Thanksgiving ratings a bonanza for all three networks

A monster season of NFL ratings continued as viewers feasted on an unusually entertaining slate of Thanksgiving games.

For CBS, Patriots-Lions was the highest rated Thanksgiving game since 1998.  It was up 19% from Raiders-Cowboys, the CBS game of a year ago.

Fox had Saints-Cowboys, which boasted their best Thanksgiving numbers in 15 years and a 21% uptick from last season.  The Saints had a ridiculous 68 share for the game.    Dallas had a 62 share.

NFL Network also scored their highest Thanksgiving ratings since they started carrying the holiday nightcap.

That is no surprise because NFL Network reaches more homes now than ever.   (Even though the Network has failed for seven years running now to be carried in New York City.  Not that I’m bitter.)

16 responses to “Thanksgiving ratings a bonanza for all three networks

  1. But, you and the rest of the media told us last year that the only way that ratings would be great is if Favre and other media-whore-players were the ones playing

  2. And this is why the NFL doesn’t mind the Lions playing on Thanksgiving Day.

    NFL gets to hold some of the better teams like the Packers, Colts, Giants, etc to help Sunday ratings.

    If the rating is going to be great on Thanksgiving no matter what, why not use the pathetic Lions in that spot?

  3. Of course most people tuned into see the Pats Vs the Lions. People want to see fundamental football and that’s what you get when you watch a Pats game.

    I am not surprised at all. Brady rarely disappoints.

  4. These games were close for a while. For a minute, it seemed as if Detroit was gonna pull off an upset until New England put the after burners on. Good games all 3, actually.

  5. NFL network is also not on charter cable, which almost everybody has in western MA.
    3 years ago when pats played giants on the last game of the year when they were undefeated there was such a out cry that NFL finally let NBC carry the game too. It was just the NFL network feed.
    NFL network will never be legit since they charge these cable companys so much to carry it.
    Where I live NFL network games are not even talked about since we cant watch them. Its like they were never on. We watched the texas game last night instead…..

  6. Rosenthal, NFL Network *is* available in New York City, just not on Time Warner. Many buildings, particularly the large newer rentals, sign exclusives with TWC so in essence, you have no other option.

    I, however, have FiOS in my condo (it pays to own in NYC) and enjoy the full NFL slate.

  7. I’ve had DirecTV in NYC until my latest move. You can’t get FIOS is my building. They say they are available in less than half of apts at this point so majority have no option.

  8. Of course all us fanatics watch, but America is all home and there is nothing else on. Plus, Grandma is forced to turn on football to placate the family.

  9. As the earlier post from “Aious” remarked, much of the media has been clamoring that the ratings would be in the toilet as long as Detroit was part of the Thanksgiving line-up. Now that the ratings are up, the note from all the negative posts is that it’s in spite of the Lions. Can’t have it both ways folks. Even though the last quarter was a train wreck for Detroit, the game was entertaining. So, yes, people will watch. As far as tradition, people will position that to suit themselves, too. Many who say screw tradition, have something in their lives that is a constant that they don’t want touched. But when it comes to this 75 plus year game the folks of Detroit have had, everyone wants to blow it off. Let those hard-working people have one game a year—it’s one week in 20 (counting playoffs) that you have to watch them. They started the game when your gramps was in diapers and when no one else wanted to do it. It’s part of an entire day with a parade and other festivities. So, once a year, let’s do those folks a solid and allow them the stage…if you don’t want to watch, go outside and play with your kids, go buy a tree, carve the turkey, etc. It’s just three hours.

  10. Not a huge loss if you can’t see the NFL Network. I could hardly choke down the gag-reflex for two quarters before I had to give up listening to Matt Millen drone on and on. I’m still astonished that TV executives still think that incredible doofus has any credibility to comment on anything.

  11. “Even though the Network has failed for seven years running now to be carried in New York City. Not that I’m bitter.”

    Greg: I “live” in NYC and I get the NFL Network on Directv.

    Priorities, Greg, priorities.

  12. Joetoronto: I am sure Greg has DirectTV paid for by NBC. He would be terminated by NBC if he showed so little interest in football that he didn’t have access to all games.

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