Alphonso Smith blames himself for Lions loss


It was hard not to feel bad for Lions cornerback Alphonso Smith Thursday while Tom Brady and the Patriots abused him repeatedly in the second half.  (If not then, Rex Ryan’s jab the following day did the trick.)

Watching the game, you understood why the Broncos gave up on Smith despite paying a heavy price to get him in the second round of the 2010 draft.  Smith at least faced the music after the game.

I take full responsibility,” Smith said. “I’m a thumb pointer. I’m a guy I’m never going to point any fingers because the reality of the situation was I pretty much gave the Patriots the whole game. . . .  I cost the entire city a celebration today because I’m pretty sure everyone was going to celebrate.”

Smith was hardly the only Lion to make a mental mistake Thursday.  For all the progress that Detroit has made, they still commit a ridiculous amount of penalties and turn the ball over too much.

Smith is just one of many Lions players that have struggled in the secondary.  But he blames himself for gambling too much in hopes of an interception.

“It’s unfortunate for myself because I know I’m smarter than that and I’m not a selfish guy,” Smith said. “But today I was selfish.”

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  1. One of the problems in Detroit is there are no “old pros” there on the roster who can mentor the young players — teach them how to play the game.

    Smith may be talented, but he needs guidance to learn his position.

  2. I blame Martin Mayhew for getting via trade in the off season. Also Schwartz should take the blame and do the right thing for all Lions fans and resign. One day closer for Schwartz getting canned as Lions head coach.

  3. He gave up 3 passing touchdowns
    and was run over on a rushing td

    Your next press conference
    should be in Canada

  4. When you trash talked the whole game to Brady, you’re the national tv turkey of the day!

  5. I was for the Pats in the game but I was feeling really bad for Smith by the end. I actually had the thought to myself that Belichick is so good at exploiting a weakness that he may be in the process of ending that kid’s career in Detroit…

    …and will then re-sign him for cheap and rehabilitate him into a pro bowler in New England.

  6. Does anyone realize that the Packers and the Patriots might very well be the 2 best teams through the second half of the season, and before you guys say I’m crazy lets look at what they have done thus far,

    (1)Packers beat up on the Cowboys and the Vikings then both teams fire their head coaches 2 days after both losses, not to mention the Packers took away the Jets precious WR slant route and shut them out at home.

    (2) the Patriots blowout the Dolphins they fire their special teams coach a day later then the Steelers gets blown out they release their long time kicker, now the Lions get blown out and Alphonso Smith gets benched during the game because Tom Brady and the Patriots abuse him all day long. Seems to me these 2 teams do a good job of exposing weaknesses in teams.

    Florio this might need a PFTV segment your thoughts sir.

  7. Sorry Al-phony-zo but you can’t blaime yourself for the loss unless its barely noticeable.
    You so stunk up the place and so costs the Lions the game that eveyone is blaiming you without a doubt for the loss. It ain’t like no one noticed.
    You cannot play the position period and should not be in the NFL, which I guess does make you qualified for the Lions.

  8. If only Josh McDaniels would blame himself for trading a 1st round draft pick to draft this guy just last year. At least Detroit wasn’t dumb enough to give up anything close to that to acquire him this past offseason.

  9. Now I know who to send the Christmas fruit cake to.

    Just out curiosity if Schwartz ain’t the guy, who is?

  10. It kills me when people want to fire Mayhew because he didn’t do enough. I think some people think that Mayhew can sign any player they name, which is just not true. A player has to be willing to come to detroit as a free agent and lots aren’t. I think they did a great job getting the 2 high profile guys they got this year. You can see they have a plan for the first time in years, I’m willing to go atleast one more year to see if it starts falling in place. Goint thru coaches every 2 years doesn’t allow any plan to mature

  11. Alphonso Smith was playing at a very high level for the whole season and he has one bad game and he’s a terrible player?

    He has 5 picks and for the most part has played well. He had a bad game took accountability for it and all of the sudden he sucks?

    Great writing.

  12. Apparently the kid is just not very bright. Here he is, a green kid who enters the league in 2010 and he thinks he’s going to out wit TB & BB???? The kid should follow the coaches advice TO THE LETTER. His quotes here about “gambling” and being selfish tell me he’s mentally undisciplined. A veteran can freelance outside the structure of the defensive system occasionally and be experienced enough to make it work. A dumb green rookie corner can not and the coaches are justified in ripping him a new one. Defensive Coordinator Gunther Cunningham was pissed at him. Rightfully so.

  13. Alphonso, I can also blame you for ending my fantasy season, being that my opponent this week has both Wes Welker and Tom Brady. How do you get burned by Deion Branch!?!?! DAMN YOU!!!

  14. I think you guys are being a little hard onh the Lions. After being a laughingstock for years, they are on the right track.

    They’re accumulating alot of talent.

    Stafford needs to stay healthy though.

    With Johnson, Burleson, Best Pettigrew, etc. They have talent.

    They need to bolster their defense around Suh now. I’m not sure what their offensive line looks like but they need Stafford on the field to win consistently.

  15. hobartbaker says:
    Nov 26, 2010 6:42 PM
    Alf the Alien from Melmac would have looked better out there.
    Not exactly. You know how distracted he is by “cats”.

  16. He’s correct. He did cost them the game. The coaches should have made some adjustments when it was clear his confidence was gone.

    And as “miamiron” pointed out, the most embarassing play was when he got run over for a rushing TD.

    It will be interesting to see what happens next. I know a lot of people who have seriously f’d-up at their jobs, but were rehabilitated and turned into star performers by patient VPs. What happens next will say as much about the Lions coaching staff as it does about Smith.

  17. I’m not impressed with Suh. Sure he has 8 sacks, but teams still run all over the Lions. The Lions at the end of the season will be picking 1st overall once again. Nothing has changed. Scwhartz is just a little more talented Rod Marinelli. The Lions hired another career position coach when they hired this latest Lions failure head coach.

  18. How ’bout the free safety on that 87 yarder just jogging over to where the receiver took about 20 seconds juking A. Smith left and right?

    Why is nobody calling out that lazy bum?

  19. kj1974 says:Nov 26, 2010 7:06 PM I’m not impressed with Suh. Sure he has 8 sacks, but teams still run all over the Lions. The Lions at the end of the season will be picking 1st overall once again. Nothing has changed. Scwhartz is just a little more talented Rod Marinelli. The Lions hired another career position coach when they hired this latest Lions failure head coach.

    If you’re not impressed with Suh you’re a dumbass football wise. Suh job is to open tackle lanes for LB’s to DO THEIR JOB. Sorry guy this isn’t golf Suh by himself can’t shut down the run and if you bother to watch the games you would see he is good against the run. But I guess throwing out Skip Bayless like comments is the new way we break football down

  20. Anyone who hasn’t noticed the many positive changes under the Schwartz regime really oughta take a closer look before they point the finger. The lions actually want to win under Schwartz and they’ve showed up to every single one of their games. They could very well be at .500 or 6-4 had a few games played out a little differently in the closing minutes.

  21. Respect for mentioning his horrid performance. He was probably hearing Roger Goodell’s voice in his head telling him not to hit anyone. Everyone is entitled to a bad game. I have a feeling he will be playing better in the next game.

  22. gino,

    Don’t bother with kj1974. He’s just the latest troll (in a long line of trolls) to frequent PFT. If you (and everybody else) ignores him, he’ll move on to another website and bother them.

  23. Even Raheem Morris would release the player and replace him with anyone from the practice squad.

  24. He got a$$ raped on national television. Well, he’s young it’ll build, ahh, character (a lot of character). The coaches sucked as well for letting the bleeding go on for so long. Either yank him sooner or give him some damn help.

  25. Anyone that thought Detroit was going to be a powerhouse this season needs their head examined. 4 or 5 wins was the ceiling. Their O line is horrible, and their secondary even more so. We’ve known this since before pre season. If the drafting goes like it should, there might just be a .500 football team in Detroit next year. But if you are suprised that the Lions got their azz waxed by the Pats you are either just a Lions slappy or a New England Hater. Either way, good luck with that.

  26. For the douche known as bonecity7 s I’ve posted on PFT for a long time. I’ve seen the Lions my whole life and I know they are a garbage organization with a sub par coach and owner who I will openly celebrate his death one day. The day that William Clay Ford dies a parade will be held and all Lions fans will rejoice in his passing. That will be the Lions Super Bowl.

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