have made it through numerous NFL training camps & games. You haven’t? Oh right…then STFU.

  29. If the prerequisite for posting an opinion on this site was NFL experience, than nobody would be posting here – and that includes you janvan. I’m basing my opinion on following Andews career from the start and listening to people like Tra Thomas, who had back surgery himself and continued to play, and Jon Runyan, who played through every injury imaginable and never missed a game. They both have questioned his heart. Do those guys have enough cred to have an opinion? If they do or if they don’t – SMD

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