49ers players bag on coaching staff

49ers coach Mike Singletary has yet to exterminate the “rat” in the building.

More than two months after anonymous 49ers sources criticized the team’s coaching staff in a “dad-gum Yahoo commericial,” players are speaking out again — this time to David White of the San Francisco Chronicle.

One “experienced” player says the 49ers don’t make adjustments like other teams.   One said that his family knows what play the 49ers will run in a given situation.  A former 49ers player said “there’s no backup plan” when things don’t go well.

Yikes.  The latest criticism comes after the 49ers were badly out-coached in a 21-0 loss to the Bucs.

“Once teams know what the 49ers want to do with the ball, their defenses adjust and the 49ers typically struggle to make their own necessary counterchanges, several players said this week,” White writes.

No matter what you think of anonymous sources killing the team’s coaching staff, articles like this will not help Singletary’s chances of outlasting the rats.

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  1. Singletary’s a blowhard with zero head coaching experience. He and the idiot York think his screaming/yelling/dress-down/sis-boom-bah act is all that’s required to win in the NFL.

    Yo, fellas, there’s a little more to it than that.

  2. I’m tellin’ ya… Singletary’s last day will be December 6th. The Green Bay Coach Killers will mount another head in the locker room…

  3. #
    medialovesthecowboys says: Nov 26, 2010 10:57 AM

    Off topic, but why is Singletary allowed to wear that huge freaking cross but a player, gets dinged for wearing their socks too long??

    Ruck Foger

    You try telling him he cant. Particularly, after a loss. I’ll film it. Havent seen a good beat down on youtube in awhile.

  4. First they want the plays to come in on time, then they want flexible, rational playcalling… what’s next? Are the coaches supposed to competently manage the clock too? Sheesh.

  5. Packers are coming for him!! They will beat the Cards, saving his job for the week, then the Packers will lay a beat down and say waaaadddupppp Mike and he will be done. Head mounted above Clay Mathews’s locker.

  6. I hope Arizona puts a beat down on this team. I just wish the bucs had won that last game 35-0 or something like that.. but hey, if AZ doesn’t do that job, i know Green Bay will.

  7. Singletary was never even a Defensive Coordinator, and the one year he was asst head coach/defense, the niners were ranked amongst the that season.

    His struggles are no shock to this die hard bears fan. He hasn’t paid his dues in the coaching ranks, he was always the asst coach to a real coach. Great inspirational speaker though

  8. this is stating the obvious, …that they are poorly coached, struggle to make adjustments, are predictable on offense, … the only question is IF the Yorks have this figured out & get either Gruden, or Harbaugh after the season is over? it doesn’t make any sense to fire Singletary now, because it would only give false hope that this team has turned the corner, when your going to need a HC with a backround in offense, to devolp a QB, need to upgrade the WR position with faster recievers & depth at RB, & speed at CB. i thought Singletary could suceed as a HC, but knew this season was doomed to failure after the third game of the season at KC.

  9. He just seems out of his league as far as coaching goes. And seriously, after he dropped ‘trou’ in the locker room last year, how can anyone take the hothead seriously?!

  10. He should try Peanut Butter to attract the rat. LOL…..
    What they are saying is right though this guy had the team on the upside last year and hasn’t made the necessary adjustments to take this team to it’s potential, they have weapons, he just doesn’t know how to utilize him, getting rid of Martz was a bad idea, I felt like he was a big part of why there offense was halfway decent last year.

  11. Letting a valuable back-up / starter like Shaun Hill walk tells you all you need to know about their front office issues …

  12. gridassassin says:

    Great inspirational speaker though


    Problem is the team only gets inspired when the coach drops his pants. Singletary probably refused to put on a locker room strip show to motivate his team this year.

    Only in SanFran.

  13. This just in – the full text of Sigletary’s half time pep talk last week –


  14. Singletary’s a blowhard with zero head coaching experience. He and the idiot York think his screaming/yelling/dress-down/sis-boom-bah act is all that’s required to win in the NFL.

    Yo, fellas, there’s a little more to it than that.

    Spot-on! Singlefile marketed those eyes but he’s not a head coach. Clearly not a head coach.

  15. The “media” always wanted Singletary to be a coach be praising the way he played that he woudl eb a good coach.. once again wrong! Singletary proved nothing as an asst coach. He will be workign on ESPN next season breaking down tape and tellign other coaches what to do. Mike Greenburg will be drooling all over him…

  16. That’s funny, because just the other day some anonymous 49ers were complaining about how their own family members watching at home could call out the team’s plays before they happened. Oh, and that we lost anyway.

    Please let this be enough to fire McDaniels.

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