League finally announces Super Bowl halftime act

Though the fact had been widely reported, the NFL had not confirmed that the halftime act at Super Bowl XLV will be the glorified karaoke entourage otherwise known as the Black Eyed Peas.  The NFL made the official announcement on Thursday, during the Saints-Cowboys game.

Typically, organizations use long holiday weekends for the purposes of disclosing information about which the organization isn’t proud, or that the entity releasing the information hopes won’t be noticed.

Then again, last year’s halftime act — The Who — was announced during halftime of the Raiders-Cowboys Thanksgiving game on CBS.  (Then again, last year’s halftime show ended up being viewed by many as a disappointment.)

In 2008, the announcement of Bruce Springsteen’s appearance at Super Bowl XLIII came on a Sunday night in September.

Regardless of the timing of the announcement, there have been plenty of complaints about the selection of the Black Eyed Peas, and we suspect that there will be more.  Starting . . . now.

40 responses to “League finally announces Super Bowl halftime act

  1. Does anyone really care about the halftime show? If it is a band I like I might watch it, but I really only care about the football game. This year it looks like I’ll be making a beer run instead. This crap isn’t even music and Fergie’s meth-ravaged looks do nothing for me. The chick looks hard.

  2. I just wonder who makes these decision. Every year they announce an act that no one cares about. They obviously dont know who there fanbase is.

    They havent had a good halftime show since they did that Aerosmith Run/DMC song “Walk this way”.

  3. Hey Mike, despite your old man bickering the Black Eyed Peas, while being terribly untalented, are still a very popular draw. I know one thing no one, I repeat, no one wanted the old man bands of late. They are beyond boring. I will enjoy the puppy bowl as usual along with chugging beers and taking a leak, you know like real a real man on Superbowl Sunday.

  4. Give me a beat, a couple words repeated 400 times, one line from Fergie auto tuned and also repeated endlessly, bam! New black eyed peas single. Can they get in a plane and take the buddy holly flight plan already?

  5. I think the NFL made a good selection with the Black Eyed Peas.

    At least the smell of Ben-Gay and Preperation H won’t be lingering in the air this time at the start of the second half. Give us some current entertainment and not some “oldie/classic” artist who is eligible for retirement home living.

  6. The NFL had originally scheduled Roy E. Williams and the Chokoholics, but quicky realized they wouldn’t be anywhere near their own stadium on Super Bowl Sunday.

  7. I can start this off easy….WTF? The Black Eyed Peas suck! This will lead to a new Super Bowl pastime. How many beers can you down while the lousy half time show is on. Ready, set…..GO!

  8. At least they’re trying to be somewhat contemporary. I mean, The Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteen and The Who? What’s our target audience again?

  9. I’ll be changing the channel or doing other things during halftime this Super Bowl. Out of all the music groups out there, I think I hate Black Eyed Peas the most. Don’t they remember how terrible they were at the Kickoff Party last year? Unbelievable.

  10. Why the surprise? The halftime demographic for the Super Bowl isn’t the same drunk male football fan watching the game.

    It’s the wives, girlfriends, and all the non-football fans dragged along to the Super Bowl party who tune in for the commercials and over the top halftime entertainment… the same demographic that brought us Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson’s barely covered nipple.

    Which means the Black-Eyed Peas – which even if you don’t like their brand of music (if you want to call it that) you’ve got to admit they’re pretty good at what they do.

    The real football fans typically spend halftime taking a piss, getting another beer or grabbing some more hotwings…

    Personally I was pulling for “Up With People” but the NFL doesn’t listen to me

  11. My wife likes the Black Eyed Peas. At least Fergie is hot and this group has been relevant in the past 20 years, unlike the other halftime acts since the Timberlake/Jackson incident. I’d definitely take the BEPs over them running Billy Joel, KISS, the Bee Gees, or some other geriatric act that I thought had died off years ago.

  12. Who cares about the half time show anyway?

    So what if the Black Eyed Peas, or Butterbeens or Okra or the Pinto Beans are playing at half time? No football fans watch the show anyway.

  13. Great time to go to the bathroom, wash the car, run a marathon, build a barn…anything but sitting through this overrated sideshow….can’t the NFL get someone with talent to do halftime???

  14. The half-time show is the lowlight of the SB for me regardless of who’s on. In a perfect world, there’d be 15 minutes of first half analysis then back on with game. Plus funny commercials of course.

  15. At least it’s not someone who needs a walker to get around stage. We might finally be moving on from the Justin Timberlake stripping of Janet Jackson.

  16. The real football fans typically spend halftime taking a piss, getting another beer or grabbing some more hotwings…
    …and there you have it…couldn’t have said it better myself. Don’t forget the other major food groups – hot dogs, burgers, potatoe salad….scotch & sodas etc.

  17. Good thing Florio is not one of these partisan reporters that tries to let his own opinions get in the way of good reporting.

    But if he was willing to give his opinion, so am I. The halftime show for the past 5 years has been a joke, playing to the likes of old men such as yourself since the Justin Timberlake, Janet Jackson fiasco. Since then we have had to listen to The Who, Paul McCartney, and Prince. All acts that were aged and boring to the majority of watchers. I applaud the NFL for trying to change things up a bit and listening to the public wanting to hear something more current.

  18. They did a Grey Cup half time about 4 or 5 years ago and the crowd that stayed for the half time show for the most part got up and left and went back to tailgating.

    They were brutal.

    Good job NFL.

    I am starting to think that the NFL’s “best managed league” is pure propaganda.

  19. KISS would be an awesome half time show – I’d actually watch that. Geriatrics? NOT. Try timless. KISS is still quite relevant today.


    All kidding aside – the above is true.

    Has the NFL forgotten who actually watches the Super Bowl, and who has the money to purchase from their advertisers? It’s NOT the Black Eyed Pea fan base.

    Sadly – most half-time shows are luke warm efforts with colder appeals than the bodily fluids dispensed into the porcelain god while they’re being performed.

  20. maybe the who wasn’t the most inspired choice last year but at least they were a band and not some some lame lip synch dance group like this crap.the springsteen show was still the best show of all time. you see kids us old folks like people who can sing and not talk fast plus the fact these classic rockers can actuly play intstruments which make them a real band! and sorry no matter how you try to justify it, a turntable does not count as a insturament! so take away those very important 2 things singing,playing, what you have left are people jumping around onstage to noise with a beat.not interested and no intention to watch. they should have had KISS if they wanted a real show!

  21. lets see…. there’s the glorified senior citizen puppet; Paul McCartney, the glorified senior citizen puppet U2, the glorified senior citizen puppet the Who, and all the other pretend “in” bands.

    They schedule a pop act that is actually relevant and somebody complains.

    GOOD FOR THE NFL. Other people watch the NFL and they need the demographic.

    Dont like it. Dont watch it. Yay Black Eyed Peas. BOOM BOOM POW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. #
    jimmy1smith says: Nov 26, 2010 9:44 AM

    I was hoping it would be Prince. Then at least someone from Minnesota can say they appeared in a Superbowl in the last 35 years.

    Hilarious. And it rained as Prince performed. OUTSTANDING.

  23. #
    mataug says: Nov 26, 2010 7:52 AM

    who cares ? the halftime act is restroom break for our group of friends lol

    you spend halftime in the bathroom with your friends??? Relax. I’m kidding.

    In all seriousness though, the Black Eyed Peas suck. Get some REAL musicians in there, like Motorhead.


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    Show “OJ” as a prison table with 10 other guys. Did you do it? No. Did you do it? No. Did you do it? No. Did you do it? No.

  25. All the NFL is trying to do is for people to get used to new generation music for the Super Bowl in New York/New Jersey to feature Jay-Z and Beyonce as the halftime show. Why not have the greatest rapper of all time in his home state?

  26. What is great is that the NFL decided to have the Black-Eyed Peas a mere 5 years after the Canadian Football League had them perform at the halftime show for its championship game, the Grey Cup. Same amount of time it took for the NFL to realize that Warren Moon, who spent 5 seasons in the CFL, was actually a halfway decent quarterback.

  27. “Who is this Fergie you speak of?”
    Imagine the body of the hottest stripper that you’ve ever seen… Now put Jeff Garcia’s head in a wig on it…

  28. Set the TiVo up in case Fergie gives us a nipple or cooch flash. I did get caught off guard (middle of drinking a beer) by Janet’s nasty nipple.

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