Lions begin calling each other out

Despite a typical 2-9 record, there’s a sense that it’s an atypical year for the Lions.  Though they’ve lost seven more than they’ve won, the Lions have kept many games close.

They kept Thursday’s game against the Patriots more than close; they raced to a 14-3 lead and held a seven-point margin at halftime.

But once the Patriots woke up, the Lions couldn’t keep up.

After the game, a couple of Lions made their displeasure with their teammates clear.  Per Jennifer Hammond of FOX 2 in Detroit (via Chris Burke of FanHouse), defensive lineman Corey Williams said that some of his teammates are “essentially just collecting a paycheck.”  Cornerback Chris Houston added that some of the players gave up following big plays from the Pats, and that they need to be called out.

It’s the latest sign of trouble for second-year coach Jim Schwartz, who has come under fire for some of the team’s struggles this season.

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  1. This Lions team is still 1000% better than what we’ve seen the past few years. Schwartz has been a good coach for them.

  2. Corey Williams was an Opie Savage bust who couldn’t even make it in Cleveland. If he wants to call somebody out, he should perhaps start with the guy in the mirror.

  3. Interesting choice of words from Corey Williams. All he did in Cleveland was collect a paycheck and pout until they sent him packing.

  4. It absolutely makes no sense for Detroit to get rid of Schwartz. Whoever assembled the parts on this team (Millen is part of this) is the problem. Their pass defense is so bad that it makes New England’s look good.

  5. Jim Schwartz has to take ownership of this team. He’s had 2 off seasons to change things and they are the SAME OLD LIONS. I hope Schwartz chokes on his turkey at the table. He should be fired Friday morning at 9 AM.

  6. Happy Lion’s Day everybody!
    We should all be thankful that there is only one day a year when we have to think about the Lions.

  7. Seriously, pastabelly? I hope for your sake you’re kidding or just going through a period of hysteria because you clearly don’t know football.

  8. Corey Offsides Williams calling team mates out? What a joke. He’s almost as much of an idiot as kj1974! Fire the Schwartz? He still has too many of Mildred Millen’s 10 years of hell players left to make a difference. And if you can’t see improvement kj, maybe you should pull your head out of Millen’s a$$ or the porcelin Goddess, it has to be in one of those…………….

  9. That would be typical Lions. Keep Wayne Fontes long after it’s obvious he’s not a good coach, keep Matt Millen long after it’s painfully obvious that he has no clue what he’s doing, then fire the one decent coach you’ve had in a long time and probably watch him go somewhere else (Chicago? Minnesota?) and be successful against you for years to come. Yes the Lions should be better this year but they should also have their star caliber quarterback.

  10. People criticizing the Lions after seeing them once this year should probably slow it down a bit.

    Yes, they blow leads because they don’t “know how to win”, but a lack of depth and inconsistent offense and defense don’t help. Corey Williams has actually been the most consistent player on the defense all year. He’s helping Ndamukong Suh lead DT’s in Pro Bowl votes, so he’s probably one of the guys that can do some calling out.

    Schwartz is doing what he can. He’s building a UFL team into an NFL team and he’s had 2 years and two drafts. As a Lions fan I’ll even admit that he’s made some coaching gaffes, but he’s learning on the job. Give this team some depth and their most important player and their a 6-4 team.

    And you can’t criticize the GM for this team, he’s done a better job than anyone could have imagined. Fans of other teams have no idea or way to even comprehend what an absolute mess this organization was at it’s low point.

  11. tiffpats and florioisatool,

    You do realize that pastabelly was saying that Detroit’s pass defense makes New England’s pass defense look good. Reading comprehension is very important if you want to be critical of what someone posts.

  12. @tiffpats4eva
    Pastabelly was referring to New England’s Pss defense. You misread or misunderstood his point.

    @ florioisatool
    In what world is New Englands 31st ranked pass defense good? How can you challenge Pastabelly’s knowledge when he is exactly right? I clearly see that you don’t know football, but hopefully you know math. 31st of 32 teams means that NE’s worse than all but 1 other team in defending the pass.

  13. “Hello, number 27 of the Lions? This is Tom Brady calling. I’m sorry I had to OWN you all day. It was kinda like eating a potato chip. Once I started, I just couldn’t help myself. Happy Thanksgiving”

    “Hello, Alphonso? This is Deion Branch…”

  14. Listen, you Lions fans can be proud of the job this team did for a good chunk of this football game. I watched it in the company of my family full of Patriots fans and PFT’s own Joe Brocato, and Joe can attest how nervous we all were that New England was going to have another “Cleveland” game.

    This team is better than their record shows, they just need to string together 60 minuutes instead of 40. For about forty minutes, they played about as good a game as you can against a VERY talented Patriots team. I was impressed with their offensive line, their second string QB, and a pretty good defense – for the most part.

  15. @ Tiffpats4eva,

    On behalf of pastabelly I apologize that he/she placed the apostraphe in the wrong spot. Any normal person could EASILY understand what was meant. Please just admit that you in over your head when it comes to reading, and then we can drop this whole thing. I am proud of you though. Look at you using the Internet like a big girl. Hopefully the bright lights and fast movement on the computer screen don’t overwhelm you. Don’t you have a Twilight movie that you should be watching?

  16. Lions are headed in the right direction, Schwartz is doing a excellent job considering what he was handed, and the injuries they’ve had.

  17. ANyone who thinks Schwartz should be fired already is simply IGNORANT.

    He needs 4 full years to right this ship. Williams is right, they aren’t done cleaning this team up yet. But they’re getting there.

    The improvement is there and should be much bigger going into his 3rd season.

    Anyone who thinks he should be fired after 2 years, even though he has already turned them into a competitive team ALREADY….is plain and simply very, VERY ignorant. Those people just have not clue. THEY DO NOT GET IT.

    TO quote Jim Mora: Those people don’t know. They think they do, but they don’t. And they never will.

  18. i think the lions have a good team. they need to address O-line and secondary in the spring and there you go… a long awaited playoff contender.

  19. Proud of the Lions? PLEASE. This is the SAME OLD CRAPPY Lions. Jim Schwartz is a career assistant coach who got the job because he was willing to take less money than anyone else. Lions are 2nd in penalties.. No starters have lost their job because of poor play… Didn’t stick up for his players after the Calvin Johnson play in Chicago. IF the Lions had any sense they would have 10 AM press conference announcing tht he’s been fired. Once he’s fired he will NEVER be a head coach again. This team will finish with the 1st pick overall again thanks to the INCOMPETENCE of Jim Schwartz!!!!!

  20. The play by both teams in the second half was laughable. No one could tackle. No one could cover. I was waiting for the pink flags to be attached to the players. So this is the future of NFL play? Yawn.

    Fire Goodell.

  21. It’s difficult for any team to succeed without their starting QB. The Lions truly miss Matthew Stafford.

    While Shaun Hill’s a pretty good short passing game guy, he doesn’t throw the deep ball particularly well. With a healthy Matthew Stafford, the Lions likely have 3 more wins and people aren’t complaining as much.

  22. @kj1974

    how is schwartz a bozo, its hard to play teams who have building for 5-6 years when the Lions basically wasted 6 years with drafts and having to rely on free agents and undrafted players.

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