Saints steal the lead late


After the Cowboys looked to be in position to kill the clock and/or score another touchdown after digging out of a 17-0 hole and taking a 27-23 lead, a head’s-up strip by Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins of Dallas wideout Roy Williams as Williams was completing a catch-and-run deep into New Orleans territory led to a patented quick-strike Saints drive.

The Saints now lead, 30-27, with 1:50 to play.

If you’re near a television, turn it to FOX.

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  1. I trust Jerry Jones is pleased with his brilliant move of bringing the 1st round bust Williams to Dallas from Detroit. After this dude’s bonehead play cost the Cowboys the game, maybe Williams could join Chansi Stuckey of the Browns (whose bonehead play two weeks ago cost Cleveland a win over the Jets) in the Dumbass Cafe for a few lattes de stupido. As John Wayne famously said, “Life’s tough. It’s even tougher when you’re stupid.”

  2. Roy Williams just proved to the entire nation why he has been such an underacheiver. After this play that literally gave the game away, the camera panned to show him on the sidelines and the guy was smiling!!! Then, in the next series, when the ball was put back in his hands he did nothing to make up for his mistake. He has no killer instinct…none at all. I bet if Dez Bryant had made that idiotic play, he would not have been on the sideline smiling like it was no big deal and he would have come back the next series with a vengence. What a joke, this guy needs to be on the bench (spoken with a true non-biased approach as I am not a Cowboys fan).

  3. Am I the only person on earth who can’t believe this play wasn’t challenged? Were the boys out of them? I was eating and doing thanksgiving things throughout the game.

  4. There was no reason to challenge it. The replay clearly showed Jenkins rip it out while Williams was still standing.

  5. hahaha, you cowboys sure do have a pretty stadium for me to watch your team lose!!!
    Seriously though, it is a beautiful stadium, however all those graphics and cameos of Miles Austin & Co. trying to pump up the crowd and make noise are SOOO lame. Really guys, tell Jerry to do something else, everytime I saw them on that big ole screen I just had to laugh.

    p.s. the saints/cowboy fans ratio was easily close to 40/60%, way to show up cowboy fans! Everytime I heard a cowboy fan trying to talk smack it was always stuff like “check the rings” from the 90’s, because we all know as of late the cowboys have had nothing to be proud of.

    This was the 3rd most gratifying win I’ve ever seen only after beating the Vikings in the NFCCG and the colts in the superbowl. I loved hearing the stuck up cowboy fans pout!!!


  6. Williams fumble was not worth reviewing. It was a textbook strip of a clueless football player.
    What couldve been reviewed is whether that Saint DL really intercepted Kitna chest level pass in the 1st quarter.
    He seemed to be bobbling it while he got stripped.
    It’s almost as if Garrett was channeling Wade early on. Looks like he switched to the “new” playbook in the 2nd half. But you can only go so far with Roy E Williams on your team.

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