Shaun Hill says a Patriots player tried to break his arm

Shaun Hill had a typical game for him on Thursday.

He made a surprising number of plays out of the pocket, he moved the ball well overall, and his Lions collapsed in the fourth quarter.

Hill has been playing with a broken left (non-throwing) forearm the last few weeks, and he says one Patriot player tried to break it again.  Hill appeared to fumble the ball on a quarterback sneak at one point, but was ruled down on the play despite losing the ball.

“That’s why I eventually gave up the ball,”  Hill said via “Somebody was down there  literally trying to break my arm, which is already broken.  Literally, trying. And, uh, y’know, I guess wasn’t seen [by officials].”

Hill has shown a lot of guts this year, proving to be just what you want out of a backup quarterback.   (The 49ers could use a guy like that.)  Hill says he didn’t mind his coach calling for a quarterback sneak, despite his injury.

“I loved the call,” he said. “I loved the call. Absolutely loved it. I have no qualms about running that play – one-armed or whatever. I loved the call.”

66 responses to “Shaun Hill says a Patriots player tried to break his arm

  1. Is anyone surprised a Patriot would try to do something like this?? This really shouldnt even be news

  2. You wonder why the Colts did not sign Shaun Hill-they could use a backup QB with the skills and toughness that he has. Instead, the Colts have Curtis Painter, who probably should be bagging groceries at a Safeway. If Manning goes down for any period of time, the Colts will not even be able to cover spreads, much less compete. To be cheap at the backup QB position is penny wise but pound foolish these days.

  3. I don’t know what the hell Shaun Hill expected any defender to do on a quarterback draw; are they supposed to tap him politely on the shoulder and say “Excuse me, but would you mind very much handing that ball over to me please?”……..

    You’re running a keeper, it’s a safe bet they’re going to treat you like anyone else and try to strip the ball. If your arm isn’t up to that, sit the hell down.

    I had a lot of respect for Hill’s performance yesterday. Today, he sounds like a candy-a$$.

  4. I hear that many of the Patriots are members of the communist party as well. And several of them secretly worship the devil!


  5. “Take your azz whooping like a man!!!”

    I only, you know, read the article, but I’m pretty sure he was running a QB sneak with a broken arm.

    That “man” enough for you, Internet tough guy?

  6. When Duce Staley was with the Steelers, he said a Patriot player punched his hamstring in a pile. He got a bruised hamstring, missed a few games, and was never the same back again.

    Maybe it’s a trend…

  7. Non story. What do you think happens at the bottom of a pile?

    Plus, Hill says his arm is “already broken”. How can someone try to break it if it’s “already broken”!

    If he’s gonna play with an “already broken” arm, don’t you think the opposition–regardless of who it is–is gonna try and hit him in his soft spot?

  8. Patriot Haters Unite! – jealousy will do that to small minded folk.

    You know you have a Brady man-crush, admit it. He’s the quarterback you wish you had… everybody wishes they had.

    Lions played a great game for 3 quarters and Hill did well.

    Defense is their weakness – and the Pats have too many weapons for even ‘good’ defenses to cover.

  9. When I see comments from people like Emperor83 and obsession 55, I know that the Patriots haters are still going strong and truly haven’t got a clue.

    I have news for both of you. Teams playing the Patriots tend to get the benefit of more bogus calls than the Pats do. Instead of letting your hatred rule you, maybe you both should try watching a game without your Patriots-hating glasses on.

    For instance, There was a non-call yesterday when a Detroit player grabbed Woodhead’s facemask and ripped his helmet off. There was also a non-call on Suh for a Horsecollar on Brady.

    Have the Pats had the benefit of calls? Sure. But so has every other team.. Probably more so.

  10. I’ll admit the Pats sometimes do seem to be on the better side of referee calls, but I don’t think there’s any room on this forum for Steelers fans to complain about ref calls not going their way. Jesus, they won a super bowl based on bad officiating in their favor.

  11. Have a little whine with your cheese. If you are going to run a QB draw then expect to take your licks.

  12. Looks like a Judo chop to the mending arm (not even carrying the ball by the way) by Banta-Cain. Classy. My only suprise is that is wasn’t Wilfork. See if the NFL fines him.

  13. To all of the Patriot Spygate banwagoneers

    I really do feel sorry that your teams are sub-standard and do not have a leader like Tom Brady to carry the day. It’s sad that some of you hang on to something that happened 3 years ago just to somehow level the playing field between your team and the Pats. If it makes you feel better, then by all means proceeed. But it does make you small, petty and completely deviod of how football works, how teams are built and how winning seasons are stitched together year after year. The Pats are in a rebuilding year and yet are 9-2. I don’t blame you for being jealous. I don’t blame you for hating something that you cannot have. But it does show immaturity. I can only wonder how many Spygaters are over 14 years old, and of those that are, how many of you are without a woman and still living at home with mommy.

    Grow up, if you can. Reminds me of grammer school yard arguments. Find another subjuct to bore me with ad nauseum.

  14. funny how guys of days gone by are lauded for this type of thing (butkis specifically), biting, eye gouging nut grabbing at the bottom of the pile. Now everyone wats to whine about it being dirty. pick a side.

    and yes, patriots haters are everywhere, i’m one. but i hate them because my team isnt as good. respect the hell out of them though

  15. @comeonnowguys
    That “man” enough for you, Internet tough guy?

    Hey, your coach called the play..Azzhat!
    I’m sure he knew Hills arm was broken! You got to admit, on the one hand he’s OK with the call and on the other he’s whining about it! Borderline B!tch..
    I didn’t hear a word about a broken arm before the game? Did you?
    Regardless, he needs to man up! STFU and get on to the next game! Ever hear Manning, Brady complaining? No! It’s a sign of weakness! Real QB’s let thier O-line handle that!

  16. bcgreg says: Nov 26, 2010 10:25 AM

    Non story. What do you think happens at the bottom of a pile?
    This. I fully expect that when Brady returned from his ACL guys were trying to take disguised shots at his knee under piles as well. It’s part of the game. It’s part of why it’s so hard to get over that mental part of returning from major injuries. It’s also part of why I HATE injury reports, but I digress.

    Also people, stop whining about bias TOWARDS the Pats.

    I notice there is/was no national hype about :

    The fact the Colts were illegally simulating the snapcount against the Pats this past Sunday when the Pats were taking a knee despite a “cameragate esque “reminder memo going out about it the week prior.

    The fact that Polamalu was twisting Brady’s head off when he ran that td in which caused Mankins to get pissed off and retaliate.

    The fact that in this very same game an announcer ignored situation happened with a Det player trying to rip Brady’s head off which caused a bit of a scrum.

    EVERY TEAM has plays and situations that happen against them and for them. Every team gets away with stuff and gets stuff done to them. The bias involved is who reports it and why and who complains about it and why and what viewpoint on it is expressed.

  17. When are you pathetic Patriot Haters going to shut the hell up??? Brady’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony? Belichick’s ?

  18. #
    Stiller43 says: Nov 26, 2010 10:23 AM

    When Duce Staley was with the Steelers, he said a Patriot player punched his hamstring in a pile. He got a bruised hamstring, missed a few games, and was never the same back again.

    Maybe it’s a trend…

    How quickly we forget a few weeks back, when the Steelers fans were all about the Steelers taking cheap shots on Brady after QB sneaks. “He was a runner at that point…”. Do you remember that???? Probably not.

    Do you also remember the 2001 AFCC game, when Lee Flowers dove into Brady’s ankle 3 times, and finally on the third time, managed to get Brady out of the game? Only to see Bledsoe come in and walk down the field on your defense? Probably dont remember that either.

    But hey, I guess a Patriot punched Staley in the hamstring, and “he was never the same back again”. I guess that was one hell of a punch….ended a guys career, LMFAO….

  19. This just in. When the QB does a sneak he becomes a runner. You didn’t hear Tom Brady whining when Polamalu tried to twist his head off AFTER a sneak a few weeks back.

    Whining is for losers.

  20. I think that if a player has some sort of injury, like a broken bone or a bruise, he should highlight it in pink so everyone knows not to touch his boo-boo.

  21. “For instance, There was a non-call yesterday when a Detroit player grabbed Woodhead’s facemask and ripped his helmet off.”

    Saw the play, thought it was a facemask myself, but replay showed there was no facemask. Sorry.

  22. Next time, retaliate. or Grab his face mask, twist it, smack him from behind..anything. Richard Seymour didnt back down…why should a QB?

  23. @ dabruinz

    You are a complete moron if you think the Pats get screwed by the refs. Woodhead’s facemask was NOT grabbed, and Brady was NOT horse collared. And I dont think it was Suh…whoever it was grabbed him by the jersey and ripped him down gently. It didnt matter anyway because the play was stopped for the defender being offsides.

    The truly bogus calls in that game were the pass interfence on Levy where he barely touched Woodhead on an uncatchable ball, and the offensive pass int on Pettigrew where he bumped into a defender while running his route. Both of those calls changed the outcome of the game, and YOU KNOW IT!!!

  24. (unrelated as far as players, but possibly related for hit reasons) I remember Week 5, 2008. Buffalo vs. Arizona. Trent Edwards, back when he looked good, led the Bills to a 4-0 start. A helmet-to-helmet from Adrian Wilson puts him out for the game. No flag. Later in the game, Aaron Schobel gets a clean hit on Kurt Warner and gets flagged. Warner whines for a week and a half that Schobel didn’t get suspended. Even wore a Band-Aid to the next game (I think vs. Dallas) in protest. I’m surprised the Band-Aid didn’t have little Elmo pictures all over it, the big baby.

  25. #
    botully says: Nov 26, 2010 11:11 AM

    I think that if a player has some sort of injury, like a broken bone or a bruise, he should highlight it in pink so everyone knows not to touch his boo-boo.

    Don’t get sarcastic with that. rulemakers will make it official and people will run with that part leading the way, so if he goes down, 25K fine

  26. Hill is fortunate that he didn’t get creamed MORE often than he did. In true 2010 Patriots style, multiple tackles were missed while he was in “runner” mode…

    If you’re playing with an injury, anticipate that people are going to go after it. Pre-game commentators spent time discussing how they anticipated the Lions unleashing a heavy pass rush and that Suh would be targeting trying to get shots in at Brady’s foot…

  27. One of the steelers hit brady on the knees in their last game.

    The announcers complained about it and later when asked brady siad he didn’t njotice and it is part of the game…. i’m just saying

  28. Along with spygate Seymour and Samuels are explayers then you got Merriweather, but the refs and the GODdell don’t do anything if you are upper classed and live in NE

  29. tiffpats4eva says: Nov 26, 2010 11:05 AM

    When? The Pats barely got to this dude the whole game. That’s why I was yelling at the TV.

    Stop whining.
    Tiff claims she is not bias…..but when someone looks at Brady she screams for a suspension, fine, stoning, lethal injection!

    But when a player comes out against a dirty Patriot player(shocking i know) she says “stop whining.” No wonder I can’t take you seriously!

  30. What a laugh. I’m sure someone DID grab his arm in the pile. That’s what happens in the pile. What a twinkie. The only bad thing about it was Banta-Cain didn’t come out of the pile with Hills arm in his hand. Gotta love it.

  31. comeonnowguys says:

    Saw the play, thought it was a facemask myself, but replay showed there was no facemask. Sorry.

    Then how the hell did he end up with the helmet dangling in his hand by the facemask?

  32. Someone get the WAAAHHHMBULANCE! It’s football, stop being a whiny ####. A Lions player jumped on Tom Brady’s head when he was going for a QB Sneak at the goal line during the same game but you don’t see him crying.

  33. the cheatriots can do basically anything they want as long as their coach and the commish are good friends.Cheatriot fans are still talking about the calls in sb XL,every call in that game was put under a microscope and it was found thay only 1 call was bad,only 1,and that was the call seachickhens qb was called for a low block on the int play he threw,he actually missed the block,but he did go low,bad call,but every other call was right on.the cheatriots have the commish in their back pocket.goodell boyz.A cheating coach,with a bunch of cheating players,with a bias commish as a sponsor,they should be undefeated every year

  34. I give Hill credit for not crying to the refs and getting in their face during the game like Tom Brady does ALL THE TIME. I will admit that i would forgive my own players for being wusses because they are on the team (so I forgive patriot fans a little) I am rooting for but people, Tom Brady is always looking to the refs. It’s smart to try and get anything for free but come on, this guy… wins.. yes… but cries about what happened during games, not after when a reporter asks him about the “truth”. And since this article isn’t about W’s, I will point out that Tom Brady has a whambulance available to him every game.

  35. steelers6pack says:
    Nov 26, 2010 10:19 AM
    Nothing to see here! Nothing to see here! They are not Steelers..Nothing to see here!

    Roger Godell

    You obviously dont watch the NFL.
    Steelers get all the calls every game.
    The Refs are in bed with the steelers.
    Lets see the dolphins game and most of all the steelers suuperbowl vs seahawks
    Seahawks really won that game

  36. vasteel says:
    Nov 26, 2010 12:42 PM

    since their not undefeated every year, your arument is as weak as your comments.
    Amazing how many sore-LOSERS there are on this site. Get a F&*&^%ing life !

  37. Thank you, vasteel, for your recognition that the patriots are s superior in the NFL system that they should go undefeated every year. I completely agree with you. It is nice that fans of other teams acknowledge the superiority. With the 2011 patriot draft picks, perhaps they can achieve your prediction of another undefeated season next year!

  38. slutnuts says:
    Nov 26, 2010 11:01 AM
    funny how guys of days gone by are lauded for this type of thing

    what are you, a folksinger? calm down old man river.

  39. “Then how the hell did he end up with the helmet dangling in his hand by the facemask?”

    Yes. because somebody was able to pull the facemask of the ball carrier hard enough so that the helmet came off and not a single official saw it/threw a flag, and even the commentators didn’t give it a second thought. That’s way more plausible.

  40. Question…Are the Patiots going to continue to wear those…Wal-mart “How may I help you”..lookin uniforms much longer?

  41. Yeah, after facing (and beating) P. Manning, Rivers, Roethlisberger, Flacco, and Favre already this season, I’m sure Shaun Hill was the guy the Pats were really focused on getting out of the game.

  42. robsterny says:
    Question…Are the Patiots going to continue to wear those…Wal-mart “How may I help you”..lookin uniforms much longer?

    I know you a$$clowns on here all think that Patriots fans are all “Johnny come lately” bandwagon jumpers, but to those of us over 40 who remember John Hannah, Steve Grogan, and all the way back to Babe Parelli and Gino Capeletti, those ARE the uniforms of the New England Patriots.

    I get a chill down my spine everytime I see Tom Brady and all the Patriots of the great Super Bowl teams wearing red jerseys, with white “Pat the Patriot” helmets.

    By the way, you’re probably too groggy from standing in line all night at Wally’s “Black Friday Sale” to remember that they wear blue vests, not red.

  43. Pile ups are a free for all. Fingers get broken, eyes get gouged, junk gets squeezed, etc. The reason they never do sound bites of pile ups is so the audience doesn’t hear grown men screaming.

  44. Why is it the people who whine the most and loudest about refs have the name “steelers’ somewhere in their username?

    And for the guy who thinks the offensive pass interference call was blatantly wrong…you’re the only one. The rule is similar to “charging” in the NBA. You really think that was the “game changer”? Not Smith’s pathetic attempts to stop Branch on that TD play?

    For all you fans who seem to focus on the officials, you might have a better idea of what’s happening if you were to focus on the players. It comes down to game plan, preparation, and execution. The officials, like the weather or field conditions, are incidental.

  45. NOBODY gets it worse from the refs than my RAIDERS… “Tuck Rule”… I’m just sayin’….. Thats where it all started for the Patsies… the refs handed them the AFC Championship and they have been paying refs on a regular basis ever since. Never fear Pats haters, their time to slide is soon. Along with the Colts of course… it happens to all teams of the ages eventually. (Dallas, Denver, Oakland, San Fran…) Not getting those first round draft picks comes back to haunt you when the guys that have been winning are ten years in the league. I hope BAD THINGS happen to the Pats every time I see them on. Lie, cheat, steal… if that was the Raiders that would be just fine, it just doesn’t fit for a team that had “pat the Patriot” helmets. LMFAO!!!! Pat the Patriot? Really? Pats fans are ok with that? That isnt sexually suggestive is it? Pats fans are almost ALL band wagon jumpers. Theres a few that earned the right to be a fan. The rest hopped on board after they started winning consistantly. RAIDERS ROCK!!

  46. @ raidersrock666

    Oh waaah, waaah, waaaah. No one ever jumped on that Raiders bandwagon, did they?

    I have been a Pats fan since 1993 when they drafted Drew Bledsoe. I was in 7th grade. I took grief from my family when I cheered for the Patriots over the Packers in the Super Bowl XXXI. I am from Wisconsin.

    Stop whining.

  47. Who’s whining? Its a sad fact. Ask any Pats fan besides you if that was a fumble or not and see the answer you get. And no, nobody’s jumped on the Raider’s band wagon and as much as I would like my team to win more, I like being an individual when it comes to my football team. I live in NY and everybody likes the Bills, Jets, Giants and Pats, I don’t want everybody liking my team just because they are winning. Pats fans don’t seem to mind. Weird. Go Pat your Patriot.

  48. Cheer up Raider fan! You won’t have another 1st round bust in 2011…We have your pick!!!! LMAO

  49. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!!!
    Wait a minute…. why are YOU laughing? Seymour friggin’ ROCKS!! Trading a proven veteran who should get defensive MVP of the season for an unproven draft pick that could turn out to be a Leaf or a Russell shouldn’t be all that amusing to a Pats fan. Were glad to have him. Thank you. That was an awesome come back there grpatriot!!! You sure showed me!!! I see Pats fans are as witty as they are loyal!! RAIDERS RULE!

  50. All of the stupid patriot fans commenting on this post are so wrong. Florio doesn’t hate the pats, hes just telling us how it is. Because the patriots are a bunch of cheaters, and you guys can complain all you want, but you are one of two (thanks denver) teams to be caught cheating. Shaun Hill’s comments are probably legit, looking back on that shady background. Add that to your hall of fame resumé Bellicheck.

  51. Sure that is why the Jests were doing it too the previous year under Mangini and with Scharnechia?!

    What an idiotic statement by a fan that has no clue on how much this was going before the commissioner sent his letter warning to say stop doing it.

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