Jason Campbell tries not to fear the quick hook

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This up-and-down Raiders season reaches an important crossroads on Sunday at home against Miami, another 5-5 team that Oakland needs to beat if they are going to be a playoff team.

Oakland will start Jason Campbell at quarterback, but he knows that he may need a quick start to avoid getting benched for the third time this year in favor of Bruce Gradkowski.  So is Campbell worried about it?

“The main thing is you’ve got to push forward and keep winning and understand we’re still in the fight,’’ Campbell said, via Jerry McDonald of the Oakland Tribune.

The Raiders are playing meaningful games after Thanksgiving for the first time in a long time, and the energy in the Black Hole should be terrific on Sunday.  But coach Tom Cable seems to admit Campbell doesn’t have a big margin for error.

“He is OK with where we’re going and what we’re doing and he understands it’s the job. It comes with it,’’ Cable said.

The Raiders are healthier than they were a week ago, which should help.  Nnamdi Asomugha after fully practicing Friday, and wide receiver Darrius Heyward-Bey is back.  Zach Miller is questionable, but will play and reportedly looked better at practice this week.

There are flashier games on the docket this Sunday, but we are really looking forward to seeing how both the Dolphins and Raiders respond to embarrassing losses from a week ago.

8 responses to “Jason Campbell tries not to fear the quick hook

  1. Jason the Raider fans at the game arent screaming Booo (well maby they are). They are screaming Bruce……

    Just hope our coaches give the players a chance of winning. With 2 weeks 2 prepare for Pitt. All the team got was an even more vanilla game plan on O & D that had no chance of workeing……

  2. I was at the Chiefs game a couple of weeks ago and even when Bruce was injured everyone was shouting “BRUUUUCE.” I guess when you have 18 yards passing in the first HALF, the home crowd still doesn’t want to see you out there.

  3. I think it’s a bad decision starting J. Campbell over B. Gradkowski. When Bruce has been healthy he has shown he can move this offense down the field, something Campbell more times than not, has shown he can’t. I definately hope Campbell proves me wrong bur looks like another damn L, especially if Miami shows up prepared.

  4. I love it how a player in Gradkowski, who can”t stay healthy, and never lead the Raiders to nothing first in terms of good, is getting all kinds of cat calls. Meanwhile Campbell, who wasn’t with that sorry excuse of an organization for all thier years of sucksation leads the team to first place a week ago. Now he is headed to the bench. It just goes to show that team deserves all the misery bestowed upon them. Gradkowski = bottom of the devision. Because Karma and the end of M. Allen’s career said so

  5. Be careful he will be on the radio next week saying he’s being treated like a piece of used tissue paper.

  6. mrone50:

    You obviously don’t watch the Raiders and are merely a stat whore. Therefore, your opinion means nada.

  7. Neither one is the answer. They each lack what the other has. One has the intangibles but is fragile and possesses a pop warner arm. The other has all the tools but processes situations too slow and has seemingly no leadership skills. When you think about it, it really doesn’t matter, outside of Miller the receivers just plain suck (jury still out on Ford).

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