Report: Titans will pay Vince Young’s 2011 roster bonus

At a time when it’s becoming increasingly obvious that Titans owner Bud Adams will be required to choose come 2011 between quarterback Vince Young and coach Jeff Fisher, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that the octogenarian is skewing Young.

Charley Casserly of CBS reports that the Titans expect Adams to pay Young a $4.25 million roster bonus due on the 10th day of the 2011 league year.  If so, it means that Young will be on the team next year.

And it means that Fisher probably won’t be coaching it.

But don’t look for Adams to let Fisher walk away.  Head coaches still may be traded, and we think that Adams will make it known that any team looking for a new coach can pony up picks and/or pesos for the ability to hire Fisher.

If Adams has no takers, things could get ugly.  Especially if the owner chooses to let Fisher know that he won’t be released from his contract via text message.

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  1. They’ll negotiate a buyout or Fisher will be dismissed. No way Fisher will allow himself to be traded – he’ll determine where he next coaches not Bud Adams. If Adams does try to trade him Fisher can refuse to report. There is no 5-day letter for coaches last I checked.

    It won’t get that far. Fisher probably was gonna tell Adams “it’s me or Young.” Adams has already made that decision. No sense in being a dick and keeping a coach around that you don’t even want.

  2. You can trade coaches? That’s awesome. One, I learned something new about football, and two my buddy who is a Titans fan will be pissed when I share this information with him.

  3. Let’s see – to keep a pathetic, immature QB or get rid of a highly successful coach? What to do, what to do…..

    A perfect example of why owners should not make “football” decisions.

    Do you hear me – Jerry “Skeletor” Jones and Al “Cryptkeeper” Davis?

  4. All Fisher has to do is let it be known if Adams forks over $4.25 to keep Young, he will be the highest paid 3rd stringer to ever play the game. That should get him fired. NO chance Fisher allows himself to be traded. That’s rediculous.

  5. Just because Adams will pay Young his roster bonus and hold the rights to Fisher doesn’t mean Fisher has to play Young.

    If Fisher’s contract gives him complete control of the roster then Adams will be breaking the contract. Also, almost all head coaches hold final say over who plays and who doesn’t so Fisher can just choose not to play the nutcase and force Bud’s hand if he so chooses

  6. The fact that Bud Adams would side over a mentally-unstable never-will-be quarterback over a damn good coach shows just how little he understands the game.

  7. How is Fisher the bad guy here? Why is Vinny Young/younger/youngest being tolorated much less rewarded? How does mcPukey still have a job? Will Betty Farve EVER go away? I’m thankful for these questions…

    Also, caught “Running Scared” last night with Biily Crystal and Gregory Hines. No wonder you never hear from either of them anymore. Just dayin’

  8. Myeehh…I’d say the old guy with all those wart covered tentacles is skewing “Fish”.

  9. vince young has been acting like an immature young man, which is what he is. given the chance to rise above it and be the bigger man, fisher also acted like an immature young man.

    questioning his manhood? that’s weak.

  10. Trading Jeff Fisher will never happen unless it is to a team he wants to go to. This guy does not take any nonsense from anyone, including this crybaby quarterback or this wannabe Al Davis owner. Here’s an idea Bud, why don’t you let one of the best coaches in the game handle the football decisions, instead of pretending you know what you’re talking about. And Vince Young man the f up and apologize to Fisher’s face. What are we in 6th grade here? I feel like I’m back in high school with all this drama in the NFL this year. All these divas are just trying to 1-up each other. What happened to just playing football?

  11. It wouldn’t be the first time a coach was traded. The last one was Gruden for 2 1sts, 2 2nds and some $.

  12. Coaches under contract have been allowed out of their contract to coach for other teams. Tagliabue unofficially put a stop to it for a while after the Herman Edwards deal. However I don’t believe the stop was binding on Goodell rather Tagliabue just wanted everyone to pause and think whether trading draft choices for coaches was something the NFL wanted to do. I don’t think a trade could occur if the coach didn’t want to go. Those two first round picks for Gruden won a SB for Tampa but after the SB the Bucs kind of sucked didn’t they?

  13. To the bozo’s comparing Al Davis to Bud Adams, I give you exhibit “A”….

    Al Davis: 3 Super Bowl wins.

    Bud Adams: 0 Super Bowl wins.

    One man knows football and one doesn’t.

    Try to figure it out from here on your own.

  14. Jeff Fisher is a great coach, he brings character to the game and does things the right way. If Bud Adams let’s Jeff go he can forget ever winning a super bowl in his lifetime.

    There are plenty of teams who would sign Fisher.

  15. We’re going on the assumption that Casserley’s report is accurate – the Titans may pay Young but there is no sign they’re maneuvering anyone to actually take Fisher’s place.

  16. Adams should open up the bazaar and trade them both. Two prime examples of individuals who have dramatically underachieved considering the talent they have been given. (Fisher: how many winning seasons in 17 years? 6?? Young: forget about it.)

  17. #
    joetoronto says: Nov 25, 2010 9:16 PM

    To the bozo’s comparing Al Davis to Bud Adams, I give you exhibit “A”….

    Al Davis: 3 Super Bowl wins.

    Bud Adams: 0 Super Bowl wins.

    One man knows football and one doesn’t.

    Try to figure it out from here on your own.


  18. mojodoa – Fisher’s seasons with the Oilers/Titans – asterisk denotes playoff run

    1995 – 7-9
    1996-8 – 24-24
    1999 – 13-3 – SB XXXIV*
    2000 – 13-3*
    2001 – 7-9
    2002 – 11-5*
    2003 – 12-4*
    2004 – 5-11
    2005 – 4-12
    2006 – 8-8
    2007 – 10-6*
    2008 – 13-3*
    2009 – 8-8
    2010 entering Thanksgiving weekend – 5-5

    That’s damned good.

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