Rex Ryan: The coach NFL players want

Jets coach Rex Ryan has said that one of the reasons he wanted his team profiled on HBO’s Hard Knocks is that he thought an inside view of his training camp would make his team attractive to potential free agents.

One recent poll indicates that it worked.

Sports Illustrated this week released the results of a poll asking NFL players, “For which other coach would you most like to play?” Ryan was the clear winner, with 21 percent of the vote.

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin came in second, with 12 percent. Saints coach Sean Payton was next at 9 percent, followed by Titans coach Jeff Fisher at 8 percent and Patriots coach Bill Belichick at 7 percent.

A couple of other interesting results: Wade Phillips, who was fired as Cowboys coach this month, finished 10th with 3 percent of the vote. And Tony Dungy was among the vote-getters, even though he hasn’t coached since 2008.

26 responses to “Rex Ryan: The coach NFL players want

  1. I’d also love to play for a loudmouth who has no championships, yet acts like his team owns the league.

  2. Give me Belichick and the 7 percent. Didn’t think 7 percent of the NFL players were that smart. Let the showboats go to the jets, we’ll take serious football players.

  3. This would be a more interesting poll if it was broken down by age group. I bet the players in their mid 30’s would want Belichick more they would want Rex.

  4. ochostinko says:
    Nov 25, 2010 9:32 AM
    I’d also love to play for a loudmouth who has no championships, yet acts like his team owns the league.

    Your name says all I need to know ….F’-Face

  5. Thejetsholdthierpenis…
    Yeah! Rex is a funny bastard! We’ll see just how long this sentiment last??? What is going on in the 4th quarter with the defense? Having snacks during the meetings….

  6. @ nyjetsholdupsbtrophyin2010 –

    So what exactly does my name tell you, wise guy? With name like yours I’m surprised you can read.

    I think your name tells a lot more. Everyone on PFT now knows you’re delusional. The Jets barely beat the Broncos, Browns, and Lions. You also got shut out by the Packers.

    Yet you think you’re going to win the Super Bowl? Dream on.

  7. I can imagine that Rex is a cool guy to be coached by, but I mean come on players. He looks like he runs a fun environment and his players seem to respect him, but he has coached for a year and a half so far. Belichick should be the clear winner because he has good relationships with players and also has championships to show for it. We can’t all be getting a “God damn snack” Rex, we need to be actually playing the game.

  8. I don’t have the whole list, but I see that at least 32% of guys would like to play for someone who has never won a championship (Fisher, Ryan, Phillips).

    Tells you about all you need to know about your average NFL player. Winning is not the first consideration, and probably not the second or third or fourth consideration either

  9. The dude is nothing but a fat wind bag. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody who’s gotten their stomach stapled and still failed to lose weight. I really hope the Packers get to play them in the superbowl so they can put them in their place for the second time this season.

  10. @ochostinko Rex has been a coach for 1 season and went to the AFC championship game and currently has the best record in the league. There’s a reason they poll players and not morons like you.

    @4sacroc Not the best in their division? Hmmm… aren’t they 3-0 in the Div? Don’t be dumb.

  11. Andre’s Johnson says:
    Nov 25, 2010 3:05 PM
    Yeah, good point. How is Lapbandasaurus Rex still so fat?

    cause when you 8-2 you can eat good… look how much weight the Phis coach lost and they suck lmao

  12. Damn, I can’t believe how much this poll riled up pats fans. Maybe if this was 2005 Belichick’s #’s would be a little better cause he hasn’t done squat since.

    Also, compare Bill B’s first two years as a head coach to Rex’s. Belichick went 13-19 with no playoff appearances while Rex will be at least 20-12, with 2 playoff appearances. Rex will only get better with more experience and has a higher coaching ceiling than Belichick. Players know what’s up.

  13. for all the pats that forgot the jets beat the pats this year, it happened, i was there. the jets smacked them around all up and down the field that second half. so whatever, you talk about showboats, you talk about delusion, the jets haven’t lost by more than 9 points this year. the patriots lost to the jets by 14 and got lit up by the browns by even more. both 8-2 going into this week. i see no reason why the patriots are necessarily the better team. the biggest reason the jets beat the pats hasn’t changed… the jets wide receivers are a huge mismatch vs that secondary. holmes wasn’t even playing week 2 and they still were overwhelming for the patriots defense.

    anyway, pats fans on here are obviously jealous of what the jets have going on… as a jets fan, i dont go onto posts about the patriots and start hating on them. subconscious? i think so.

    last 4 meetings between the teams… Jets won 3, Patriots 1.

  14. Where did Davis and Jones place? They are known for being players coaches, I mean players owners, or players coaches/owners.

  15. How BB doesn’t run away with this I’ll never understand, I guess this just shows that the players care more about money and attention than winning. That being said, I hate the Patriots and every player on that team, but BB is an UNBELIEVEABLE coach.

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